chunks of junk

I save junk.  I have a bunch of pieces of articles, posts from blogs, research, links and lists.  Most of this is related to the ongoing work to expose to the public obamas damn long form birth certificate.  What’s the problem?

I want that stupid thing shoved under everyone noses so that we can get to work on the genuine issue.  The president is not a “natural born” citizen as required by our Constitution.

HUH?  Yep, born a dual citizen-British and American, he had dual citizenship, hence dual loyalties.  Does anyone doubt his intense affection for Kenya?  The United States….not so much.

So, I will post hunks of junk, scraps and ends of interesting things in these pages.  Feel free to peruse – they will not be in any order – just chucked in any old way.


Other stuff:

“The reviews of Obama’s performance have been disappointing. He has seemed uncomfortable in the role of leading other nations, and often seems to suggest there is nothing special about America’s role in the world. The global community was puzzled over the pictures of Obama bowing to some of the world’s leaders and surprised by his gratuitous criticisms of and apologies for America’s foreign policy under the previous administration of George W. Bush. One Middle East authority, Fouad Ajami, pointed out that Obama seems unaware that it is bad form and even a great moral lapse to speak ill of one’s own tribe while in the lands of others.

Even in Britain, for decades our closest ally, the talk in the press—supported by polls—is about the end of the “special relationship” with America. French President Nicolas Sarkozy openly criticized Obama for months, including a direct attack on his policies at the United Nations. Sarkozy cited the need to recognize the real world, not the virtual world, a clear reference to Obama’s speech on nuclear weapons. When the French president is seen as tougher than the American president, you have to know that something is awry. Vladimir Putin of Russia has publicly scorned a number of Obama’s visions. Relations with the Chinese leadership got off to a bad start with the president’s poorly-organized visit to China, where his hosts treated him disdainfully and prevented him from speaking to a national television audience of the Chinese people. The Chinese behavior was unprecedented when compared to visits by other U.S. presidents.”

YA FUCKING THINK??  6/18 :  End of update.


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