Columbia Card Carrier



So, how long has THIS been floating around out there?  He looks a bit older in this “ID” pic than in his various collage propaganda pics.

Whadda think?

HT/IOTW pink link

Seems like this must be one of those debunked things that has been filed away under “Photoshopped”.

Fill me in.


~ by ladysforest on May 9, 2014.

9 Responses to “Columbia Card Carrier”

  1. Hello, LF,

    How are you feeling? Haven’t talked to you in a while. We’ve been moving, so have been busy.

    Hmm…that’s a very interesting card that you found. Never seen that one before.

    • I’m doing OK now, thanks for asking! I believe I had seen this around some time back, but I figured it was likely one of those Photoshopped jobs used to bust peoples asses. You know – some obot makes it on Photoshop and then circulates it.

      But I couldn’t remember how it played out.

  2. Well, Columbia didn’t start issuing that type of ID card until 1996. The university’s announcement is here:

    Columbia University Record — February 2, 1996 — Vol. 21, No. 15

    The ID that Obama’s picture was photoshopped onto belonged to Thomas Lugert, a foreign student from Germany. You can see the original on Lugert’s web page:

    Notice that the card # and bar code are the same on both Lugert’s original and Obama’s fake one. Also Lugert’s card just says “Student” even though he was a foreign student.

    The foreign student ID was debunked on Snopes more than two years ago, but if you don’t trust Snopes you can check out the above links for yourself.

  3. Remember that photo Obama Sr. with the Japanese looking girls and the man with the swan on his jacket and the creep guy in black? I think you did an article on it called who-dat. I can’t find your article with the photo. Is that creepy guy Cassey Kasem?

    I’m glad to hear that you are doing ok now. I hope you are having a great spring.

  4. And super creepy …


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