Who Dat?

Who Dat



By the way, I am sure that this image MUST have been rolling around out here in the internet ebb and flow, but I haven’t seen it before.

Can anyone tell me about it?  If you do you will get a cookie.  Promise.

The RULES – You have to be first to tell me WHERE this picture was published originally – ya know, back when it was taken.

ATTENTION !!  The contest has ended ! Should there be a winner,have been a winner, said winner will would have receive(d) the following gift, or suitable substitute:

Instead you will all get the answer to the question of where I found this photo.  Below the delectable chocolate figs.

 – I’d rather have the bonbons sez everyone out there


Delectable chocolate-brandy mousse is stuffed into delicate baby figs, then dipped in rich dark chocolate.  5 pieces .

And they aren’t kidding when they say “delectable”.  There really is brandy in these, trace amounts for flavor, so if the winner, should there be one, would prefer a yummy award which is sans booze, just say the word! 


Who Dat full

.Caption reads: International recreation for students of five continents

Found in the 1961 University of Hawaii Summer Session Catalog


Who Dat dated page

The photo was obviously taken between September 1960 (Fall Session) and February 1961. 

Oh, I forgot to mention, I found this while poking around looking for anything interesting on Mr. Lafforges’ address at the time he supposedly owned the address the Dunhams were listed as occupying after first arriving in HI, and at the time of barack obamas birth.  You see, Mr. Lafforge was listed as a assistant professor – or whatever – and is said to have owned the obama manger at the same time he was living at a different address, one closer to the University.  Where many from the teaching staff also had addresses.  I find that a little curious myself.


~ by ladysforest on August 4, 2013.

65 Responses to “Who Dat?”

  1. I don’t know who, but maybe is that BO, Sr.? First off, I’d ask Miri at WTPOTUS and see if they know. Perhaps they have seen it.

    • Well, it sure LOOKS like Sr. I know where I found it, while looking for something else entirely.

  2. Interesting

  3. I’ve never seen this before either. He is playing a guitar. What’s that swan logo on that one guy’s jacket?

  4. Where did you find this? There is a lot going here. The Crescent Moon and Star, that logo on the jacket, the Japanese garb of the women….

  5. Bwahahaha everyone! Before I answer where I found this, and how I happened across it, I’d like to find out if this has been seen out “there” yet.

    Ask any one you think might know – bloggers or obots or whomever.

    PS – I don’ t think there are any untoward implications with this grouping of folks and the flags. I just got a jolt stumbling across it when I was searching half-heartedly on an entirely different topic.

  6. Fred Nerks would of shared this with me before. We have been doing some research behind the scenes for a few months now because we both think that the pic of the 2 little boys and the pic of Sr and Omar were taken in the same studio here in Cambridge MA. We have shared a lot of pics that haven’t “been out there” and this one I have never seen.

    It does look as if it could of been taken in HI. With Sr admitting he had a wife in the Philippians is another reason this pic could be significant. I will send it to FN and wait for a response.

    • OK. And if Fred Nerks wants to post it on FreeRe it’s fine with me – some one there may have seen it before. I tried searching through Google Images and didn’t find it there or by random tags for pictures of Obama Sr.

      • I think it best keep it on the down low for now. Where you found it may lead to clues that the regime doesn’t want to be found. Usually if we hit a dead end we will post for others to take a stab at it. We have a circle of trusted FReepers we will send it to initially. Great find thou!

        • Actually I don’t think the source of this picture is something that will open secret doors of any type. I believe that it is benign in nature, so there shouldn’t be any concerns there. It was originally in a publication, which I accidentally stumbled on, but I shall not say more.

          I want to have a little fun with this and see if I am “FIRST” at finding it.

  7. What caught me – after I noticed who this seems to be, is that he is strumming and singing. I don’t know that I had ever heard of Obama Sr. being all musically. Did he learn to play in his native land?

  8. I saw Hendrix in concert when I was in the 11th grade, and it was a wonderful concert. I just couldn’t tarnish the memory of Hendrix thinking he was BO’s daddy.

  9. One of those women ring a bell to me. It seems that Lame Cherry had a photo or two of some oriental women or woman. Can’t remember which one of the women, but something about the picture does ring a bell.

  10. Fred has not seen it before and of course now has many questions like where did you find this?!!!

  11. I am inclined to think this post should be taking down for a bit anyway. We need to try and get as much info as possible. Feel free to email me.

    • Actually Greg, I know where I found this and as I stated before, I do not think it is anything to get stirred up over.

