(8) It’s A Page Turner

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This post is just about comparing some images from the microfilm in the Library of Congress that I made copies of last February.  I had noticed that the Star Bulletin Aug. 1- Aug. 15 1961 microfilm showed significant damage until I got to the page before the page containing obama’s birth announcement.  Since Mr. Trump has been stirring the pot about the newspaper birth announcements, I thought you all might like to see these.  I did screenshots of my pdf’s, the better to make an instant impression.  Comments welcome.

Update: I have just learned that “Lori Starfelt”, the “PUMA” person who first obtained the infamous obama (Honolulu Advertiser) newspaper birth announcement from the Librarian at the State Library in Honolulu HI has (apparently) passed away.  Middle of March 2011.  Right about when Mr. Trump began to question obama’s birth documents, including the newspaper announcements.

Lori Starfelt had been a documentary filmmaker.  Filmmaker.  Oh, did I type that twice?



Star Bulletin 8/03/1961 

Star Bulletin 8/07/1961 

Star Bulletin 8/10/1961 

Star Bulletin 8/13/1961 


Star Bulletin 8/14/1961 – pg. 23 

Star Bulletin 8/14/1961 – pg. 24 – obama announcement 


Here, this post will give you additional information and insight.  Published Sept. 18, 2010 – good info, easy to read: https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2010/09/18/round-pegs-in-square-holes

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