Beware The Ides Of March Mr. Obama


The “obama Fraud Case”, being doggedly pursued by lead investigator,  Mike Zullo, is apparently gearing up for a UNIVERSE SHATTERING release of information in March of this year. Both Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio have already proclaimed the White House  approved version of the obama long form birth certificate to be a complete and utter fraud. 

I believe that they mean the version we saw online is a fraudulent document, but they have NOT, to my knowledge, stated that the information contained on that “birth certificate” is proven – so, documented – to be fraudulent.

But hey, obama has plausible denial working for him.  He “ordered” it released, presumably over the phone.  Some lackey in HI made the copy.  Some attorneys flew to HI and collected it.  Some media chick looked at it and declared it real.  And some White House lackey uploaded a scanned copy to the internet.  obama never touched it. 

So, here is the latest breathless update from Carl Gallops at Freedom Friday, courtesy of Birther Report.  I have provided a full transcript below the video.  Let me know what you think of this.


“Want to do this, I want to give you a quick Mike Zullo update.  As you know, I speak with Mike Zullo, the lead investigator, of the Sheriff Joe Arpaio “Obama Fraud Case”, I speak with him almost every day, as a matter of fact today I have not spoken with him at all, so that’s why I say almost.  But yesterday I was on the phone with him for an hour, and the day before that I was on the phone with him, etc.  So almost every day.  Uh, Mike Zullo wants me to tell you, and I’m I’m, I’m at liberty to say this, that uh, the case is very intense right now.  He is still traveling a lot. This thing broke wide open some months back, you remember the birth certificate issue has been settled.  It is a one hundred percent fraudulent forgery fabrication.   They’ve got all the documented evidence to prove it.  There’s nothing to stand in the way of that.   That’s going to come out and that’s a huge deal.  It’s a huge deal to me.

But, it’s nothing, nothing, compared to what Zullo and Arpaio now have in documented form.  Let me put it like this, Zullo’s words were, “What we now have is universe shattering”.  Yeah, now no one has described Benghazi as universe shattering, as horrible as Benghazi is, as horrible as the IRS scandal, and the NSA spying, and  on and on.   This – I know what they have – and it is universe shattering.  I mean, even if American media decides they’re gonna ignore it the world media will not.  This, when they bring this forward,  it will go around the world. 

I do believe, I do believe, they’re planning on releasing this information in March folks.  And I’m sure you’ll hear most of the  first release of it right here on Freedom Friday and on PP Simmons.  And, of course in major media all over the world, but, I’m telling you, ah, you need to stay tuned to this. “

Ides Of March notes …..


~ by ladysforest on January 17, 2014.

5 Responses to “Beware The Ides Of March Mr. Obama”

  1. Hi, LF,

    Hope that you are doing better. I’ve got the crud, but it’s not the flu. Just sore throat, upper respiratory stuff. Have you had your surgery yet?

    I haven’t been around much. Been trying to keep up with the radiation stuff in the West. Oh, I noticed that someone on the Birther Reporter posted something about Zullo has the undercover tape, video, or whatever it is, of Obama talking about how he’s going to take America down. I doubt that it’s true, but one never knows. The person that posted it is called Guest, didn’t have a screen name or anything.

    • Hi Kittycat, I was wondering how you have been. Hope your crud clears up soon :).

      Nope on the surgery yet. They had an additional course of treatment they wanted me to undergo first – had the last injection a week ago. I meet with the surgeon mid-Feb to go over the results of this treatment and to set the appointment for the surgery. Ugh. About a month behind where I expected to be at this point. AND I have to remain on the thinner. Gotta do it, so I try to be patient – as much as that goes against my nature !!

      I don’t know anything about any tape/video that Zullo may have. But by Sheriff Arpaio bringing the investigation under the Sheriffs Dept. instead of just the CCP, that told me they had something real. What it is, I do not know. There are MANY things they could have as so many of obamas publicly accessible records, and collage things, have too many “coincidences” and gaps. Once a few can be outed from that treasure trove, there may be an avalanche.

      I mean, just for example look how HI was OFFICIALLY claiming that they just don’t issue the long form BC any more -” you can’t get it” they said expressly on behalf of obama. Well, on the day Investigator/Interrogator was in the HI Dept. of Health there was that HI woman who happened to be ordering her own! And you can tell by the video that the clerk (Supervisor Jesse) did not give her a bit of trouble at all. Of course that was ignored by most, but it proved to me how thin the wall was.

      I think for now we should ignore “Guests” like that one. Probably a troll digging a rabbit hole.

  2. Well, I sure was hoping that your surgery was over with, but as you know, time passes rather quickly. The older that I get, it sure does seem that way.

    Oh, I just mentioned about that guest and what was said. I know it’s probably a bunch of baloney. Still can’t help but notice those things. I think that I noticed it because of what was said about Breitbart, who supposedly had something about Obama saying that to Ayers.

    Wish they would go ahead and release the information. Makes me nervous that something could happen to them. I sure hope not.

    • I wish we knew what Breitbart was going to announce the day following the day he died. I almost typed “was murdered”, I suppose it’s because I have always felt it likely that he WAS murdered. Man, we lost him just when he was coming into his own – we needed him then, and need him even more now.

      I think if anything happened to anyone on the obama fraud case there are enough others who hold the info safe that it can all go forward. They know the risks.

  3. When I look at the tremendous amount of work that went into “creating” a past and covering up a past for Barry it is mind boggling. I mean to go so far as to doctor film at the library of Congress….We have witness accounts of Barry telling them he is going to be President, Race Bannon, the Ayers household mailman, and Tom Fife. We have Andy Basiago, Bernard Mendez, and Laura Eisenhower also being “told” back in the early eighties that Barry would be President. The power and money it took to get him into the White House is simply huge. It would not surprise me if Zullo has the paper trail to all this and more.

    CPAC is in DC in March….In memory of?….

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