Our Stolen Sovereignty

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I have just woken up, ’cause menopause, and that’s all I am saying ’bout that.  Anyway I wake rather late these days, so today my tired crusty eyes open to read that the Supreme Court® has declared that all fifty states must allow homosexual marriage.

With all of the outrages shoved up our asses lately, I really find my self at a loss for words.  Mostly it’s because of the staggering, breathtaking, and terrifying actions of our own government, including the indisputably activist Supreme Court™.  (Not sure if it’s correct to use the “registered sign” or the “trademark” sign, so I will alternate just to cover all bases)  So, don’t get me wrong here – a bunch of homosexuals pretending to be married isn’t scary to me – I find it idiotic play acting.  I watched how the homos began with the plea that they just wanted the same legal protections as “everyone else”… like there are not lawyers who can arrange such.  Then it was about not being able to cover their “life-partner” homo lovers who didn’t have health coverage through their work provided health insurance .  Because they were transmitting Aids to each other, and the “hetro”, *cough*, community at such a pace, that their sexual partners were dying all over the place.  Then it was about being bullied.  And it took off from there.

News flash flamers – I was bullied as a youngster, and a teen, and a young adult, I made it through.  News flash flamers – it’s because you act like out of control freaks in public, disrespect peoples natural sensibilities, demand special attention due to your special sexual choices, and basically make yourselves shocking and needy and morally jarring.  WE don’t need to be forced to embrace you.  People in general are tolerant without compulsion.  Homos – not so much. 

“Jiggery-Pokery” indeed.  The Supreme Court® has done one thing, in it’s rulings on obamacare and homosexual marriages, and that is to insure that the sovereignty of the States has been utterly destroyed.  I think the homosexual crowd may one day wake up to find out they stepped on their own dicks.

That’s right – no more sovereignty for us.  Thanks fags!  State Governors are reduced to arranging for disaster relief in minor events.  The big stuff is the domain of the Federal Government.  State Governors have no power to push back against the Federal Government on anything anymore.  Guess what else this means?  Your vote just lost nearly all of it’s significance.  Remember how the people in CA voted against the marriage of homosexuals?  And the court – a homosexual judge – ruled that the vote of the people held no power.

I know that a lot of people hate the idea of a constitutional convention.  But I ask you, what is the danger now?  That the President can be President for life?  You think that the Federal Government and the Supreme Court™ can’t push that through without much resistance?  The fuck they can’t.

We need term limits.  We need them for every elected and appointed individual who is in any political position above the local level. 


~ by ladysforest on June 26, 2015.

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