Donald Trump Brags About Sex …

That he DID NOT HAVE.  12 Years Ago.

Stop the fucking presses y’all.  Lets talk about sex, baby.

So this society cannot stop pretending to be horrified and appalled that a man, a MAN, had a spicy private discussion with another dude about sex stuff , and this society is actively having the vapors and discovering their Victorian Sensibilities all a sudden.

Ya know, it was  a ribald discussion about a failed attempt at conquest, and the realities of the groupie gals that flock to the wealthy and the famous, a conversation just between two guy friends.  No wires, no (expected) “hot mics” – just two dudes – and then the topic of a particular woman comes up.

Trumps all like, “Yeah, I tried to hit that”.  But he didn’t say “hit”, no, he was not Gen X enough to slick it out like that, so he says, “I tried to fuck her”.

There.  Cats out of the bag.  Trump is a dude.  Not just a dude, but a dude that wanted to have consensual sex with a beautiful lady – if she were willing – hence the consensual.  Alas, she were NOT willing, as the beautiful lady was married.

Trump took it in stride, and told his tale of failure to his buddy.  He did not slander the good name of the beautiful woman.  He did not call her a name or insult her for her refusal.  He simply told how he had tried and failed – the great Trump who gets so much … not getting so much.

Notice something.  He did not lie.

But he used salty language in the telling of this tale.

But wait there’s more! He is also sooo extraordinarily despicable for detailing what  the not-terribly-pure-minded-or-upstanding-groupies will encourage wealthy famous men to do in kissing them with little introduction,  that you or I can not have him in charge of America!

SO we good “clean” Americans, (cause that is like, all of us except Trump) now need to shun him.  To cast him off. Per the likes of John McCain and some other globalist republican douche-bag border-less world types . 

Or we run the great risk of our collective pussy being grabbed.


~ by ladysforest on October 8, 2016.

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