The Unexpected Fight


Well, I didn’t see THIS coming!

Recently I was diagnosed with a life threatening condition.  Hence my silence here at the ol’ blog. 

I am still fighting the thing, and getting my head figured out (cause this is scary) and waiting to hear the next bit of news.

It seems that I have some other lurking shadow in my system, and the Dr.s are trying to coax it out. 

I’ll tell you though that having been in the middle of the beginning stages of the obamacare effect on the emergency room, this countries medical services are in for horrible changes.  And our citizens who are legitimately very ill are being pushed off to the side while dope addicts who pretend chronic “back pain” demand ridiculous services and attention.  The ER was FULL of those loudmouthed, bitching recipients.   

I didn’t want to be in the ER.  The staff didn’t want us there either because they were so busy.  My shock at being ordered off to the hospital in an ambulance was no less than my shock at being treated as though I had a paper-cut by the  ER powers that be once I was trundled in there.  The ambulance EMT guys were stunned when they were told to stick me in a wheelchair and leave me out in the waiting area.  They went running around trying to get someone to understand how serious my condition was, but they encountered the obamacare effect too.  The one EMT was so pissed his face was red – I felt bad for him. 

Here is the thing – we have insurance, and it’s very good insurance.  My husband worked and planned hard to make sure of that, and we are fortunate.  I wasn’t treated this way because I had no coverage – I was treated this way because a bunch of fucking dirtbags had nothing better to do than go to the ER to try and get a prescription for narcotics.  Oh, and don’t forget the welfare mommy who brings her three kids in because they have heat rash from not being bathed.  To the ER.  Why go to the ER and not a walk-in medical center?  Because they want an ambulance ride instead of getting on a bus.  Because when it is time to go on home they are GIVEN FREE BUS PASSES or/FREE ONE WAY VOUCHERS FOR A CAB!!  And while they wait, the nurses will give every family member not being seen by a Dr. a FREE BOXED LUNCH.

I am not exaggerating about those things.

This is the “best” hospital for many many miles around, and this is the worst treatment I have ever received. 

Back to bed with me.  I’ll update soon.


~ by ladysforest on July 18, 2013.

39 Responses to “The Unexpected Fight”

  1. LF,

    My goodness. I thought that you were just taking off for the summer, maybe a long vacation. I do hope that you get better. Please let us know when you can.

  2. Sorry to hear that you became ill and had to overcome hurdles at the ER.
    Good thing that the life threatening condition didn’t do more than threaten.

    Most ERs are backed up, especially on Friday and Saturday nights in some areas (one ER nurse referred to those patients wounded in fights as children of the night). Did you or the EMT not have access to the triage nurse?

    Get well soon.

    • Thanks KJ. The EMT went to the Triage nurse – twice. And I was sent in on a Monday at about noon. They said it’s always that bad these days.

      I still am going day by day. Next week I get the first word on the “hidden” condition that may have caused this one.

      Meanwhile the meds continue, as does the yuck that comes along with these things. I really hate needles.

  3. Please take care of yourself and keep us updated.

    • Well, tiny update – my meds, NEEDLES…eeeeek, were extended by several more days because the other meds (nice little pills) aren’t to the proper levels in my blood yet. More tests on Monday, and the scary results from the other bloodwork will be on Tues.
      I’m kind of a hot mess right now, and LOL, I can’t even have a drink! It’ll do crazy things to my meds – so no lovely fruity rum drink for me.
      But at least I can walk a little in the house, and sit in a chair for a little while at a time.
      My poor garden!

  4. Hope you feel better. I went through something similar with my sister-in-law last year. In that case, however, it wasn’t the hospital but her employer who couldn’t understand things. They had wanted to fire her for taking the necessary time off to go through cancer treatments. I got her union involved and her job was saved due to the Americans With Disabilities Act.

    • You are a great guy for helping out that way! Thankfully, I am unemployed at the present and can feel tremendously grateful that I don’t have that worry as well as my health.

  5. Oh my! Prayers to you. Your strength shows through all of your posts.

  6. Hi, LF,
    Been thinking of you and hope that you’re better. Thanks for the little updates. I know you’re probably sick of being sick already.

