Legal Consequences Of Those Canadian Cruz Facts

As I have mentioned before, but some of you weren’t listening too closely ;

Cruz declares that he is certainly a natural born Citizen as intended and required by Art. 2 Section 1 clause 5, in the US Constitution, yet says this; “As you know, I was born in Canada. My mother was a U.S. citizen at the time of my birth. She was a U.S. citizen from birth so, under U.S. law, I’m an American citizen by birth.” “Beyond that,” he added, “I will leave the legal consequences of those facts to others to worry about.”

Yeah, the super intellect that is one Raphael Teddy Cruz will leave the legal consequences up to others to worry themselves with.  I will drop a little knowledge on you about those people who should be worrying about those consequences being attended to, but instead are worrying about how best to screw you out of your birthright, out of every right, blessing, inheritance and  sacrifice ever purchased for us by the men and women and yes, children who died to establish this garden of wonder in uniqueness never before imagined on this earth.  Below I will post just one page in screenshot of a Joint Resolution, 2000.  I will leave you to let it blossom through your mind what the consequences of this would be.  And do you know what?  This wasn’t the first of it’s kind.  This effort began in earnest in 1970 – shortly after George Romneys failed run for being a foreign born usurper who failed because Americans back then knew what the fuck a natural born citizen was.  There is a LOT more where this came from: 

click to enlarge

image - Copy


~ by ladysforest on January 17, 2016.

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