Ted Cruz’s Cherry

I was reading Lame Cherry tonight, and came across a post which I think has profound merit.  It’s the sort of thing that intuitive people pull out of the nooks and crannies where our itches most drive us nuts.  It is important, very important, in that a few very overlooked things about Ted Cruz are pointed to and given daylight.  I will post a snip and the pink link …

There is something off about Ted Cruz. I mean is not Ted Cruz a US Senator, and do not all US Senators pose with everyone grinning? Yet for some reason Heidi and Ted Cruz have deliberately sanitized and monitored all of their public appearances. You literally can not find Ted Cruz shaking hands or sitting down with anyone, except Jewish leader Benjamin Netanyahu and Jewish Rockefeller guardian, Henry Kissinger.


Let me explain this in Heidi Cruz worked for the Counsel on Foreign Relations and EVERY name in the world of power speaks there. She was chosen to author the white paper on ending America, and joining the United States to Mexico and Canada, and you can not find one photo of Heidi Cruz with David Rockefeller or even posing with Henry Kissinger.

That just does not happen, as in politics everyone is joined at the hip. Newt Gingrich is posing with Hillary Clinton. Look at how Donald Trump needed in business to glad hand with all types, and yet you can not find any photos of Ted Cruz. Not even a slip up like Jeb Bush posing with Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett with all of them smiling as old friends.

Lame Cherry is a thousand times right.  Just today I was wondering in conversation with my husband WHY Teds mother is never spoken of – other than that he derived US citizenship through her.  His Cuban daddy is fawned over as a lovely man who is now a preacher.  Mama is never spoken of.  Is she alive?  What of his half-siblings?  We know what size each of Mr. Trumps nostrils are,  don’t we?

Crazy as shit FL Sen. Grayson stated that he would file a “beautiful lawsuit” over Cruz’s birth country being Canada.  Googling Grayson’s famous threat?  It  isn’t even on the first 5 results pages, and if it ain’t there, ain’t nobody gonna see it.  Yet, it made a big stink when he very recently said it.

A little more from Lame Cherry, same link as above, snip:

You have a Canadian, where liberals should be tearing him apart in retaliation of Obama being a Birther, and liberals will not attack him. I told you previously that Cruz bucked the Senate leadership….and they never retaliated as they did against other Conservatives. There is a hands off Ted Cruz label, and that is coming from the Rockefellers for the Rothschilds. Ted Cruz is the ultimate Manchurian Candidate in this race.

Cruz has told all of you that he is a political ghoul and his entire purpose is to hang around until Donald Trump is dead. His finance is from a few billionaires, so he is their bitch funded to mind a split from Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz is the Goldman Sachs boy, Wall Street big debt and big US invasion. He is connected enough to screw the Bush family over and not end up ground up in a taco. This is not someone you want anywhere near power in this life and death situation in America, and the world.

It is all crafted, and the media just happens to take photos of Ted Cruz and his doeling, while showing non stop rage photos of Donald Trump or Ben Carson looking stupid?


~ by ladysforest on December 13, 2015.

5 Responses to “Ted Cruz’s Cherry”

  1. Cruz being “mean” to Hillary in a debate would likely lose him an election. Think about it. Carefully. Trump doing it would be par for the course, and would not hurt him.
    Just my instinct.

  2. Cruz has been trained and groomed for this role his entire life.

    • I agree. The surprise to me is that so many staunch “conservatives” who have wailed against career politicians ~ buy into his act. They just BELIEVE him because he has a sincere look on his face. He champions causes that he knows, and ADMITS will be utterly unsuccessful, but he wants you to know he’s “on your side.” All the while it is EASY to be the odd man out. You can’t get into trouble doing something that will go nowhere. No one will come back and blame you for a misguided effort, or for breaking something good. He risks NOTHING to make these impotent little forays into the conservative breach. Nothing. He’s a newbie anyway, so the only “power” he currently has access to is gotten by joining in a group, and he can take the risk of staying on the outside looking in in order to take this shot at running for Pres. If he didn’t have the “conservative” wing, he would be lower than Jeb in the polls.
      But he sounds good and looks sincere, like he truly cares. Just like all the other accomplished politicians from time immemorial.
      I don’t have an objection to a experienced politician. Just a certain sort of experienced politician.

      • Yes, check out his early years and education for a brief narrative. He is a trained debater and belonged to a philosophers group since age 13.

        He is no different than the current “potus” with the exceptions of different bat times/ bat channels.

        Trained and groomed sons of foreigners.


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