American Newborns Are Being Sold By Illegal Aliens



Formatting difficulty today, I apologize for the odd layout of the text.

I have a very personal story to tell you.  Once you have read it you may wonder why I didn’t tell it with more passion, more outrage, more disbelief.  I suppose it would be in part because although I was horrified on learning all of the details, I was not surprised.

I’ll just tell the very basics of this story for that sickens me sufficiently.   Please keep in mind the Gang of Eight, and their Immigration Reform scheme headed by Marco Rubio when you read this.

It is about an illegal alien and two newborn infants who were put up for sale.

It is a true story.

It is a story of my niece and her relationship with an illegal alien who is a Mexican national, and took place in central New York, U.S.A..  She began seeing this man roughly seven years ago.  They did drugs together, and he often found men to sell her to when the money for drugs and rent ran short.  She openly admitted to her father, and her grandfather that she prostituted  herself with the assistance of her Mexican “boyfriend”.  It was through my father that I learned of this part of the story, and eventually the rest of the incredibly despicable actions of the pair.

Soon after beginning a relationship with the undocumented alien, my niece found that she was pregnant, and with the advice and guidance of her boyfriend, she began to search the internet for “adoptive” parents who would PAY a “bonus” to be allowed to adopt the child.  So, not just pay her pregnancy expenses, but to pay the couple $10,000. on delivering the newborn up for “adoption”.

They were successful in finding just such a couple. Or so it seemed.  As it turned out, long story short, many promises were made by the “interested couple”.  Promises that were not kept.  You see, the “adoptive” couple agreed to pay living and maternity costs in addition to the $10,000, but after sending a few small “payments” to my niece, they became somewhat difficult to connect with.  My niece had never met them in person, or spoken to them on the phone.  Every contact was via computer.

When the baby was born the illegal alien boyfriend contacted the adoptive couple and advised them of the date and time of release from the hospital.  There were several people waiting for my niece outside of the hospital.  They asked her to sign papers, and then they collected the newborn girl from her.  They did not however, give her any money in exchange.  My niece began to question them, and was told that the “check would be sent to her soon”.   This part of her story she eventually told to me herself.

No check was ever received.  The hospital bill was never paid by the mysterious adoptive parents, but was eventually paid for by medicaid.  Meanwhile, the young couple were furious about being conned.  They didn’t seem concerned about the fate of the infant girl at all, but because they had not gotten paid for her.

Within a year, my niece was pregnant again, and by the same illegal alien.  This time there was an added dimension as her father, my brother, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He died a few weeks before the next child, another girl, was born.

It was at her fathers funeral that I found out my niece once again planned to try to sell her child, and that her Mexican boyfriend had assured that this time they wouldn’t get “ripped off”.  She told me this while at the funeral, after I had asked how her (very obvious) pregnancy was going and if she had everything she would need for the baby.

I remember that she called me from the hospital and asked me if I would help her cash a check for $6000.  Suspecting how she had come by the money, I flatly refused.  I found out a few days later that my nephew had cashed the check for her.  My father later told me that the check was indeed payment to her for the newborn girl.  My father also said he had tried to report what was going on, but had been ignored.

Not long after the second newborn went away to an unknown fate, the illegal alien boyfriend was arrested for entering a womans home through her window and attacking her.

He was finally deported.

Please, although this story shares such a shameful  series of events within  my extended family, I want this story to be known.   Help save untold newborns from this fate ~ contact the Gang of Eight.  Share this story with them.


~ by ladysforest on April 27, 2013.

3 Responses to “American Newborns Are Being Sold By Illegal Aliens”

  1. In case it wasn’t very clear, both of these infant girls were sold in the US. In the state of New York.

  2. Oh, LF, this is really a very sad story. I hope that the babies got a good home. And this could happen to anyone and any family or friends.

    • Yes, sadly it could. This is one reason I wrote about it. It’s the sort of thing that a family would hide away.

      Young, impressionable women are targets for this. It is ignored because people are so reluctant to talk about it. It’s sort of like in the old days when young unmarried women were sent to their “Aunt and Uncle” for six months ~ only worse.

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