Fraudulent Certificate Gives Birth To Disconcerting Discoveries


Sheriff Arpaio’s Lead Obama Investigator Drops Bombs On White House – 2/7/2014


QUICK UPDATE: H/T Gordo and the commenters at WTPOTUS:

CDR Kerchner (Ret)’s Blog:

“Breaking News: Is Google Obama’s New IRS? Google Takes Down #1 “Birther” Site,, Alleging Violations of TOS – Puts Up Instead Warnings Claiming it is a Cyber Attack Site and/or a Malware/Badware Infected Site. Cuts off AdSense Advertising Revenue Generating Privileges! The site has been operating for years. Warning that the site is a Cyber Attack site and infected with Malware or Badware are all untrue per the site owner who inspects and screens his site regularly to prevent such things.”

“I have spoken today with the owner of the and he tells me to tell my readers to bookmark that URL and that the site should be back up in a couple days on another venue. He asks you to be patient. …”

.Below is a pared down, “snips” transcript of the conversation between Carl Gallops and Mike Zullo, from just the first 12 minutes of the full recording which is posted below in a YouTube video. My keen observations are sprinkled throughout. I pulled just the “important and pertinent” parts of the questions and answers for you:

Gallops: “Give a general overview for the uninformed.”

Zullo:  “As an outgrowth during investigation, you get other information,and other information surfaced as a result of this birth certificate investigation, that has prompted Sheriff Aripio to open a second investigation – and this is a criminal investigation, into other matters that I (Zullo) am not privileged to discuss.  When the sheriffs office is finished – it (the findings) will be compelling, mind blowing, they will be disconcerting.

ME: In other words, nothing concrete on the birth issue, but rather something else connected to obama, which may appear to be very shady, inappropriate, unseemly, but likely NOT illegal.

Gallops: No date set, and March could be moved back.  My understanding is that recently you guys uncovered more stuff, and it might even be a little delayed, if you guys keep finding more and more heavy duty stuff, am I anywhere near right on that?

ME: So, the expectation has been set that March will NOT be the time frame for the big reveal.  Well, I think most of us rather anticipated that.

Zullo:  Sheriff Arpaio has dedicated two full time Maricopa Co. Sheriffs office Detectives, seasoned pros that are working this, these are the guys that go hunting down the really bad guys.

ME: He goes on to say that there may be actually two different press events – one being a presser focusing on the fact of the fraudulent birth document.  SO again I note that he does not imply that the information contained on the released “long form birth certificate” is incorrect or fraudulent, but that the document itself certainly is, and can be proved fraudulent.

Gallops:  Sounds like wisdom in dealing with the two topics separately, as you bring these things forward, cause even though the birth certificate issue is I think, huge, perhaps criminal, your investigation into that led into all these other avenues, really did open up two (separate) branches of investigations that are deeply criminal, and we know that for sure now, and so it may set better with the public, and be more palatable, if if you do present them each separately.

Zullo: Work on the birth certificate goes on – absorbed by the (cold case) Posse organization, and I am assisting on the criminal investigation,with Maricopa Co. Sheriff Detectives, thats the way its going to be, Sheriff Arpaio felt that this was the best way, to utilize resources, and asked me if I would assist going forward, and it’s not going to be clear to the listening public till they understand the whole picture.

Gallops:  When you “get to” the birth certificate issue, that’s really a done deal.  All of the people out there who have been marginalized, as birthers, (here he rambles and stresses that this comment is ONLY about those who are mocked for thinking the White House released birth certificate is not up to snuff, and NOT those who question where obama was born, as Zullo has not investigated anything along those lines) will be vindicated.

Zullo:  The birth certificate matter will be concluded the day the sheriff decides to make the announcement.
This is still ongoing, but I can tell you, that if I was a betting man, I would bet the farm – (ahh – he may be BUYING the farm if he actually found anything to derail obama) that the revealed outcome is going to be that that thing (BC)was fraudulently created, for the intent and purpose to defraud.

