(10) Virginia Sunahara Research Results

The following was posted as an article in The Post&Email on May 13th 2011, and then this article was linked by WND (World Net Daily) on May 17th. 

The article below is a summary of the trip The Interrogator took in July 2010.  The three of us partnered for a research trip which initially didn’t include more than possibly checking into the mystery of the military cemetery burial site no longer having Virginia there.

Link to the same content on The P&E:



by Researcher (aka The Interrogator)

Photo from the City of Honolulu website

(May 13, 2011) — Editor’s Note: The following report was compiled by the person who traveled to Hawaii last July and reported her findings to The Post & Email shortly thereafter.

  • According to the COLB posted on http://www.factcheck.org/ for Mr. Obama, his birth certificate number is 151-1961-010641. The number was allegedly assigned when his birth certificate was allegedly filed with the State Registrar on August 8, 1961. The Nordyke twins, whose original long-form birth certificates were posted on the internet, are identified as file numbers 151-1961-010637 and 151-1961-010638 respectively, and were assigned and accepted by the State Registrar on August 11, 1961.  I am in possession of an email dated February 3, 2010 in which Ms. Okubo stated that the certificate numbers were assigned by the State Registrar and only in the main DoH office located on Oahu (Honolulu).
  • Based on this information, it is not possible that 151-1961-010641 was assigned three days earlier than were 151-1961-010637 and 151-1961-010638. The file number 010641 was likely assigned on Friday, August 11, 1961 and no later than Monday, August 14, 1961.
  • A small group of researchers that I work with identified an infant girl named Virginia Sunahara, born on August 4, 1961 at Wahiawa Hospital in Wahiawa, Oahu, HI. Due to complications, she was transferred to and later died at Kapiolani Women and Children’s Medical Center (most likely) on August 5, 1961. This happens to coincide with date of birth and birthplace of the Nordyke twins. Assuming that her medical records were also transferred to Kapiolani, the birth certificate likely originated at Kapiolani and was included in the group of birth certificates that contained the Nordyke twins.

a.       Born the morning of August 4, 1961 at Wahiawa Hospital, Wahiawa, Oahu, HI.

b.      Due to complications, the infant was transferred to hospital in Honolulu. Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children is the most likely; however, Queens Medical Center is also a possibility.

c.       Died at Kapiolani the morning of August 5, 1961.

d.      Death notice appears in the Honolulu Star Advertiser on August 8, 1961 and the Honolulu Star-Bulletin on August 14, (UPDATE: it was on Aug. 13th that the death ann. appeared) 1961 for Tomiyo Sunahara; no birth announcement was published.

e.       Interred at National Cemetery of the Pacific, aka Punchbowl in Sept. 1961.

f.       One researcher requested verification from the Veterans Administration that Virginia Sunahara was interred in plot U-966F (Sunahara listed as buried here. See: http://www.interment.net/data/us/hi/oahu/natmem/hawaii_stosv.htm) and was informed that there were no records responsive to her request. The gravesite in question was allegedly occupied by James T. Sawamura. I visited Punchbowl on July 21, 2010 to confirm. I went into the office to obtain information about plot number U-966-F. Virginia Sunahara was not listed in the database; the clerk showed me the computer screen. The database indicates that James T. Sawamura is buried there. Born Jul 23 1926; Died Oct 14 1980.

g.      The same researcher made a UIPA request from the DoH for an abbreviated, non-certified copy of the Sunahara COLB per the DoH Public Health Regulation Chapter 8B and was informed “no records exist that were responsive to her request,” which is the UIPA equivalent response that this person did or does not exist, according to the DoH. The correct response based on previous requests for other abbreviated, non-certified copies of the COLB, is “denied per HRS 338-18” since the requester “does not have a direct and tangible interest.” PHR Chapter 8B does however allow the release of such information but the DoH thus far refuses to comply.

h.      I personally visited the DOH Office in Honolulu on July 21, 2010 and found Virginia Sunahara’s name in both the birth and death indexes spanning 1960-1964.

i.        The research team did some footwork and determined the following: The father, Tomio Sunahara, was cremated and interred at the Mililani Memorial Gardens. Born Oct 13 1924; Died Mar 26 1968.

