Good News! Ebola Guy Died

From The Daily Mail

From The Daily Mail


No. I am not saddened by this.  I am furious that the son-of-a-bitch brought this wretched disease to the US knowingly.  I am enraged that he would connect with his own child, HIS OWN CHILD, and expose that young man to a horrifying and deadly virus. 

Good riddance I say.

That woman of his who claims they were thinking about marriage, which story has changed several times in the past week by the way, is some damned piece of work ain’t she?  She moped about for a week complaining because she didn’t want to stay boringly indoors and spare the rest of the population from contamination, then she got herself moved on up to a nice private house in a gated community where she is being fed by good church people who are cooking for her and delivering the meals.  She was still bitching about being lonely.  LONELY.  Her loneliness trumps all her concern for her fellow man.

If she has any concern for her fellow man.  I don’t see signs of that.  What I do see signs of, and I predicted this to myself, is that this is going to wind up in a Furgerson type riot somewhere because a BLACK man died of Ebola.  It begins by the tapeworm that is Legal Aid “helping” the “community” that was exposed to Ebola to SUE local businesses for discrimination.  The Tower of Babble that was created in that local area hosts FORTY different languages.  Yes, forty.  And they are sad to be discriminated against in their adopted country because no one wants to shake their hands and take their Ebola covered money.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Residents in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood of Dallas are living near the epicenter of the Ebola scare in North Texas. Now, they say they’re facing a different challenge — discrimination.


Gates says that the faith community is working to help disseminate information to community members. However, the task has been challenging with over 40 languages and dialects spoken in the community.

Organizations are working to translate the information to effectively communicate with everyone.

Meanwhile the local Church trolled for donations.  I heard someone set up a GoFundMe page for the plague mule and as of yesterday, after nearly a week of being online, only one donation was made. $50. So there you go.

Listen, if the bastard had lived we would have been overrun by every third world Ebola exposed person who could have found a way here.  America cures all who are ill!  Right?  So, I am glad that won’t be the case.  Another bonus is that the government – the one supposed to be looking out for us – will have a harder time playing this down. 

The people will rightfully become more concerned now.  Especially if that petulant, lonely and bored Ebola sexed up “fiance” of the Ebola Guy develops into the first-person-in-America-to-catch-Ebola-within-our-borders status.


~ by ladysforest on October 8, 2014.

6 Responses to “Good News! Ebola Guy Died”

  1. Go on now, ladysforest, tell us how you really feel about dead Ebola guy and his poor bored ex woman friend.

    PS: I agree with you one hundred percent! Can someone please put the identity-fraud-in-chief in jail, now. Please.

    • I’m simmering. Ohhhh, and now the Sheriff’s Deputy may have it. I have to question how the authorities can test the random other suspected cases of people who are sick on airplanes, and clear them of the horrible disease in two hours flat, yet the Deputy went ill yesterday and we still don’t know!

  2. And now there is talk about how he was discriminated against! But he was given all the care that the hospital had to give including dialysis and putting their people at risk of a possibly fatal infection. The hospital staff couldn’t imagine that someone with Ebola had entered their emergency room.

    And a nurse who cared for him has it. And the hospital shut down their emergency room for today. And the CDC says that there are only four hospitals in the US that are completely prepared to handle Ebola cases.

    If the “girlfriend” doesn’t get Ebola, one must wonder if they avoided touching each other because she and he knew or strongly suspected that he had it when he entered the country. Her complaints about being lonely contradict the story that all the family members were sent to the same house in a nice neighborhood. Perhaps the the other family members are avoiding her. I don’t envy her if she came in contact his bodily fluids, waiting for the grim reaper in a golden cage, but that doesn’t excuse irresponsible actions that might transfer the virus to others.

    We have a problem in this country believing that the bad things that happen in the rest of the world won’t happen here and then we are shocked when they do happen. Remember 911, Oklahoma City, and now Ebola. As of yet, we haven’t had an individual suicide bomber detonate in a public place. With ISIS members coming across the southern border (illegally), it is only a matter of time.

    • You got stuck in a filter KJ. Sorry about that.

      Yes, we do tend to believe that the bad things won’t happen here. After all we have clean water, toilets and plenty of soap. And our government tells us that sneezing into our sleeve will keep us safe.

      And boarder bombers are just boogeymen. After all, every single migrant who crosses over into the US loves this land more than any natural born citizen possibly could appreciate. In some case that is quite true I imagine as we have so many homeland haters and corrupt politicians making huge money by trashing everything American.

      Now take me for example, I hate America because I believe we should have term limits. And no changies on the party so’s they can run again after switching from one affiliation to another. Like Bloomberg did. I’m a terrible citizen because I believe that we should not have elites making a lifelong stay in Washington DC.


  3. Tomorrow is the end of the incubation period for Mr. Duncan’s family with no report of a family member with the disease. The family apparently escaped infection without protective gear unlike the two nurses who wore some protective gear and did get it.

    Apparently a comparison with AIDs (“remember how people worried about getting AIDs through casual contact in the early days”) mis-led non thinking “low risk” exposed people that they could fly on airplanes and take cruises. It will be two more weeks before we will know if the transmission chain for Mr. Duncan’s version of Ebola has been broken in spite of a Keystone Cops response to the introduction of Ebola in the US.

    The officials have accepted that local hospitals are probably not prepared to care for the currently ill patients who were transferred to bio-containment units. Or it could be that patients were avoiding Texas Health Presbyterian hospital for fear of getting Ebola. Ebola can kill hospitals as well as people.

    The hazmat suits that we see around patients are either overkill or indicate a lack of critical information communicated to the public. They don’t do much to calm the public.

    Fear calls about Ebola are tying up the 911 exchange limiting/delaying access for real emergencies.

    The talk about bringing ill African nationals into the States for treatment is scary. I might be able to accept it if they are local doctors and nurses who would return to African to fight the epidemic. Lord knows that they are needed in Africa and have risked their lives to treat the ill. No politicians or rich folks should be allowed the privilege.

    I hope both the nurses recover. They had no idea what they were getting into when asked to care for Mr. Duncan. Their recovery would also make the survival odds look better and do the most to calm the public. They could be a source of blood/plasma/serum to help other people who become sick with Ebola.

    Not over yet…

    • I have a concern that the 21 day isolation period may be a bit too short. Just an itch I have.

      It does seem so weird that the family was in a apartment with the man, while he was spewing yuck from both ends, and they didn’t even clean that apartment for a week after Duncan went to the hospital, and yet they are fine. And here are the two nurses who had at least some protection, and they contract the virus.

      Unpredictable as hell.

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