Beautifying for Barack

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Beautifying for Barack Obamas upcoming trip to India has more than 600 souls employed at about $5.40 USD per DAY scrubbing – get this – spittle stains from the streets near the Taj Mahal.  On their hands and knees at that.  Apparently India has never heard of broom handled scrub brushes, or even the long handled scrubbing brushes which we Americans find makes backbreaking street scrubbing a much less arduous chore.

Seriously though, I feel for these poor people.  And they might just be thinking how lucky they are to be given a chance to earn anything at all. 

It seems that this trip is an “unprecedented second visit by a serving U.S. president”.  We are not surprised though, obama does love him some “unprecedented by a serving U.S. president” actions.  All day long.  We have been subjected to so many such “unprecedented” actions that we don’t know our asses from our hats at this point.

Oh, and the India Beautification for Barack Commission (my name for them) has also ordered all stray dogs to be rounded up and carted off.  Just guessing here, but maybe someone in that Commission read obamas Memoir.

Oh, and Michelle obama is going along for the ride. 

Paid only 300rupees (£3) a day, the men and women have been tasked with washing away spit stains and dust.

KK Mohammed, India’s former chief archaeologist, said: ‘There are a lot of spit stains and such that need to be washed away. The streets need to be spick and span.’

Obama’s courtship of Prime Minister Modi is evident from his three-day itinerary, the first time an incumbent president has returned to India.

While recent swings through Asia have included multiple stopovers, India is Obama’s only destination this time, despite the risk of offending neighbouring Pakistan.



~ by ladysforest on January 23, 2015.

13 Responses to “Beautifying for Barack”

  1. Didn’t Mr. O skip the Taj?

    All that effort …

    • Yup. Turns out he was advised, at the last minute, to scoot on over and bow to the new Saudi King. Optics ya know. Especially after the whole France fracas. So he told Biden to go back to bed, and made his excuses to India, then bolted on over to pay homage. I guess India wasn’t too thrilled with the “sustainable energy” clap trap obama was pitching anyway, so that trip netted nada regardless. Except for those poor people who crawled around with their buckets and brushes.

      Can you imagine being so destitute that you would crawl around in filth scrubbing up a street for about $5.00 USD a day? Profound.

  2. Hello, Ladysforest,

    Been a while since I’ve been here. I know that, and so sorry. Hope you’re doing fine. See not much has changed in BO-land. Wish it could be better. I’ve been busy doing genealogy and some other things just because I’m sick of all the BS. I’m sure you understand.

    Well, just wanted to drop in and say howdy!

    Again, hope you’re doing well.

    • Hi Kitty! Thanks for the message. Yes I am doing fairly well these days, just disturbed as hell by the political corruption that seems so all encompassing. It’s like you don’t know which way to look anymore, because in every direction lies something profoundly wrong.

      I hope that you are well and can hang in there until the next presidential election. Maybe this time we really WILL get some Hope and Change.

      I hope to be doing a bit more blogging soon. I am adjusting slowly to the brain fog of The Change. I am learning the hard way just exactly what that term really means. Ugh.

      • Oh, and if transgendered men had to go through menopause as part of their right of passage to becoming female-ish, I’d bet after word got through that “community” about the torture that is The Change, they would all decide that just dressing up in frocks was sufficient and stop having their mutation surgeries.

        • Oh, BTW, that’s pretty funny, if they had to go through the change. Good one.

      • Howdy again!

        Well, I have been so tied up doing genealogy, which is why I’m losing track of time, I guess. It is so time-consuming. I’m just hoping that there will be another election. Could BO make a third term for himself? Breaking laws doesn’t seem to matter to him.

        • I started in on doing a family tree, and it IS a lot of work. If I could find my copy of a very thorough genealogy that was done by someone on my mothers side – sometime in the 50’s I think – then I will be able to tear it up. But my grandpas side is going to be more difficult. I can get to his grandparents, then I get stuck.

          As to a third term for obama, I believe that wouldn’t fly. I think the dems would yank him out by his wool if he even tried because he has been responsible for so many dems losing office. They are just gritting their teeth until he is out of office.

  3. HAHA! Priceless comment, LF!

    • Well hello Charo! Good to see you here again. I’ve missed my little blog and the fellowship of my readers very much. I’m still getting “adjusted”, so I will start back in a bit slow.
      I have some bits and pieces of NBC related material that I have come across in old publications. I am working on corralling my findings and my brain into some sort of order so that I can do a post on it. Until then I may just do some opinion commentary on current events.

      I remember that used to HATE it when our teacher would tell us to write a paper on “current events” for a homework assignment. =)

      • I check in semi-regularly here. You probably have many lurkers who shy away from comments. Life for me has become complicated the past year, but I do appreciate your perspective. Looking forward to your posts.

  4. LF,

    I do hope you’re right about BO not having a 3rd term. I wish more Dems would stand up to him as it looks like a lot of Repubs aren’t.

    • The only people the Repubs stand up to are the Conservatives. That’s it. Everyone else can have their way with the country.

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