j.        I visited the Sunahara birth address of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  I approached the door where I could hear Fox News blaring in the background and knocked. A 50ish man in a pair of swim trunks, no shirt, answered the door.  The man at the door was Virginia’s brother, xxxxxxx.

k.      I asked if xxxxxx, Virginia’s mother was home, and he asked me what the purpose of my visit was. I explained that I was researching infant deaths in 1961 and that I had attempted to visit Virginia’s gravesite at the National Cemetery but I could not locate it. He confirmed his father Tomio was buried at Mililani (which is no more than 5 miles from Wahiawa) and that Virginia was buried with him. I asked again if I could speak with the mother and he took me to a room located behind the carport and knocked on the door. The mother was asleep but awoke and came to the door.   He left me with the mother and returned to the house. I explained again that I was researching infant deaths and wanted some details regarding the death of Virginia. This is what I got:

i.                          Tomiyo/Virginia Sunahara was born the morning of Aug 4 1961 at Wahiawa General Hospital.

ii.                        She was having difficulty breathing and they transferred her to a hospital in Honolulu. Mrs. Sunahara did not remember which one but I assume it was Kapiolani since it is was more likely equipped to handle neonatal complications. She also could not recall where she was taken or who the physician was. You have to keep in mind that she is 83 years old, and this event occurred 50 years ago.

iii.                    Virginia survived less than a day which likely places the time of death sometime in the early AM of Aug 5 1961.

iv.                   I asked I could see the birth/death documentation and she said she could not remember if she even had it. Even if she did, given the condition of the house, I seriously doubt that she would have been able locate it.

v.                    I expressed my condolences to the mother regarding her loss, thanked her for the information and then left.

l.        I called a member of the research team and asked them to find out where Mililani Gardens were located. After I left Wahiawa to head back toward Honolulu, I saw an exit for Mililani and exited. I stopped at the public library and obtained driving directions.

m.    In the meantime, the research team member contacted the mortuary and confirmed that Virginia was indeed buried there with her father, Tomio as was her brother Stephen who passed away in 2002. According to mortuary, Virginia’s remains were dug up at the National Cemetery October 1968 and placed with her father’s, Tomio Sunahara.

  • I drove to the cemetery and stopped at the first office I came to and obtained the plot location. I explained that I was researching infant deaths from 1961 and asked if it was possible to view Virginia’s birth and death documentation (which was likely transferred to the mortuary when her remains were transferred). I was informed that I could not see the documentation due to legal and privacy concerns.
  • I located the gravesite. Again, by all appearances, this has been here for quite some time. There is zero evidence that this grave marker is a recent addition.
  • During my visit to the DoH office in Honolulu on July 20, 2010. I examined and made images of various index books:

a.       The 1955-1959 birth index

b.      The 1960-1964 birth index

c.       The 1960-1964 death index

d.      The 1960-1965 marriage index by Groom

e.       The 1966-1970 marriage index by Groom

f.       The 1960-1965 marriage index by Bride

  • All of the index books with the exception of the 1960-1964 birth index included the date range in the header on each page. My analysis is that there is a canned report the Vital Records department can run for the various indexes based on a specified date range and it is one of the parameters included when the report is printed. The fact that the 1960-1964 index lacks the date range in the header is a good indication that a custom report was generated to include Mr. Obama. His name was either somehow inserted or a report was created to include all births registered between the years of 1960-1964 and Mr. Obama. I have no doubt that the DoH has some sort of birth registration for Mr. Obama; however, his birth was likely registered sometime after 1964 or it is either a late/delayed or foreign birth registration.
  • During my visit I spoke with “Jesse the Vital Records Supervisor” and asked him if the birth indexes included foreign/out-of-state births, Hawaiian Births, and Late/Delayed Registration Births and I was informed no, that they included only the births that met the general birth criteria. I asked to see the aforementioned and I was told they did not exist or were not available. This is in direct conflict with the DoH Specific Records Retention Schedule items VDR-10, VDR-6, VDR-1. The Post & Email was able to obtain pages from the Certificate of Hawaiian Birth Index from Ms. Okubo, so its existence has already been confirmed. I asked if I could obtain a copy of a specific person’s index data and I was informed no, that it would contain too much information. I asked if I could obtain a redacted copy that included only information that appears in the index books (vital event, name and gender), and again, I was informed no.