    • Yep, I sure am.
      The latest is that they still don’t know what is wrong with me.
      I have a mystery blood disorder.
      More tests were ordered, blood was sent around and across the country for special testing because this Hematologist (supposed to be pretty good) has never seen any results like my last tests.

      We don’t know if I can be treated or cured or what – because this is not a known disorder.

      • That is way too strange. Maybe the tests that they send off will reveal something. I sure hope you find out. What kind of tests are they running now, did they say?

        • He told me about a few. He did one the same day, and it was negative – and there are a jumble of others. He said he didn’t want to speculate because my levels are all over the place and seem to contradict each other.

          I just have to wait it out. He said it is weird that my skin looks so normal with all they found. Apparently I should resemble a piece of typing paper right now. The ER Dr. had seemed surprised by that as well.

          At least I can go outdoors today. It is like early Autumn out and very beautiful.

          I’ll go sit in my little garden on my upside-down bucket and listen to life.

  7. LF,

    Let’s hope that whatever is wrong, that it’s not serious. I know that you want to find out. It’s weird, though, what he said about your skin. Could the tests be flawed? Hopefully they will do some repeats on it. I’m just saying this because when I worked at the hospital once, a friend of mine almost had emergency appendicitis surgery. She came within an hour of it, but her doctor said, let’s repeat this test to make sure before we do surgery.

    So they repeated the test, and sure enough the test was flawed for some reason. Turned out she just had a tummy virus.

  8. Please update us.

  9. LF,
    charo said to update us, and I agree. How are you feeling now?

    • Hi everyone.

      So far I still don’t know anything except that the med I am on is not building up in my blood as the Dr. wants it to. It seemed to be doing OK, then the last tests showed it had dropped way off.

      Friday I go in for the results of the bloodwork that went traveling across the country, and I am trying not to speculate for any particular result.

      I still get the willies knowing that this “other” condition that came to light can just drop me like a rock. NOT a good feeling, but I am trying to learn to live with it and hope that it can be controlled by meds.

      Meanwhile the meds kind of challenge me in that I sometimes get a wave of yuck and have to lay down for hours. At least they haven’t ordered me back on self-injection…..yet. They will if the pill med won’t build up.

      I can’t taste food very well – except sweets. Funny because I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but since it’s the only thing with FLAVOR right now, I am turning into an m&m addict. I also cannot be very active, but I can’t anyway because I feel like crap and have zero energy, :).

      It most reminds me of a VERY difficult pregnancy. Like when you have horrible morning sickness all day long, and extreme fatigue.

      I should have some actual news on Friday. Depending on what they tell me I’ll update by Fri. eve or Sat..

  10. Now you’re scaring me. This really does sound serious. You haven’t been bitten by any ticks or mosquitoes lately, have you? I know that WNV has been close to our area, and it seems that it’s different symptoms for every person who gets it, or some people get the mild symptoms like a little flu. Also, I heard about the new tick in various locations that’s really bad.

  11. I’m sorry to hear that your ill lady. Sometimes those med’s can be worse than the illness. Prayers for you girl! You havn’t been anywhere near Obummers goons lately have you?

    • No goons that I am aware of!

      And Kitty, I have been exposed by tick bite to lymes – however that would not cause what is going on with my blood. Just waiting it out.

  12. I know you’re sick, but if you do get a chance, enjoy Ted Nugent unloading. He’s my new hero! I’m thinking if you can get a chance to read this, you might enjoy it.

  13. I hope that you are feeling better.

    Maybe this will divert your mind for a few minutes:, America punked
    photo of microfilms for the Honolulu Advertiser, Jan-Oct 1961 with a different reel containing the microfilm that would include Obama’s birth announcement.
    no date, no location, photo appears to have been taken in a library

    Did you notice a different reel at the LOC?

    • If you mean was the film on a different spool type than the others we viewed, my recollection is that they had the same type of spools. I have pics somewhere – hopefully not on the other hard drive – and I can look at those when I find them.

      • Yes a different film spool type.