      I just wondered if anyone had seen it before – because I ran across it unexpectedly while poking around for something else entirely.

      I popped over to wtpotus and it looks like Mari seems to think she has seen this on FreeRe. She didn’t say how long ago or what the thread was though. If no one over there remembers it that will mean it’s “new”.

      I’m a bit rough and worn out right now, so I’ll clear out till tomorrow. I’ll fill y’all in tomorrow on where it is located.

      • I’ve been worn out since about mid 2008! It truly has been a tiring trek. One day we will have the truth and feel satisfied.

        Hope ya fill w’all in soon! 😉

        • My po ol ass is wore out from the trek greg! I do believe we WILL one day have the truth, and be vindicated.

          One reason I believe this is because the dems are desperate to do away with the Article ll requirement – so if it slips out that obama was (accidentally, unwittingly) elected in spite of the requirement, and the country wasn’t handed over to the bad guys (although that is precisely what IS going on now), do we even need to consider such a restriction any longer? So, yes I do believe his history will become an open book eventually. Once he leaves office he will lose all power – unlike many former Presidents. It is because he truly is a puppet, in every sense. A clever puppet, a dangerous and focused puppet, but he requires instruction. Every word he issues, every action he has taken since becoming an adult has been scripted for him.

          Once he is out he will have no influence anywhere except perhaps Kenya. He has no diplomatic relationships even – except with black entertainers. He is a joke, and considered lame by world leaders. When he leaves he will have less influence than Jimmy Carter, who at least got on the train to run around and massage the egos of dictators, and swing a hammer for habitat for humanity. obama has too big of an ego to do such things, and he is quite lazy left to his own inclinations. Golf, concerts, glittering lux vacations @ six or more per year. He is invested in people thinking he “talks real nice”, but does nothing which demonstrates the strengths of this country – not limited to military strengths of course. So, as leaders of other countries have seen him bow, and apologize, and pretend that Washington is a run-away train and the horrible US politicians “just won’t let him do all the right things”, they know he is a hollow phony. He personally never had power, his sponsors did and do. He is the middleman.

        • Its not just the Dems
          Rubio and Jinal by parents citizenship and Cruz by father’s citizenship and Canadian birthplace
          The justification is that the world has changed. People divorce, women are equal with men. The prince in England married a commoner.

          If Obama becomes a catastrophic failure and there is another election, perhaps Article II will be in the voter’s minds if not the parties.

        • Yes, I notice how the laser focus has been on these few who are not straight up NBC. Even when they don’t indicate they have an interest in running.

  12. The glasses are a match to other pics of SR.

  13. Ladysforest, Yesterday, I said that I did not think I had seen this before. However, I also started looking for that swan logo and I do remember searching for that log before. I think this was on Renee’s stuff on WTPOTUS before they kicked her out! Hmmmmmmmm

    Renee may have this on her new blog. She is on vacation now, but you can leave her a message. I’ll post this over there for her to see when she can.

    • Oh, I didn’t know they kicked her out. Or that she had a new blog. When did all that happen? See, I HAVEbeen out of touch. She will likely check her blog while on vacation, so give it a try.

    • “Kicked Out”??? Really? Oh, my! Now that IS a scoop…… And just what is the definition of “kicked out” anyways? If trying to vindicate Renee somehow from whatever it is going on behind the wtpotus scene, it ends up hurting her by putting that little piece of subjective information in the comment. Just saying as I visit over there regularly, and comment and am not an insider or admin; never saw even an iota of negative about/toward Renee, which means the parting of company was behind the scenes (and maybe even private business). Classy bunch over there. Kind hearted. Excellent researchers with over-the-top critical thinking skills. Perhaps none of us are (well, ‘were’, thank you kindly) privy to what took place because it is important to not force divisions by demanding loyalty to one blogger over another. Mayhaps a disagreement forced a parting of company but suspect “kicked out” may be just a wee bit misleading — or at least none of our darn business.

      • Chill. Not the place to chastise.

      • “chillaxing” as the kids say.

      • Chill is right hoot. You’re the one that does not know anything. This happened, Ladysforest, a long time ago when all of the sudden they pulled ALL access to her info. You’re right she would not want this discussed here. But as for WTPOTUS they CENSORED me too when I would not buy into the GOP farce of Romney. They would not allow for any discussion of other GOP candidates. They have an agenda. Whether their intentions are good or not the jury is still out! Be vary wary of just who people really are.

        • Let’s leave the topic alone now.