  • The VA cemetery records were most likely computerized sometime in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. Virginia’s data was erroneously entered into the database at that point and time.
  • According a fellow researcher, an audit of the burial records was to have been performed around 2003. Either Punchbowl cemetery neglected to perform the audit, or it at least failed to verify Virginia’s records. In or after 2006, Virginia’s burial record was removed from the VA database.
  • None of the databases that have been offered as evidence e.g. Find A Grave, Burial Internment, usgov.org are the actual VA database. They are just a snapshot of what the VA had on record at a particular point and time. It is not clear how long it takes for these auxiliary databases to self-correct or if they ever do.
  • Also, I believe that there was no official name change from Tomiyo to Virginia. According HRS 338, death certificates must be received by the DoH within three days. The Sunaharas probably had not selected a name for the baby prior to her death. The timeframe for submittal for a birth certificate is not as stringent (seven days). By the time the birth certificate was submitted, they decided on the name Virginia and the DoH updated its records accordingly for the death certificate. It is rare the issuance of a death certificate precedes a birth registration so the DoH likely retroactively updated its death record in regard to the first name.
  • If Virginia’s certificate number is 151-1961-010641, it was likely processed at the DoH on the 11th and no later than the 14th, based on the Nordyke twins’ certificate numbers (010637 and 010638) and the date they were processed, which was the 11th. We know that the DoH assigns a numerically sequential certificate number when it is received and accepted/filed. In other words, it is not pre-printed on a form that is distributed to all the HI hospitals. It is only way it can control the sequential numbering of the births otherwise the certificate numbers would be all over the place.
  • The delay of the internment at the National Cemetery that is assumed to have occurred on Sept 28, 1961 (based on the VA database snapshots in 2006) most likely had to with how long it took the Sunaharas to obtain approval from the VA to bury Virginia’s remains there. She was either embalmed, then held in cold storage at the mortuary that handled the remains, or she was cremated and the Sunaharas held her remains until such time that she could be interned at the National Cemetery. The latter makes the most sense, and cremation is a common method of handling remains in Asian culture.


link to original post with commentary:


Attention-Whores, Moles, And More~The Thief

 Pictures of both Sunahara grave markers

IMPORTANT: The Post & Email did publish the companion article with my consent – The P&E was the third partner in the trip last July.  The Interrogator suggested that the article be released, and Sharon and I agreed, due to the leaks over the past month from the very few people with knowledge of our work,  who had agreed to keep the information confidential.  We agreed it would be best to have the simple truth be told.


UPDATE 5/17  5:54 – Corsi was asked about Virginia Sunahara – and he said he will be addressing it.  ??

How do you solve a problem like Virginia?

Very carefully.  You don’t jump the gun and release your plan of action because it is a delicate situation.  A family tragedy is involved, albeit nearly fifty years ago.  You don’t run your mouth when you are trying every legal and morally correct avenue to obtain information that is potentially very well guarded.  You don’t tell the whole damn world what the hell your plan is, or that you even have a damn plan.

But sometimes you trust the wrong people.  Sometimes you think they are on the same side and you believe them when they say they promise to keep the info, that they have been allowed access to, completely quiet.  They agree to keep it all confidential.  Then they leak it – a bit here – and a bit there.  Just enough for people to get all lathered up and caught up in the possibilities.  Funny how those people keep releasing info that I and two other people own exclusively.  That two of us have collected, and no one else has!  That three of us spent funds and effort on and no one else has.  Yet there it is, our proprietary information and images being leaked on FreeRepublic, and on several blogs and online news outlets.

YES, someone has leaked confidential information that others collected at great expense and some possible danger to themselves. In doing so they put the entire delicate project in peril.  The only hope of success was to be cautious, respectful of the principals that must agree to play along, and to keep the project very dark so that overzealous would-be assistants don’t bugger the whole thing up by tipping off the whole frucking world to the project !!

Part of the proof that I and The Interrogator own these are the above  images, they belong to the story that we did authorize be published on The Post & Email.

