I Have Not Left The Building


Hi Gang

I haven’t posted, or done any research since the last article.  I’ve been trying to get used to the ick this medication delivers to me.

I have no energy or much interest in anything at the moment, but do try to follow current happenings.   The Dr. assures me that the ick is my imagination, although from what I have read in “discussion groups” online, I am not alone in my rantings.  Apparently, the imaginary side effects I am experiencing are quite similar to the ick that others on this same medication experience.

I am not an island.

Dr. can suck it.  Sometimes “specialists” are a special breed of asshole. 

Anyway, I definitely have to have a surgery.  It won’t be easy, and should have been done years ago, but for whatever reason that particular specialist decided it could wait …… and wait.  Now it will be a big fucking deal and I hate the thought of it.  Now with all the crazy infections you hear about, I am just as worried about that being an issue as I am the blood clots traveling around and the large tumor that has to be pried out.

On the bright side I should be able to cinch my belt about 3 inches smaller once the swelling goes down.  



~ by ladysforest on October 9, 2013.

21 Responses to “I Have Not Left The Building”

  1. OMG, a turmor! Prayers for you Lady.

    • Thanks Kathy. It’ll be a little while yet, probably at least six weeks. One second opinion specialist (who practices all three fields that are/may be an issue for me) said that they prefer to have (DVT) patients on the blood thinner med for 3 -4 months before doing surgery. I’m just under 3 months now. And the scans show that the “tumor”, though this type is usually thought to be benign in nearly all cases, has begun to grow during the past two years – so has been noted as “suspicious”. So, you never know what you gonna get.

      If Dr. had done this surgery years ago when I let him know I was ready – the thing was causing some related issues – then the surgery would have been much less invasive, much safer, and I would likely not be facing the issue of possibly having cancer.

      It is what it is.

  2. We will pray for you.

  3. Same here.

  4. Oh, LF, you’ve certainly been through the wringer with this. Sorry to hear about it. I hope that your surgery is a success and they get the tumor. Know that you hate the thought of surgery, though.

    • LOL Kittycat, once they cut me open they can’t help but get the tumor! That sucker will be sitting there staring at the surgeon. It still pisses me off that my Dr. wouldn’t act five years ago when I told him I wanted to have it removed. Would have been a lot better then – and no DVT blood clots to worry over.

      • Why in the heck didn’t he remove it back then?

        • I don’t know. We knew it had increased in size, and was causing some slight problems for me, but he felt it “wasn’t necessary”. As in life threatening I guess?

  5. Hi Lady. We haven’t heard from you in awhile. I hope you are doing better.

    • I feel like crap.

      I try to get motivated to do a little online research and I don’t seem to get anywhere. I zone out/space out a lot. Sigh. I have about three months before big scary day, that is, if obamacare doesn’t somehow screw with my course of treatments. I have my policy still, but only because my husband is union and they were given a one year waiver – I think. Even so it (obamacare) is causing a ruckus amongst the Drs around here.

      So, my second new Dr. said that waiting till coumadin course is completed is a must. She agrees about starting me on this other crap that is supposed to MAYBE shrink the tumor a bit prior to surgery, and warns me that the surgery is made quite dangerous due to my blood issues. So, this other/additional treatment will make me into more of a zombie than I am now. But if I live and make it through the surgery without throwing a clot, I may be feeling better by spring. OK, a little gratuitous self-pity and drama there, but not by much. It will be spring till I am “well” if everything goes just right ……….. so I just have to hang in there and try to be positive.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that your medications are making you feel bad. I know all too well what that is like. Hang in there and stay positive. Many, many, many people on blood thinners have surgeries and do just fine. They will have to watch you closely because of your tendency for these clots. I’ve never heard of them making someone wait three months before though. Maybe they are just being extra cautious. Three months seems like a long time, but it will pass quickly. Be sure to take care of yourself and don’t try to do too much during the holidays. Prayers for you Lady…………………

    • Thank you Kathy. Actually, I will have waited a total of six months. Since the surgery is required for a non-life threatening condition, waiting till the current course on blood thinners ends is apparently preferable. I have all these “serious” but non-threatening things that combined, caused a weird little cascade of crap, and that resulted in my blood platelet count shooting up, which they feel caused the clotting. Now, the clotting is the immediate and life threatening condition that has to be addressed before the other things which contributed to that can be handled. One thing – getting my iron level up – is not going very well, so that contributes to my over-all ick. They feel that I won’t REALLY be able to get my iron level up and more importantly, maintain it, until the tumor is removed.
      So, crapity.

  7. Hello,

    SO glad you gave an update, although life must be pretty difficult right now. I would not say you are being dramatic.

    I was curious to get your thoughts on something. Double Down: Game Change 2012 by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann has the following quote describing what Obama saw when he found his hospital souvenir birth certificate:

    “On the back was a picture of a Hawaiian queen. On one inside page were his name, his mother’s name, and his date of birth; on the other were his infant footprints.”

    Notice the absence of the father’s name? There could be a few reasons for that, but logically, I don’t know why it is missing for a keepsake or why the authors would not think it important enough to provide an explanation.

    Anyways, onward we go.

    • Yes, I read that too. I confess that I missed the part about the absence of papa obama. One thing that occurred to me is that I don’t recall ever having seen such a thing, either as a ‘real’ BC, or as a keepsake, being shown by any Hawaiian. I could be wrong, but I just can’t think that we have ever seen one of those since this all started.

      If you have seen something like this thing, see if you can find a link for me? Thanks.

      Frankly though, it sounds like bullshit. Just a dig at “Birthers”. They show you who they are afraid of when they do even little things like this. For example, do you think they would have hammered on Palin so much if they weren’t terrified of her? I sometimes take a moment to reflect on the fact that obama’s biography later turned out to be largely an admitted “composite” life. Phoney. Fake. Notice how it is never mentioned any more?

  8. Hi, LF,

    How are you feeling? I hope that you’re doing better.

    • Hi kittycat, and thank you for asking. I confess that I am having a rather challenging time of it most days. I just began the course of treatment recommended that may help shrink the tumor(s) a bit so that the surgery might be a bit less dangerous. I expect that this will be a very difficult three months to get through. I have only just begun this additional treatment, and it’s one of those cumulative sorts of things. Two more shots, one per month. My coumadin dose has been increased again as it will not reach the proper levels for some reason. I sooooooo admire people who can be loaded up with medicine and they don’t have reactions or side effects. I feel kind of awful most of the time.

      Good news though – finally got around to fixing a few problems on my dear old car. Now I can drive it – but only if it doesn’t rain, LOL. No really, the wipers decided to go into slo-mo and won’t work correctly. It was so nice to drive it again yesterday anyway even though I didn’t go far. I felt like a whole human for the first time in a few months. Hard to explain.

      • It certainly sounds like you’re not having an easy time of it. Wish that you didn’t have all of that medicine, but I know that you have to. Didn’t realize it was going to be three months before you have surgery. Well, at least you got to get out a little while, so that can help mentally.

        Oh, have you been reading some at the Birther Report place about Douglas Vogt? Hope that will work with what he’s doing. Looks like many judges would be more than glad right now to rule in favor of finding out about Obama with all of this Obamacare mess going on.

        • I don’t think anyone will have the backbone to touch him until near the end of his term – and then they will decide it’s not worth the trouble since he won’t be around much longer. Self preservation baby!

  9. LF,

    It’s obvious that we have a sick nation! He should have been kicked out long ago. Something has been going on with that for sure.

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