        Check out the photo at, America punk’d

        • Thanks – I read that. No, I don’t recall that any of the films in the LOC were on dissimilar spools. However, the one box had the call number scribbled over – I have a photo up of that. And Greg also came across a odd-ball box in a HI library and he sent me a pic which I posted on the Extra, Extra post. I do not know if the two libraries which I sent TsunamiGeno to (in Honolulu) had similar box issues – I failed to ask him to check for that. 😦 I noticed that in the BirtherReport post, the photo of the boxes, it seems that the handwriting on the box Aug. 1-15, 61 is different than the writing on the other boxes. I’ll have to go look again though – it was late when I read it.


    OK, still a mystery. The one mystery blood problem self corrected – after leaving me with blood clots – of the large varietal – in the worst possible place (s). Yeah, the Dr. said, “of the places you could have a blood clot, this is the spot we hope we don’t find them”. Add to that, the blood clots were what they term “loose”, so ready to go traveling on up to my lungs or brain. I was ordered into a wheelchair, and after that off to the ER. That was the visit I had mentioned. So you all knew some of that part. I had no idea how horribly painful DVT can get. For about two weeks I was almost helpless and my husband took care of me. I am a lucky wife, that much I will swear to.

    The oncology/Hematologist Dr. who gave me the results of my traveling blood work (yesterday) did NOT mention any blood cancers, or that my results even hinted at any of the other cancers that sometimes trigger +/- in blood screenings. So I didn’t want to harsh my buzz and ask him about any of that stuff – I feel sure he would have rolled that out if it was indicated.

    He is still mystified, but we do know that for some reason I am anemic as hell. One of my levels for something or other to do with that is almost impossible because it is so low. Go figure.

    Anyway, he thinks a known condition I have may be contributing by causing some very moderate internal bleeding. Probably have surgery for that on the off chance that it may help.

    Still have to be on the meds – cause once you get the blood clots you apparently have to assume they will hang around a long time and/or come back “just cause.” I have good days and bad days, but just keep keepin on.

    I hope it’s not ungrateful to wish I actually knew what really is wrong with me.

    • Internal bleeding is not good, hope that the docs have some idea where you are bleeding. Blood clots in your legs are not good either, hope that the meds help you.

      May your health continue to improve. Surely no one will fault you for wishing that you knew what was really wrong with you.

      • Thank you again KJ. Yes, the Dr.s do know of the suspected offender inside – they also know that it is probably only part of the problem. They want to at least give this a shot because I am to the point where my body won’t or can’t do what it is supposed to do to absorb iron. At least I THINK that is one of the things Dr. said. He has a heavy accent and speaks rapidly. My head was twirling from it. I have an appointment with my new GP on tuesday, and I’ll have her explain it to me again. There are two things going on with my iron levels – and while both are extremely low, the one is crazy low.

  15. LF,
    Thanks for letting us hear from you. So are you at home, or are you in the hospital? Can they take care of your blood clots, or is the medication they have you on to fix those?

    Anyway, I pray and hope that you get better with the meds.

    • Thank you kittycat. I am at home, and no the meds can’t fix the blood clots in the usual sense. I am on blood thinners and those somehow help keep the blood thinner so that the clots can “dissolve”. But they (meds) won’t build up to a therapeutic level for me yet. I have lost track of how many times I have had blood drawn in the past month. I really mean that. I remember getting over the thirty tubes mark and then I suppose I just lost count of how often and how much.

      I still have clots, but they are smaller and I am almost out of pain now. I don’t know what the outlook is, neither do any of the Dr.s I have seen since this started – because they don’t know why I formed clots in the first place, or why my blood got all weird.

  16. Ladysforest,
    I’m praying for you as well. I’m guessing that they have you on Coumadin or sometihng like it. You will have to monitor your blood levels for some time. Your diet will also have to be controlled. Some foods really affect how thin your blood is. No dark green lettuce for you once your levels are where they want it. My brothers are on this for mechanical heart valves. I also have had other relatives on this for blood clots. Some of them at a very young age. They seem to be doing great now, but are still on the meds/diet.