          I don’t know what happened, nor was I curious from a gossipy standpoint. Like most everyone who reads and comments on what are considered “birther” type blogs, we all get to know each other. It is a community and we get curious and we also care.

          So, no one on here had said anything negative towards wepotus, or Renee. I’d like to get us back to that.

          True, some blogs do develop unique agenda over time, but I don’t generally comment, or encourage others to comment, on such things while visiting MY blog comment section.

          So here I respect my readers, and I know they respect my work. Kathy, I know you are reacting to what was a dig at you for mentioning Renee, and Hoot – I don’t know you at this blog, I think you were a bit too judgmental about Renee being mentioned as no longer being with wepotus.

          I work hard, as most of you are kind enough to mention, to keep things clear and focused here. I don’t have a big readership because I leave the weirdo conspiracies to people who like to lure others into rabbit holes of pointless “supposing”. You’d be surprised how many people LOVE that stuff. Makes them feel like spys I think.

          Lets stick to trashing MY work while on MY blog. Or praising it, whichever is appropriate.

  14. I didn’t know Renee was kicked out either.

  15. Is your 4 O’clock different from mine? 😉

    • Sorry! Four o’clock EST. OK I shall wait a couple more hours – say six o’clock EST. I forget these things sometimes.

  16. Whew ! Thanks for bringing that to my attention Greg. I fixed the post. Just in time too, cause I was putting the answer together on an edit.

  17. Okay. This is driving me bonkers. I’ve also seen a picture of the guy standing in the back on the left. Where have I seen these folks?

  18. This group picture of Sr., could that be one of the women standing beside him? http://www.theobamafile.com/_family/Senior.htm

  19. No answer showing…

    • S’up

      • Thanx, it is not “out there” because the picture is not captioned with names so no search engine would find it. Now we need to identify the players….

        • As they are all from outside of the US (likely) I don’t know how to ID them. This isn’t listed as a “club” that I could find. I think it’s by way of a promo photo.

          “Lookee! We have LOTS of students from LOTS of countries!” kind of a thing.

  20. Well, my thought was from Hawaii, but you said is not US.

    • The photo is from HI, it is in a 1961 Summer Session Catalog, published in Feb. 1961. I meant the people in the photo with Sr. are probably not US. I wanted to know if anyone else had found this photo in the 1961 Catalog.

      • Strange Sr.’s expected “wife” is not in the photo, especially since they hung out on campus together; with being in the same Russian class and all…

        • I wondered if the photo was taken in the month of Feb. expressly for this publication. It does seem very staged. And he did supposedly marry Stan Ann in Feb………

  21. LF,

    Have you read this yet?


    • Had a quick look just now. One thing that does aggravate me is when people say that obama lost his US citizenship as a child. I am not versed in the law regarding such, but I am fairly certain that is not true. I do not believe that your parents can surrender your birth citizenship on your behalf while you are a minor. If that were so easy to do there would be zero dual citizens. It is the country/countries that have set the rules on the citizenship of the children born there – the parents can remove the children, but not dissolve their citizenship. At least, not with the US, or with Briton either as far as I have been able to find out.

      That is up to the individual at the age of majority to decide.

      So, any “lawsuit” or preceding which makes that claim is an automatic failure, and will make “birthers” look silly. It just gives ammo to the obots and foghuffers. If some legit concerns are lumped in there with the stupid thing which has no merit – the entire thing is tossed, and so causes the legit stuff to be considered in the same light as the bullshit stuff – like obama losing his US citizenship because his step-father claimed he was Indonesian on a grade school form. Now, if obama himself did claim Indonesian citizenship after high-school, he would have had to have some documentation. If that documentation is not available to be presented to a Judge, the thing will be dismissed in a hot minute and with a lot of sneering laughter from fog dwellers.

      Sadly – the points with merit will also be dismissed, and other future Judges will point to that as reason why they will throw it all out too.

      • I don’t know the law that well either on that, LF. I was interested in that Elizabeth Ann Duke name. Didn’t know any of that. There’s always weird stuff going on with BO. Nothing is even remotely normal.

      • About surrendering citizenship for a child. One thing I do know is the neighbors adopted, as an infant, a child from Nicaragua . When the child was sixteen he went on a pyromaniac spree and was put into a juvenile prison. At eighteen, he was deported. His parents US citizenship did not transfer to him automatically and his crimes invalidated him applying for citizenship at eighteen. That was news to me that adopted children can be deported if break the laws as minors.

