Auntie Dies On Our Dime

About Damn Time


Screenshot, click to enlarge: link to full article is below image

o's aunt croaks

Read full article at The Washington Times

Frankly, I think she was in more danger being in close proximity to her loving nephew.


H/T Marshman2

Screenshot, click to enlarge : link to full article is below image


Link to The Kenyan Daily Post

Did you catch that last sentence?  Ole Mama Sarah – who is being heavily guarded at the expense of the U.S., even though she has actually NO RELATION  to obama, hopes that Odingo can get the skanky body of Auntie sent to Kenya.  Sure, he can get her sent, no problem, if he wants to pay for it.  I’m betting we go on the hook for her disposal in Kenya also. 


~ by ladysforest on April 8, 2014.

One Response to “Auntie Dies On Our Dime”

  1. Funny, in the video interview she claims that Jesus gives her everything – including food and the wherewithal to pay for a very expensive well known attorney, yet the Kenyan press states that Zeituni was a muslim. In the video interview, Zeituni is sporting some decent clothes and a fancy wig. Not bad for a woman living on just $700. per month even if she did have free rent. Jesus must have given her the wig also. It’s the only explanation.

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