How would you feel if you open a blog and……….there sits an image that you own and never authorized the release of?  The few that knew of the image were informed that it is confidential, yet there it is, staring back at me on a blog.  I look around and find it is on several blogs, the article being cross-posted.  The blog owner that I was able to contact about it was kind enough to remove the image immediately, and I think him for that.   The rest of our PROPRIETARY images are below the screeshot of the blog page below.  I do thank the bloggers that are working with me on this.  I’m not normally so uptight, but hey – we paid the dues.  Fair is fair.  And theft is theft.  Plain and simple.

More later.

The rest of the graveyard pictures from July 2010 HI trip
Virginia Sunahara’s Death Index entry


Virginia Sunahara’s Birth Index entry

I’m going to mention something that was not noted in the summary posted on The Post & Email. First, this summary was not written (originally) for use in an article. So there is much left unsaid because those of us who had been privy already knew those things. This summary was written for the eyes of the little research group who worked on the project.

Virginia Sunahara was never scheduled to be the focus of the trip. Oh, the idea was brought up, but as there were three principles chipping in, each with specific agenda, to fit everything in would be impossible. So, Researcher was going to crunch as much as she could into the trip, and if time allowed she would try to solve the mystery of the military cemetery.

She did that, and then gave up on her own planned research to follow up on learning what she could about Virginia in the very short time she had.

Not having planned on ever personally encountering Virginia’s family members, she naturally would not have made a plan for that. Being on the ground such a limited time, and being on very limited funds, it meant limited chances to act.

She did look into changing travel plans, but if any of you has ever done that, you know how expensive and difficult it can be to do. Turned out it could not be arranged on such short notice.

We also realize that if indeed it is the same certificate number used on the obama COLB, it is almost certainly well guarded at the DOH. It would have been then as it would be now.

The family was guarded and a bit suspicious of her intentions. That is perfectly NORMAL. I seriously doubt they would have agreed to run right down to the DOH with a total stranger to order a COLB for the deceased girl. Not even if she waved a fistful of cash at them. Which could have been a dangerous thing to do anyway. Heck, just going to the house unexpectedly (and all alone) could have been pretty dangerous, especially once you start asking questions about family members.

She was respectful while doing all that she could.  She came back from that trip with more information and material than most “professional” PI’s and researchers – and she did it in just 2 1/2 days and a tiny budget. 


click to enlarge:

Screenshot of the WND article


15 Responses to “(10) Virginia Sunahara Research Results”

  1. Have you checked microfilm/microfiche and other genealogical records from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS Church – also known as the Mormons)? It has the largest system of genealogical records in the world (https://www.familysearch.org/about). It is free to the public and may contain a birth or death record for Virginia Sunahara (or other useful information). I know Virginia Sunahara shows up under https://new.familysearch.org but I do not know what the source documents were for the information (maybe just the grave marker). Anyway, that is just a thought.

    • Yes, I believe some folks have posted on other blogs and online news websites this familysearch info. We have the images from the index books, and direct conversation with family. Obtaining the “documents proper” requires the family’s participation – which they have no interest in.

      All said and done, it is a theory.

  2. The change in the index is damning evidence of corruption within HDOH. No doubt some hack there produced the phony BC. The honorable people there, if there are any, have to be found and prompted to spill what they know. Sooner or later this conspiracy will leak. I hope someone within FBI or some other agency is watching.

  3. Hello ladysforest,

    Did you ever reveal who “spilled the beans” on this? (I am very curious to know – if you could say now.)

    Also, do you now know Virginia Sunahara’s BC number? Probably the original BC for VS would have the number Obama is now using, but surely the HDOH would not ever issue a fresh copy with that number on it. Have you or your group spoken again with the family recently?

    Perhaps you can delete this post and reply to my email (if you so choose).

    • I can reply to most of your questions here.

      I did not reveal who “spilled”. We did find out, and he did apologize. I suspect that Polland person would have “released” something soon if this hadn’t happened. But our investigator is the only one who went to HI and the only one who investigated in person. She had the best and most complete, REAL, info.

      To my knowledge, our investigator has not tried to contact the family in quite a long time. After WND (bad timing) got involved, we knew the family would not likely respond to anyone again.

      We have no idea of Virginia’s BC number. Without the family requesting it, and authorizing a release, it appears that it can not be uncovered.

      One avenue remains……..

