(3) Where’s Sherlock Holmes When You Need Him?

Here are some of the additional oddities that I came across while doing my research.  Once again, I will do my best to keep my personal opinion to myself.

I apologize that this choice is upsetting to some readers.  I do this because, well, to be frank, I don’t want to make anyone’s mind up for them.  I do not want to diminish this research to a controversy.  It speaks for itself, but does require thought and attention to detail.  I did this part of it, now you all must mull over the material and find your inner detective.  Yes, I will point to obvious oddities, but I will not attempt to influence you all by feeding you my own conclusions.  It is of utmost importance to me that the material be judged by it’s own value.  Onward.

One thing about doing a cut and paste, is that it is best if one uses the same type from the same publication/typewriter/printer/ect.  With this in mind I decided to see if the street name of the address in the announcement appeared anywhere else in the paper near obama’s announcement.  Yes, I found it, it appeared on page B6, Honolulu Advertiser, July 29, 1961.  There is a “big smudge” ( I marked it this way) off on the right hand margin, down a ways, that marks the spot.  Now, I imagine it occurs in many publications in the paper, but I began my search for it on the first day that I have a copy for, and worked inward, with an eye to the font, until I found it.  I stopped there.  Good enough.

7-29-1961 University Honolulu Advertiser, pg. B60001


The ad below obama’s?  Norman Asing?  There was a birth announcement for his brother, Robert, at the same address, that appeared a few days before Norman Asing’s.  8/08/1961 Scroll down – it is between a Kaneda’s ad and a “Babies thrive on Carnation” ad.  I noticed also that an announcement five spaces above had no date for the birth of their child.  Tsk-tsk.

Not really unusual for siblings to have children born within days of each other though.  Just one of those little things that popped out as curious.

8-08-1961 University Hono. Adver., pg. B8, R Asin0001


However, there is an additional curious thing about the Norman Asing announcement, which is the misspelling of “Anianiku Street” (spelled Ani  Aniku in Norman’s announcement).  I had the 1961-1962 Polk (housed in the State Library, Honolulu)  checked by my friend, and it showed the following listing.  They did share an address according to the Polk.

Asing Polk listing 1961-1962 Honolulu State Library0001


Here is the Lefforge Polk listing for 1961-1962.  Sorry for the delay!

scanLefforge Polk Listing0001

Now, since it was Honolulu, with a ton of military stationed there,  there were many announcements where the address was listed as a “Barracks”.  Chop out an “r”, and you have Barack?  Just saying.  Same type from same publication is always best IF a person/persons were inclined to cut and paste/splice, what have you.  For the sake of saving myself time, I’m adding the PDF with the (nearly) full page wherein lie the Nordyke Twins and an ad over in marriages that has “Barracks” as part of the address.

8-16-1961 Library of Cong. Hono. Adver., full pg. N0001


Wait, let me get back to the Polks for a moment.  Something about those bugs me.  So obama’s grandparents move to Hawaii in 1960.  They appear in the 1960-1961 Polk at the Kamehameha Ave address.  I had that visually confirmed by my friend at the State Library in Honolulu.

Then they appear in the 1961-1962 Polk at:  6085 Kalanianaole Hwy.

1961-1962 Polk State Library, Hono. Dunhams0001


Stanley Ann appears in that same Polk at:  6085 Kalanianaole Hwy.  My friend did not take a copy of this.  There are lots on the internet already, so I figured that would be there.  I know, sloppy work.


Obama Sr. appears there also at his bachelor address.   All this is known.

So, Stanley Ann gets published (listed) as  Obama, Ann S at the Kalanianaole address in that Polk and she’s only married a few months.

WND article:

Polk listing for Ann Obama
An address different than her HUSBAND, which, allow me to point out, if they have her address AFTER she is married, then they would have also had Obama Sr. ((same time frame for collecting data)) IF they had shared an address.    Then she is also published (listed) in the 1961-1962 Seattle Wash. Polk where she moved after only having lived in Hawaii a short time (and what, six months after marrying?).   So, back then the info for the Polks was collected-according to what I’ve been able to find out- much like a census.  A combo of mailed forms and door to door info collectors.   So, lets get into the way back machine, shall we?  Hawaii collects some info over a period of months.  Then they mail it in to the mainland, likely be ship, but perhaps by air.  Then it goes in queue to be inspected and set to print.  MANUALLY.  Remember that this is 1961.  When did the Polk actually end up being printed?  For example, was the 1961-1962 Polk printed in early 1962?  How useful is a directory in which the info is already a year old by the time it could possibly have been printed?  I don’t know.  Just something that seems weird to me.  Stanley is in both the Honolulu and the Seattle Polks for the same time frame, 1961-1962.  Just how damn long did the data collection process go on for those Polks before they got around to the printing?  1961 style. One other thing about the Polk, if Stanley Ann had time to be published as Mrs. obama, why wasn’t Norman Asing’s wife included in his listing?

Totally random musings (may or may not add to this later):

The Library of Congress Star Bulletin reel had heavy wear/age marks (research trip Feb. 2010) from 8/01/1961 through 8/13/1961, BUT …8/14/1961 was comparatively pristine.  I did not image 8/15 as had no birth announcements.

In the 8/17 Honolulu Star Bulletin birth announcement for Mr. and Mrs. James Kinard, daughter, has a birth date of Aug. 31. ??  She was born two weeks after her birth announcement?  Tricky, that.  Just another typo.

And don’t forget that an associate and fellow blogger will be doing a piece on this soon.  I believe it will focus more on the technical side of things as well as her take on what we have all seen in my posts, as well as the many pages that are available to her that the vast majority of you have not seen.

