Is It Some Kind Of Snowjob?

Ohhhh, a BIRTHER article.  Ohhhh … In a Colorado news source.  Whaaat?  And what is it about?

I’ll post a pink link, and screenshots of the article.  I expect this fellow to be hounded out of the human race tomorrow, poor bastard.

Screenshot: click to enlarge


.screenshot: click to enlarge


.screenshot: click to enlarge



Lest we forget:;view=1up;seq=27


 Long-term view of history hummm …


~ by ladysforest on June 22, 2014.

2 Responses to “Is It Some Kind Of Snowjob?”

  1. Why is that even the people who have the intelligence to perceive and the courage to proclaim what a profoundly anti-American tyrant aka obama is still somehow miss the elephant in the room that is aka obama’s fundamental identity fraud?

    I have no idea for sure where the ueber racist, America hating usurper was born or who his bio parents were, but I can state with absolute certainty that his proclaimed nativity story is at least a partial (and probably a complete) lie. There is absolutely no way he was born in Hawaii exactly as claimed. The birth place is suspect, the birth date is suspect, the birth certificate number is suspect, the birth parents are suspect, his birth name is suspect and now I am being to believe it is slightly possible that even his birth sex may be suspect.

    It is actually possible that he assumed his identity well beyond birth and that his nativity story is a complete fraud, stolen from someone else. If the nation were awake and the rule of law had been strictly followed, the treasonous anti-American criminal identity fraud would have long been hung by now.

    PS: Glad to see that you are having the energy to put out a number of posts lately. Hope that means you are doing better these days.

    • Hi Thinkwell, and thank you. I am feeling better, but … different. I suppose it will take some time to get accustomed to the changes.

      My posts are little dinky things, but I need to ease back behind the wheel, LOL.

      I am enjoying the fact that more and more people are feeling some new freedoms in questioning that-which-could-not-be-questioned. This is a good sign.

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