On Polishing A Poop

You know how every time someone (BIRTHER !!!!) randomly would question the veracity of those obama newspaper birth announcements they would get slammed as thinking there was a deep “conspiracy ” to have phony birth announcements published by obamas grandparents so that one day, when he ran for the presidency, there would be the newspaper announcements to prove he was born in HI and not in Kenya?  You remember all that crap right? 

Well, what do those people have to say about this?  H/T I Own The World



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Which is mostly links to other articles about this revelation.  Great comments though.

lennix prez                                                         Harry Lennix

Here is a snip below.  It seems that the fellow in the photo above, Harry Lennix, told a Chicago radio host that he (Harry) had been hired to coach obama on how to convincingly pretend to be “light-skinned” and have “no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”  Wait, that was something that Harry Reid said, wasn’t it?  Yes, I see – I got my Harry’s confused.  Happens.  Anyway, Harry pictured above, taught obama how to “look presidential” a decade before he was elected. 

The biggest fairy tale ever…
Chicago radio host Eric “Mancow” Muller claimes on Friday that actor Harry Lennix was hired to make Obama look presidential a decade before he was elected president.
The Examiner reported:

Chicago radio host Eric ‘Mancow’ Muller claimed during an appearance on the Alex Jones Show Friday that actor Harry Lennix told him he was hired to train Barack Obama how to look and act presidential more than a decade before Obama was elected president. Lennix, a Chicago native, is best known for his role as General Swanwick in the recent Superman: Man of Steel movie, and for his role as White House Chief of Staff in the ABC television series Commander in Chief.

Muller, who knew Obama in Chicago years before he was elected president, said on Alex Jones radio show that Lennix told him that, “He was the actor hired to teach Obama to be Harry Lennix, watch The Blacklist and you can see Obama, this is an actor that we hired to be our president.”

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The article ends thusly:

According to Muller, Lennix also said that he knew Obama would someday be president as early as 1998, if not before.

If true, these startling claims would lend credence to the theory that Barack Obama was groomed and trained to become president for years. Maybe the ‘conspiracy theorists’ who claim Obama is a fraud have finally found an insider who can prove they’re not so crazy after all.

Cracka Birthers all !!!!!!!!


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10 Responses to “On Polishing A Poop”

  1. Remember Tom Fife, Race Bannon, the mailman in front of the Ayers home, all said that Zippo told them he would be president. This clip at 31 mins in Zippo is identified as a future president. Of course listening to whole clip is very interesting. That leads to other clips as well.

  2. And I thought that Malcolm X sounded too far-fetched at first!

    • Here is the way I see it in regards to some other candidate being the sperm donor. IF there is a record (as there does seem to be) of obama Sr. admitting/claiming siring Hussein obama II/Jr., and he has been acknowledged as the father in that mother Stan, nor Sr., nor Hussein II/Jr., nor anyone else has ever hinted that some other man stepped up to the original dirty deed, then that makes Sr. the papa. If there is NO father listed on the actual birth records (which have never been exposed to the public) and obama’s mama IS listed there – then obama would be a NBC. Illegit kids have always carried the mothers citizenship – even back in the very old days. UNLESS he was born in some other country – and the most likely would be Canada IF that is in fact what happened. Unless you are Ted Cruz – then you can be born in Canada and still be a NBC apparently.

      So, unless there is some hidden record of obama claiming that some other dude was his father, or that Stan Ann made such a claim, or some other dude stepped up and made that claim – we are left with no choice but to accept that Sr. and only Sr. claims responsibility.

      How many bodies would have to be tested to check DNA? Without DNA to rule out all of these other “possibles” that people like to imagine as obamas pater, and lacking any records or documents – we have to accept that there is no way to disprove the narrative.

      obama is kind of a Frankenstein – he looks a bit like this guy, has mannerisms like that guy, and speaks with the cadence of this dude over here. Without DNA the issue really is a distraction that has no resolution at all.

      My two cents.

  3. What I have taken away from these people, who as far back as the early 80’s, mention that Barry knew he was going to be POTUS! In that Mars class were 2 future presidents and a future astronaut. One is POTUS and the astronaut was blown up with the Columbia shuttle. That leaves Andrew Basiago who was identified as the second POTUS.

    My question is this. Did Barry become POTUS by design that was planned from the early stages of his life or was it seen through time travel and the people who groomed him were taking advantage of that future fact?

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