Remembering A WW2 Vet – My Grandfather

I won’t write much, because he didn’t talk much about his time in the war.  It was fairly short, but from what he DID tell of it, it was action packed.  He made Sargent twice and got busted back down for getting into drunken brawls, but hey, who didn’t?  He rode on the top rail of one those transports, I think it’s called a Higgins boat, on his way to the beach on D-Day, and got yelled at to get down. 

He was in for about two years, and was wounded in the head in Feb. 1944. Not too badly wounded though, because he didn’t telegraph that he was coming home until September 1945.  I don’t know what he was doing when he was wounded, just that he caught shrapnel.

He said he never felt scared.  I REALLY believe that.  The only exception to his fearlessness was when they would get strafed – he said that would terrify him thoroughly.  

He said the men were always exhausted, having to work nearly around the clock most days.  He was a medic, so he found a place to hide out and catch some sleep.  He said that the dead were kept under a tarp and stacked up like cord-wood.  He would lift up the end of the tarp, crawl under it, lay down next to the dead solider on the bottom end of the stack, and sleep for an hour or two.


Obviously I obscured some personal info, but no originals were hurt in the process


~ by ladysforest on May 26, 2014.

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