6/19 UPDATE:

I went on this trip to gather some more copies first hand for myself and my fellow blogger, Butterdezillion, who is doing another research piece on these papers.  Different things than mine and with her own perspective.

I ordered 12 films while waiting for my assistant to show up from parking the auto.  Well I thought I had ordered 12 flims, but it turned out that one of the date ranges I had ordered had for some reason been filmed in four reels instead of the usual two.  And the Library of Congress has a limit of 12 reels per requester.  So, this staffer shows up with the cart containing the films just as my assistant arrives at the table. Middle-aged man,  starts telling me how I can only have 12 films at a pop, and so there were a couple he couldn’t deliver.  The interesting thing he was doing is that he was nearly shouting this info.  He was speaking LOUDLY.  Kept referring to “The Honolulu Advertiser”, ect.  Almost like he was nervous.  I have never had a library staffer stand in the middle of an area and holler at me so loudly that every person in the room was staring. I kept telling him, no problem, as my assistant can order anything else I needed on their library card.  Then he acted as though he didn’t get it, and went hollering again about “The Honolulu Advertiser” and a limit.  My assistant stated that he would order any others needed, and  the guy finally quieted down and went away.  It struck me as very weird in several ways.  One, the feller at the desk didn’t mention the 12 roll limit.  And the loud guy was SO DAMN LOUD, and also that the films he didn’t bring me were from the Honolulu Star Bulletin, and not the Honolulu Advertiser.  Why did he keep mentioning  the other paper?  I don’t know.  The two dates he “crossed off” my list were 11/16-30/93 and … get this… April 15-30, 1961 (Star Bulletin).  Some of you may recall a comment left by gregnh :

ladysforest, A friend who lives in HI went to the big island and came back with this report. Aloha Greg,

We’re back from Hilo.
What we found:

Honolulu Star Bulletin: Missing ALL microfiche for dates April 1961-September 1961 (convenient)
Honolulu Advertiser: August 14, 1961 Confirmation of Obama Announcement.

We had some extra time and took advantage of the link you forwarded. We took 30 days before and after on both
newspapers (Honolulu Star Bulletin’s sample was March 1961 and October 1961), taking “ladysforest’s” test a little further. What we found was NO matching birth announcements by order or names, in either newspaper for those months.

Hopes this helps, any questions just let me know.

Take care,

My premise was, or is, that there is another birth announcement at another time…would love to run that by you. Email me….

gregnh said this on June 10, 2010 at 3:38 pm

I responded back that the films in one CA location for April ’61  through and Sept. ’61 are now in “special storage” and require advanced notice to view.  So, this is one reason I went on this trip.  I wanted to check over the April ’61 films.  I got the films for April ’61 for the Honol. Adver., but only one on the Bulletin.  No worries, I had my assistant request it on his form, along with three others.

Imagine my surprise when I hear the loud talking man at the desk hollering at the man there about a limit on the number of films, ect.  I was working on a viewer at that moment so I sent my assistant over to the table to collect the films…..lo and behold….. again no film for April 15-30, 1961.  Now I’m thinking  this has ceased to be a coincidence.  Why of all the damn films we ordered, was this one film being kept in the stacks?

Missing in the Hilo HI, library (Star Bulletin).  In “special storage” in the CA library CONFIRMED it’s the Star Bulletin (will confirm directly at the source this week).  And this one film for this 2 week range in April ’61, also Star Bulletin was just not being delivered to me.  I had hoped to force the issue, but the copiers started to screw up and I had to change machines four times, and was unable to copy a splice that I found.  It was very clearly a splice that was on a copy from a master film.  I checked to determine if that film had a physical splice-it did not.  But you could see it very clearly – not very well done.  I’ll check my notes for the date and publication that was in.  I’ll add that here later – maybe  tomorrow.

And one guy INSISTED on sitting right next to my assistant even thought there were many machines open. He had us move all of our work and the films both viewed and un-viewed. Why he HAD to sit right there, in the middle of all of our stuff? I don’t know. There were at least twenty machines open that he could have used. Funny thing is he had two boxes that looked just like the old Star Bulletin boxes. I didn’t get close enough to see the titles though.

In case you are wondering, there is something in the 11/16-30/93 film I was particularly searching for – for Butterdezillion.  It was info that I also was interested in.  I am not going to post that for now at the request of my fellow blogger.  Sorry, but I promised. And I did find it.

I have checked through the Jan. 15-31-1961, all of Feb. 1961, Honolulu Star Bulletin and found no marriage application or announcement for Barack Sr. and Stanley Ann.  I’ll look over the Honolulu Advertiser for the same time frame later today.  This was one thing I went after as  I wanted to look for this myself.

6/21: Just went through the copies of the Honolulu Advertiser for 1/15 through 2/28 1961 and did not find any marriage application or marriage announcement.  There were four or five dates where the print was so washed out that the section was largely illegible.

I believe this supports the findings of earlier researchers.

6/25:  On Tues., 6/22, I sent an email to the newly formed StarAdvertiser to ask about their archived microfilms.  Short email, just mentions that the archives had previously been open to the general public, but it appears that the public can no longer access these as of a few years ago.  I asked if anyone (from the general public) could have access now, with or without an appointment?  Still no reply.  I did ask that my question be forwarded to whomever could answer if I had contacted the wrong department.  Nothing yet.




Thanks to all of the  bloggers, and readers who have spread the word of the research in this series of three posts.

Extra giant thank you to TsunamiGeno for his hard work on behalf of his old friend…me.  I know how difficult this had to have been, boy do I ever!

RedPill-special thanks go to you!

~ by ladysforest on June 9, 2010.


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