        • That is the sticker for those with dual citizenship too. It is more complex, especially if no treaty exists between the countries. The US has NO law recognizing dual citizenship, but participates in the practice. So, as long as the other country doesn’t put up a fuss and lay claim to a person with dual citizenship, that person can come and go between the countries. It’s whacky what can happen to such people – the State Dept. has a lot of info on their site regarding such things.

  22. Hi Ladysforest. How are you doing? We havn’t heard from you in awhile. I hope your feeling better. Prayers for you Lady.

  23. Laydsforest, I believe the flag above to be of Libia. Spefically, Cyrenaica. I basing my guess on the deminsions of the cresent and the placing of the points on the star. See the link below. Also, from the link below: During World War II, Italian Libya was occupied by France and the United Kingdom. The emirate of Cyrenaica was declared in British-occupied Cyrenaica in 1949 with the backing of the British authorities. The “emir of Cyrenaica”, Idris of Libya, kept the emirate’s flag (a white crescent and star on a black background) as his personal flag after he became king of Libya in 1951.


    It’s interesting that Benghazi is where kingdom began in Cyrenaica. (see link below). Also interesting from link below: On 6 March 2012, mirroring the events 63 years earlier, a similar kind of meeting was held in Benghazi, calling for more autonomy and federalism for Cyrenaica. Ahmed al-Senussi, a relative of King Idris, was announced as the leader of the self-declared Cyrenaica Transitional Council.[


  24. From this link below:

    Idris, GBE (Arabic: إدريس الأول‎), also known as King Idris I of Libya (born El Sayyid Prince Muhammad Idris bin Muhammad al-Mahdi as-Senussi 12

    March 1889 – 25 May 1983),[1] was the first and only king of Libya, reigning from 1951 to 1969, and the Chief of the Senussi Muslim order. While in Turkey for medical treatment, Idris was deposed in a 1969 coup d’etat by army officers led by Muammar Gaddafi.


  25. From the link below: The Senussi or Sanussi (Arabic: السنوسية‎) refers to a Muslim political-religious Sufi order and tribe in Libya and the Sudan region founded in Mecca in 1837 by the Grand Senussi, Sayyid Muhammad ibn Ali as-Senussi. The Senussi claim a direct lineage to the Prophet Muhammed.

    The traditional Senussi banner, later used as the flag of Cyrenaica and eventually incorporated into the flag of Libya.


  26. I was also wondering that, LF. Hope you’re doing much better!

    • Thank you both for asking.

      I feel okay today. I have a appointment soon to go over Cat scan results, yea. I was working on a interesting little update on the “Extra, Extra” newspaper birth announcement article. It’s at the bottom of the post.

  27. The first pic top left, if one flips it horizontal is a dead match even the glasses!


  28. Hi Lady. How are you feeling now? I sure hope your doing better.

    • Hi Kathy, and thank you.

      I am slowly getting better. At least I am becoming accustomed to the meds, so that helps. I don’t know the state of the blood clot issue, but just as mysteriously as my platelets increased to dangerous levels, they are now back in the normal range. That is good news as far as developing more blood clots, but I don’t know the state of the ones they found before. I still have the one mystery thing going on, which presents a danger to me, but the Dr. hopes it will resolve if I can get my iron waaay up. Will take months to find out. My CAT scan turned up weird stuff, LOL, but the hemo Dr. didn’t say anything about most of it. I have to go back to the PA and discuss that stuff. Like, how did I get scarring on my lung, and what does that even mean in terms of my health? And several other little things similar to that.

  29. Wow Lady. That sounds like alot of yuck. I’ll pray that all these mystery problems just go away, reslolve themselves and you are back to yourself again. My sympathy to you on taking all that iron. My advice…..lots of colace. 🙂

    • Hahaha! Well, I researched different types of iron and found one that is not giving me side effects. Well, two actually. I drink 2 pouches of an iron rich water, pur-Absorb, daily and also 2 tabs of Feosol Bi somethingorother. That is only about one third the dosage the hemo Dr. prescribed – but it is bringing my level up, albeit slowly. With no side effects. Migraine sufferers like myself can get some pretty peculiar side effects from iron, which I have experienced in the past. I have to up my current doses by at least one more Feosol daily. Those supplements are not covered by my insurance, and run me between eighty and one hundred dollars a month at full retail. COUPONS and sales are my friends.

  30. […] ©Renee 2014 Well it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words but that is only if you can identify what is in that picture. Like this one found here: https://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/who-dat/ […]

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