    With regards to your animea and blood loss. Have them check your liver. My Mothers liver enzymes were elevated, but the Dr.’s thought that it was just because of some med. that they had put her on. They completely missed liver failure and cirrosis. We have all taken too much acetomephine from tylenol and other meds that we were not aware contained it. So many medications containe this and it’s very easy to get too much. There are many possible reasons for your symptoms, but I just felt I had to tell you. One of my mothers first symptoms was animea and blood loss that they had no idea where it was going. They would get it built up, but it would happen again and then worse symptoms. If they had only done a liver biopsy and followed up, she could have been saved. I can’t believe that they don’t have you in the hospital until those clots are disolved. Prayers to you Lady….

    • Yep, Coumadin is one. I was self-injecting with Lovenox twice a day for awhile as well. The lab never called me with my protime results on Fri., which pisses me off, because the last test I was too low on Coumadin and if that didn’t improve I was supposed to go back on the needles. Hopefully the levels were in a safe range.

      They did check my liver and kidneys, and all of that checked out fine. Thing is that I had a fairly rare liver condition 20 years ago, benign, but the surgery was something awful. Had to have a transfusion then – I hated the idea and fought like a wildcat, so they had four people flop themselves over me to hold me down, and hooked me up. LOL, I was so pissed. But I was literally out of my head by then from blood loss. I kept asking the nurse how long until the transfusion “worked”, and she finally (just to shut me up) said, “About 20 minutes or so.” When they checked my levels (pretty quick after the transfusion was over) they were stunned to announce that everything looked really good. The Dr. looked mystified. I said to him, “Well, that nurse said 20 minutes.” To this day I believe I willed it to happen so quickly.

      As to taking OTC pain med such as Tylenol – I’ve never done a lot of that. Usually I just manage – unless it’s a toothache……..can’t stand me a toothache.

  17. I will keep praying for you. Please update us often.

    charo- I am on a different computer, and my name may pop up as …., something you fixed awhile back.

    YEP-Fixed again.

    Thank you for your kind words and prayers friend.

  18. LF,

    We’re all throwing stuff out there, but I was thinking about this, you do a lot of gardening, right? Do you happen to wear gloves when you do it? I didn’t realize the number of soil-borne illnesses that a person can get from gardening. Of course, this pdf is about stuff all over the world, not just the US.

    It’s weird because when I was little, I played outside in the dirt all the time, made mud paddies, etc. After looking at those various things that one can get from the soil, I wonder how I’m still alive now to talk about it.

    Oh, Kathy, this is to you. I cringe when I think about how many Tylenol that I used to take when I was in my early 20s. If I couldn’t sleep, I’d sometimes take 3 extra strength, which is what my sister-in-law taught me. I’m 60 now. Anyway, that’s because we were always told how safe it is, etc. No one talked about it killing one’s liver.

    Then about 12 or so years ago, I read a huge article about a lady that took Tylenol after she had a car wreck because it was so safe. She didn’t want to take prescription painkillers. It was her niece writing the story about her. She took only the prescribed amount of Tylenol.

    Then one day she collapsed, and the paramedics took her to the hospital. She was in ICU a few days, then passed away. It was the Tylenol that destroyed her liver. After that, I would rarely, if ever, take that crap. If I did hurt my back or whatever and had to take pain meds with acetaminophen in them, I would also take NAC, which protects your liver. You can get it from a health food store. Several doctors have even said to do it now.

    But I try not to ever take it. I try not to even take Motrin. I have gout and if I have to absolutely take it, I take that ibuprofen sparingly. It’s also bad for your kidneys.

    Ladysforest, how are you feeling today? Hope you are improving.

    • Today has been a decent day – probably the best since this began. Did housework and read the internet more than I have for a month. See, I feel better and I plop my ass in front of a keyboard.

      Reminds me, check out my new post. It’s a picture.

      I did make a jar of refrigerator pickles today. I hodgepodged a recipe together, so I have no idea how they will taste. My big cucumber patch is still making up it’s mind if it even wants to make pickles. Big lovely leaves and many flowers, but no future pickles yet.

      Yes, I do wear gloves when I garden, and I always wash up real good after being in the garden. I garden organically, and thankfully this year I did 80% of my garden with weedblock paper (first time) so after being out of commission – my garden was still fairly viable and weed free.

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