ME: They would have to have something, in my humble opinion, to PROVE that obama HIMSELF set out to defraud the public with that released certificate.  In other words, he would have to be found to have purposefully instructed people to create it with  fraud in mind.

Gallops: ~ Tells how Orly posted a letter that she claims was written by him (Gallops).  “It is a fraudulent letter”, said Gallops. The letter tells Orly to “stand down”, and that Gallops was the representative of Zullo and Arpaio.

ME:  Don’t believe all that you see on Orlys site.  I NEVER visit there myself.  She’s quixotic.

Zullo: The letter was a fraud. We commend Orly for doing her thing with her own investigation.  We are not connected to Orly at all.  As it is, I have no duty to turn anything over to Orly, no duty to turn anything over to anyone except Sheriff Joe.

Gallops:  And he will turn it over to the world when it’s right.

Zullo: Right

ME: I seem to hear the theme from the Beverly Hillbillies playing in the background…………………

12:45 –

The accompanying article on ObamaReleaseYourRecords, linked to The Post & Email :

Gallups greeted Zullo by saying that he had been “immersed in alligators” since Zullo’s last appearance on the show in November of last year.  Release of the audio of the interview is credited to ORYR.

During the 8:35 segment, Zullo announced that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has opened a “second criminal investigation” relative to the investigation into the birth certificate image posted on the White House website in April 2011.

The posse began its investigation into the image in September 2011, which publicly declared on March 1, 2012 that it was a “computer-generated forgery.”

Zullo had announced in November that new information would be released in March, but today, he said that “more information” which is “very intense” has been gathered.  Zullo added that because of the new information and second criminal investigation, there might be “two events” held in the future to discuss the two topics separately.

The first, as described by Zullo, would release information which would prove “hands down” that the birth certificate image is a forgery, while the second would cover the second investigation.

Gallups stated that the March release date might change because additional evidence continues to be gathered.

Zullo said that “seasoned professionals” are working on the investigation while his work on the birth certificate forgery continues. He said that when Arpaio decides to make his revelations public, he will prove that the birth certificate was created “with the intent and purpose to defraud.”

Gallups indicated, as he has previously, that he is privy to some of the information gathered by the investigation which has not yet been made public.  He stated that those who have ridiculed those sensing that something was wrong with the birth certificate image as “birthers” have been “vindicated.”

Gallups asked if such a crime had ever been committed against the American people before, to which Zullo said “no.”

As stated in November, Zullo confirmed that the revelations will be “universe-shattering.”

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~ by ladysforest on February 8, 2014.

5 Responses to “Fraudulent Certificate Gives Birth To Disconcerting Discoveries”

  1. I have no doubt that OBYR (Birther Report) is targeted due to posting the article and audio of Gallops and Mike Zullos radio talk show interview. That blog is now tagged as an attack site, and the owner will likely be moving to a different service within a few days.

    Feel free to discuss here, but please do not post ANY links for the present time. Your comments may need to be approved through, so please be patient during that process – sometimes I wander away. 🙂

  2. Hi Lady. I’m glad your feeling better. I don’t get your connection to the Beverly Hillbillies. Are you calling Zullo and Sheriff Joe the Hillbillies or are you referring to the Obamas? I just can’t make the connection to anything in the interview.

  3. “Shootin at some food, and up through the ground came some bubbling crude. Oil that is! Texas tea!”

    So, on the one hand one could look at it as Zullo unexpectedly finding something more valuable while pursuing something entirely different.

    OR…….one can assume that our president may have some untoward dealings in unexpected places………

    Maybe both.

  4. Hi, LF,

    Zullo keeps saying this will be mind blowing, or whatever, but I don’t think anything can shock me about BO.

  5. LOL, I am of the same mind. I think I have a small clue about one thing they uncovered, but I don’t believe it is the same as this “mind blowing” stuff. I don’t know how much they plan on releasing either.

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