(5) Ya Can’t Always Get What Ya Want

QUICK NOTE:  When the most recent researcher traveled to HI to view the index data, she DID ask for a copy when she returned the index book to he desk, but she was refused.  She assumed it was because she may have been too specific in her request.  But the response was a curt “No”, no explanation given about why.  The image of the index data page is actually NOT from a phone or camera, but from a different device that I, myself, provided to the researcher.  We are holding that info for a little longer, until we complete the next phase of this work.  I have the original device and all records placed with a lawyer, and copies are with several trusted individuals.  I, and several others, have absolute proof that this trip went as stated in this post.  Just for a quick example, where else have you seen the image of the index book page with obama’s highlighted data?  Please leave a link to any blog or news outlet that posted it BEFORE THIS BLOG DID.  Thank you.

AND>>>I do have proof that she asked for the copy and was refused.  I have ABSOLUTE  proof.

This post is about the most recent attempt to verify, or rather, chase down some loose ends and solve a few of the smaller conundrums possibly connected to this whole obama birth controversy.  While I cannot go into as great detail as I would like due to some ongoing research by others involved, I can give you a look into the work being done.

Lets start with TsunamiGeno.  He’s the trusted old friend that I convinced to go to Honolulu on a data collection trip months ago.  Here’s the kicker, he didn’t know what I wanted, who it was connected to, or why I wanted it…..until the day before the trip commenced.  Oh, he knew I wanted lots of copies from microfilms from two libraries, he knew that I might have him pop round to the vital stats office to look up a record or two.  He just didn’t know whose record.

I took a chance that he wouldn’t be a major fan of obama, and I took the chance that if he was, he wouldn’t back out of the trip at the last minute.  After all, nothing that I was asking him to do was restricted in any way to the public.  I just didn’t know if he’d be pissed.

So, I sent him most of the stuff last minute, and a few minutes later the phone rang and I winced.

He didn’t even say “hello”, just,  ‘ “This about obama?”  So of course I replied, “Kinda, but not really”.

I know…great answer wasn’t it?

So, as you know he did make the trip, he did collect the copies.  He also did a little time in the DoH.  That’s the Department of Health.  I didn’t talk about that part before because he had an experience there that I didn’t feel it would be responsible to relate until I had a chance to see if it was repeated.  But trips to Honolulu are not cheap, nor is it easy to find willing intrepid amateur “PI’s” that one can trust, to spend their time in HI running around collecting a bunch of “boring” info.

Here is what he related to me about his foray into the DoH:

“In the second assignment I was requested to inspect the four Birth Data Index types.  (General, Late/delayed, Foreign, Hawaiian)  and get supporting documentation.  The department is in an older building that probably was a hospital at one time.  The receptionist told me to knock on the record door, which I did and a young lady responded. I explained  what I was requesting and she immediately said that she would get the supervisor.  She came back and told me to go next door and see the supervisor Jesse (did not get last name). This office was extremely crowded with about 50 – 65 people in line for marriages, birth and death certificates.  Fortunately, Jesse motioned for me to approach the second window upon entering and gave me a form to fill out requesting the indexes.  I requested each index separately (total of four) for the year 1961. Jesse said the only one he had was the index to General Births and had no knowledge of the other three.  He handed me the index and said, “You are looking for Obama, got to be in there”, I told him his name was one among many  which I was researching.  The index itself was for the period of 1960 through 1964 and only showed the name and the gender and did not even show actual birth date.  It also was computerized and looked to be laser printed.  The only name (of the ones I was given to search for) that showed on this index was Norman Asing (M).  There also were about 6 females with the last name Asing shown.  There were no other names shown from the list you gave me including any Obamas. When finished with the index, I asked Jesse if I could get any supporting documentation including copies or a certified copy on the name I did find.  He said,  “No, is not available to the general public.”  I asked him for a blank COLB from and said, “No, could be counterfeited if a blank copy is given.”  I asked him the last question of what’s the difference between “Filed by Registrar” and  “Accepted by Registrar”.   He said that nobody has ever asked that question and he did not know.  I felt like the time I was there, it was extremely difficult in talking with Jesse, due to crowd of people, plus himself working with those folks as well as me.    I left with an  unfavorable opinion of the department and their supervisor.”

This sentence was also very important to me:

“Jesse said the only one he had was the index to General Births and had no knowledge of the other three. “

Now, most of us following and researching the very historic obama birth controversy, will know that this statement made by Jesse of the Hawaii Department of Health is quite puzzling.  I can only SHOW an example of the index for the Hawaiian birth, and what is purported to be the General birth index.

Here is a rough copy of the “Hawaiian Birth Index”  This was provided to The Post & Email sometime back and appeared in an article that they did.

Here is what you are given when you request the General Index Data book for births at the Department of Health in Honolulu, this is an actual image of the book in the DoH.

The “wavyness” of the image is simply due to the way the page was imaged.  Just click on the image, the larger size is clearer.

As you can see, obama is listed in the book on the day that this was viewed.  When TsunamiGeno looked at the book, back in March, he claimed that when he first was unable to locate the name he was surprised, so attempted several more times to locate it and was still unable to find it in the book given to him that day. He didn’t ask Jesse the supervisor about it when he returned the book, he didn’t want to call too much attention to himself.  I wondered at that time if perhaps some impish staffer wanted to keep the birthers guessing, and so somehow removed that part of the index.  I decided not to publish that info because I had no hard proof.

This trip was something I was determined to do because I wanted to see if the obama name was or was not in the index book.  I wanted to know if the DoH would again claim that they only have a “General Birth Index”, and if they would refuse to make a copy of an index entry.

Most importantly I wanted real proof, and I doubted it would just be handed over.  So, I equipped “The Interrogator” with a couple of little gizmos to insure that we could secure that proof.  [temporarily redacted]  I even customized a “executive bag” to enable these tools to be carried covertly. So, now we do have proof that the DoH claims that they only have a General Birth Index, and refused to provide a copy of a entry in that index data book.

One interesting thing happened unplanned though, in that when The Interrogator took the index book back to the counter, they asked the staff person to point out the obama entry (this had been a special request from me) and the staffer took the entire page from the book wherein obama appears and brought it over to them at the counter, rather than just bring back the book.  No, that is not when the imaged page above was copied.  But it does demonstrate that an individual page can be handily removed and, perhaps, set aside. AND demonstrates that it only takes a staffer seconds to remove a page, and is quite clearly not against their regulations to do so.

The Interrogator was able to make copies of the Polk directories and 1960′s phone books that I requested.  Those will be up soon.  [redacted part of this info :) ]

The thing with this recent trip though is that the person going wasn’t an old buddy of mine.  I wasn’t picking up the entire tab.  The agenda was not primarily my own.  So, I am quite restricted in writing as I don’t want to tread in forbidden territory.  The parties involved had to come to an agreement as to what can be discussed now.  I’ll be honest here and tell you all that we did not stumble onto any smoking gun.  Of course you always hope it’ll be so easy, but usually doesn’t work out like that, does it?

Yes, we did get proof of a few things, and found a thing or two by accident that are quite out of the ordinary, but I have agreed to only post about the things that I personally commissioned.  All’s fair.

Link to some info (old stuff) on the birth certifications at the DoH in Hawaii.


So, the other interested parties are following up (this topic of obama’s birth) in some new directions.  Nothing I can divulge here though.  I will continue to assist however I can.

Here are some Polk scans.  Not sure if anything here is of use, but thought some may find them interesting.  The quality is due to the way these were imaged.  The Honolulu State Library copier was out of order that day, so a different method was used to copy these.




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