Ferguson Forensics “Expert” LOST A Damn BRAIN!

Expert?: Shawn Parcells (above) assisted in the second autopsy of Michael Brown that was commissioned by his family

Oh, you just can not make this stuff up kittens. From the DailyMail.

My bad – I neglected to include the reference to the missing BRAIN (or perhaps it’s simply been mislaid for a short while):

~One woman claims he took her husband’s brain after she sent it to him to examine for signs of dementia :

In another odd incident, Judy Walker says she paid Parcells to examine her husband’s brain after his death in 2011, and Parcells told her he would send the brain to Harvard to be examined.

Three years later she received a report from a doctor in New York.

She retained a lawyer, Michael Hodges, and at a deposition Parcells handed over a brain in a bucket saying it was that of Walker’s husband.

She did not believe him, and Parcells claims the brain is at his Topeka morgue if she ever wants to come pick it up.

Glowing recommendations …

“Dr. Mary Case, called what Parcells does ‘abysmal’ back in August, after learning he had been hired to assist on Brown’s autopsy.”

I will cross post and link as I am not in any condition to write much being that I am so overwhelmingly pissed off at … every politician ever … but I was waiting for this particular piece of shit to hit the fan. 

And now it has. 

“Parcells claims he became interested in death as a child when his grandfather passed away, and began performing autopsies while he was still in high school.

He received a bachelor’s degree in life sciences from Kansas State in 2003, and he told CNN he was immediately accepted to medical school in the Caribbean, but his wife got pregnant and he wanted her to receive her care in the United States, so he did not attend.

He still has yet to attend medical school.

He does claim to have master’s degree in anatomy and physiology, with clinical correlation, but was unable to verify that with an actual diploma.

He also claims to be an adjunct professor at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, something that they have denied.

‘[Parcells] is not now and has never been a member of the Washburn University faculty,” according to a university spokeswoman.”

Read the rest of this sordid nonsense at the Daily Mail


~ by ladysforest on December 3, 2014.

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