Mammy Malvinias Mistreated Monument

REX, Ga. — Police in Georgia are investigating after a monument dedicated to (Melvinia Shields)  one of first lady Michelle Obama’s relatives was knocked over in suburban Atlanta.
“Our little source of pride”, Clayton County Commissioner Sonna Singleton said of the monument and it’s connection to obamas wife.  
Sure don’t take much for some people.
Pride goeth before a fall.
It makes ya wonder why no one seemed to know how long the monument was laying face down on the walkway.
Officials say the monument was installed about a year ago, and the county commission organized a celebration later this month to recognize Shields’ connection to the White House.
It wasn’t immediately clear when the monument was toppled.
                                           .*HUFFPO Black Voices snips
Obama statue
A few turns off of highway 42, one which leads to what remains of  Rex Village, lies a link to our First Lady, Mechelle Obama’s past. Geneologist tracing Michelle Obama’s past were led to Rex. In 1852, Melvina Shields was a  6 years old girl. Melvina lived not far from Rex Village on a 200 acre farm; one of 3 slaves. Sometime as a younger teen, historians say, she was impregnated by a white man and gave birth to the first of her four children. The village was the center of Rex when Melvina was here. Melvina Shields was a slave on the Shields Plantation during the 1850’s. The Shields Plantation was very active working in conjunction with the mill during the time period that the Hollingsworth ownership. Melvina Shield’s is the great-great-great grandmother of United States First Lady Michelle Obama. The story of Melvina Shields and Michelle Obama gives  Rex, Georgia one of the most compelling links to the fight for equality, civil rights, and social mobility in the history of this nation.
Wait, so the nudge-nudge back-story claim is that Melvinia was impregnated after being raped by a white privileged slave owner.  And these “townspeople” think of a link to obamas wife through rape as a source of pride?  Apparently so, apparently so.
Understand that this “story” of some unremarkable slave only becomes compelling when the connection between obamas wife and Melvina is discovered.
It has been implied by some, (we all know by whom)  that Melvina was forcibly raped by a white man, presumably the man who counted her among his possessions.  Because female slaves never engaged willingly in sex romps with white men.  Ever.  And they are especially likely to be perfectly chaste, of course, when the only handy non-family men were white.  A horny black teenager would never accept the advances of a person of a different race!
Why, just see how it is in this century, not a single mixed race copulation ever takes place  ……. wait, er, maybe they do sometimes – but those are definitely rape-rape.  Unless a white girl is involved – then we all know she wanted some dark meat.
But 150 years ago one Melvinia, had a pure, chaste, snow white heart as surely as she had black skin.  It must be so, because the genealogists suggest it.  Well, what’s truly important is that we all understand how this reflects on obamas wife.
That memorial was built to remind you of that.
Apparently some people aren’t terribly impressed though – ’cause they done tipped over the memorial that was built to honor obamas wifes great great great great grandmam.  Yes you heard right – they done gone and built a monument to Melvina ’cause she is obamas-wifes-relative 150 years removed.  Additionally something about her being a slave.  So of course that means obamas wife was is still struggling to fling off the shackles of oppressive social mobility and the lack of equality that naturally clings to persons who had a relative that was a slave.  One hundred and fifty years ago.  Michelle is still fighting the same oppression that Melvina faced, it’s why she’ll never be anything more than First Lady of the United States of America. 
That memorial was built to remind you all of that fact.



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