  4. You know, back when your field agent made a cold call to the Sunahara household, they probably were caught completely by surprise with little or no awareness of the way they had been played and used by Obama and his flying monkeys. I’ll bet they are much more up-to-speed by now.

    They have seen the effect of Obama’s policies on the Hawaiian economy, probably on a personal level among friends and family. They probably have heard much of Obama’s fraud and deceit from fellow Hawaiians and likely no longer even regard Obama as being authentically Hawaiian. But most of all, after reflecting on what has really transpired at the HDOH, they are probably vengefully mad about the callous disrespect and exploitation of the life and memory of the innocent, helpless baby Virginia. Were they to be visited again, they may have a completely new attitude and interest in exposing the theft of her identity.

    In fact, they could easily be more than willing to make a little trip down to the HDOH to fetch an official copy or two of Virginia’s birth records. I wonder what the new certificate number would be? Hmmm… the criminals in the HDOH can no longer allow it to be the original one that Obama stole, but if it isn’t a number that is still very close in sequence, that would be equally incriminating as well. They may well be between the proverbial rock and hard place. Maybe it’s time for another visit to Hawaii.

  5. I am nearly certain that the DOH would not let Virginia’s brother apply for the COLB, but would require Virginia’s mother to apply in person.

    That name is VERY well known to them, so they will block every attempt, except that they could not block the mothers if she went in person. The thing is that the mother is very elderly, in poor health, and seemed very unlikely to agree to such a trip to the HI DOH.

    To send another person to HI, after all the attention from WND, etc., would almost certainly be a waste of money. And perhaps dangerous at this point. We counted on trying to be very quiet about going, and what would be done while she was there. In fact, the VS topic really wasn’t even part of the plan in the beginning. Difficult to say what the action should be now.

  6. Ladysforest, this appeared on Orly Taitz’s site on November 13, 2011 under the title, “Election Challenge to Obama Candidacy in NH”

    “It appears, that Obama used […] a birth certificate number of a deceased infant. Research pointed to the fact, that one, Virginia Sunahara was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961 and passed away the next day. Recently her surviving brother Dunken Sunahara demanded to see her long form birth certificate, but the department of Health denied the request, even though it came from a close relative. Department of Health provided Mr. Sunahara only with a computer generated short form birth certificate with a serial number, which was suspiciously out of sequence from all the other numbers issued to infants born August 4, 1961.”

    I understand that the number was more than 400 counts higher than would be expected! How about that?

    • WOW! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ve been ill the past few days, so haven’t done much other than check for waiting comments.

      If in fact Duncan had gone to the DOH, I am surprised that they gave him even that short version. They had to expect something would eventually move with Virginia’s BC, but without the mother going in person, they will never release the LFBC. The death certificate had to be issued within 72 hours of death, so her BC form and other official info (sorry, can’t think at the moment) would likely all arrive on the same day – and may have been processed together. That is what we have always thought to have happened. That’s why the date accepted may be more important than most think.

  7. Okay, so this proves that Obama is a fraud (not like you or I or millions of other people didn’t know that since well before the election), but what now??? Orly gets no traction. Butter-d is AWOL. No fed level POLs are doing anything. It is enough to make me puke (or jam a pencil into my forehead). The vast majority of our so-called public servants know that Obama is a criminal fraud. How can they shirk their duty to their oaths to protect our Constitution? The whole situation is surreal. Obama should be locked up tight in federal prison (or worse, actually). Many, many multiple millions know this.

    Why can’t someone in authority acknowledge that the emperor has no clothes? Seriously, this is so surreal. Why can’t I just pinch myself and wake up to an America that would make sense to our mothers and fathers? Why did so many die in WWII? How can so many fellow Americans in the media be such Kool-aid drinkers? Sometimes our great nation’s governmental state is simply unfathomable. How can this be?

  8. What is the current status on the findings? – – I tho’t Duncan was going to pursue futher???

    • My understanding is that the Judge denied his request to have the Department of Health release the copy of Virginias long form birth cert. I don’t know if they have an appeal in or not. I had advised that they should have a notarized release from the mother, but I don’t know if that was ever done. It is odd, with the death occurring over 50 years ago that the DOH would refuse, and that the Judge would support that.

  9. Are you still following this?

    What was your reaction to the info from Verna Lee?

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