The Obama Docket – African Arrest Awaits

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South African Muslim Lawyers Submit Request To Arrest Obama When He Visits

.PINK LINK to Times LIVE article

President Obama is scheduled to visit South Africa on June 29 and is technically open to such an arrest when visiting a foreign country.

A spokesman for the U.S. embassy in South Africa said he had no comment on the matter.

According to Times LIVE in Johannesburg the document is being “studied” by the government… which is short for “no comment,” as well. (Mr. Conservative)


Group spokesman Yousha Tayob said Obama ordered drone strikes that killed innocent civilians.

In terms of the Rome Statute, South Africa has the right to prosecute a war criminal on its territory, said Tayob.

Researchers from New York University School of Law and Stanford University Law School recently released a report entitled “Living Under Drones: Death, Injury and Trauma to Civilians From US Drone Practices in Pakistan”.

They found that in four years Obama commissioned five times more drone attacks than former president George W Bush did in his two terms in the White House .

You see though, don’t you, that Bush did it first ! So, that means it is perfectly fine and OK for obama to ramp it up and go flat out balls-to-the-wall droning.  It’s the same concept with obama using the NSA and Prism to spy on every US citizen (except Muslims – particularly off limits to the NSA and Prism are Mosques – and THAT bit of sad comedy has been strictly under obama’s  time in office).  Always remember Bush did it first!!

.click to enlarge screenshot of the obama docket Brief Summary.  PINK LINK to the full Brief Summary.


Which leaves me wondering if all of this has anything to do with obama cancelling the safari that he and his brood were planning to amuse themselves with while fluttering all over the Continent of his fathers birth.  You know – the ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR outreach trip for the Resident and his extended entourage.  Slated to be the most expensive trip taken by a US president evah !

Perhaps they were actually worried about an ambush from the MLA !

However, obama claims they are forgoing the safari due to lack of skilled snipers to ward off all of the cheetahs and lions and various other lighting fast animals, but someone has offered a different suggestion, one that would allow the obamas to have their fun in perfect safety:

‘Mr. Obama shouldn’t need special counter-assault teams to neutralize threats,’ Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb told MailOnline. ‘He’s got the IRS for that, doesn’t he?’

‘Oh, that’s right,’ he noted with tongue in cheek: ‘Lions, cheetahs and other animals aren’t conservative taxpayers.’ 

PINK LINK to Daily Mail article.

I say they should take the safari anyway.  Hell, why not – we’re into it for 100 mil no matter what.  My suggestion is that they use all of those fourteen limos that are being shipped over for the week long trip, and drive around the savannah in those!  See, it will fuck with the heads of all the cheetahs and lions and such not knowing which one contains obama, and they will just walk away confused, frustrated and neutralized .  

Yes, just exactly like the Conservative taxpayers.


~ by ladysforest on June 15, 2013.

8 Responses to “The Obama Docket – African Arrest Awaits”

  1. I sure wish Africa would keep him.

  2. Huge ditto!

  3. Now he’s promoting his “gay” stuff over there. But I don’t think some of the guys are going for it. Some place that he’s at talking about it, they arrest people that are gay and put them in prison.

  4. And I’ve been accused of being an Obot by somebody named Beatrice Beckwith, I think is the name, over at ORYR. Hey, bet I’ve been following all this stuff a whole lot longer than Bea has, and even bet I’ve read more and heard more about BO’s various nativity stories that she has.

  5. LF,

    Have a happy 4th!

    • Right back at ya kittycat! So far I’ve done dishes, fed chickens, and started in to scrubbing the bathroom.

      After that there is the laundry, and have to tinker with my car a bit.

      But I did treat myself to a pancake breakfast, LOL, and any day that starts with pancakes ain’t all bad.

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