Hot New Item For Cold Case Posse


Yesterday, March 5, Arizona Maricopa Co. Cold Case Posse lead Mike Zullo joined Carl Gallups radio “Freedom Friday” broadcast to take questions and to discuss a bit of new headway being made into the investigation of the fraudulent obama long form birth certificate.

The discussion does not touch at all on the historical meaning of natural born Citizen, except in a very brief and general exchange between the host and Mr. Zullo.  The Q and A part of the show did take up the bulk of the program, yielding little new information or new insight, but there were a few interesting moments.  For the most part, the caller asked a question and disappeared while Zullo answered.  So no actual back and forth between callers and Zullo happen.

Below is the pink link to the full length audio.  I would just skip the first seven minutes as that is all just jabber crap, and Mike Zullo introduces himself at seven minutes in.

I did listen to the entire recording, and noted the first 37 minutes had nothing much to catch my attention especially.  At about the 37 minute mark they discuss the specific programs used in the creation of the officially released Presidential long form birth certificate.

Here are some of the bullet points for this part of the broadcast provided over on The Birther Report:

“We know it was uploaded from a Mac”
A program called Preview was used just before the upload which can erase metadata…some of the data was retained however.
Other Programs used are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
It was uploaded to a government server.

At about 40 minutes in “threats to the press” are brought up.

At 50 minutes in there was an interesting exchange, but I didn’t note what it was about.   ???    Sorry about that.

At 56 minutes the NEW stuff starts and is really worth listening to.  BE FOREWARNED that no specifics are given (that is because this is actually still a genuine investigation in progress).

At 58 minutes Zullo states that someone “found something” a couple of days ago that is, in the words of the Great Orator Joe Biden, a BFD.  Found something ………… hummm.

They chat about that for a few minutes, and this part is certainly worth listening to.  Zullo does say that the investigation will necessarily be ongoing and will not be wrapping up in the very near future.

He seems to think that they have a piece of honest to God proof that will blow this up.

I can be a patient person.


~ by ladysforest on April 6, 2013.

9 Responses to “Hot New Item For Cold Case Posse”

  1. LF,
    Thanks for writing this. I hadn’t listened to any of it until you put it up. That section about the 50-minute mark, they’re talking about someone who wrote a book that is a bunch of poo. Not sure who they’re talking about, though.

  2. In my inbox was a solicitation for the Arpaio recall defense.

    I guess that we all know that Arpaio has to remain sheriff for the CCP to continue its work.

  3. Have you seen Al Henderson’s story on the birther report? He was visited by the FBI and his computer taken. He has been in contact with the CCP.

    • Yes, I read that yesterday. Pretty shocking. I wonder if he has shown “proof” that this actually happened though? You know what a skeptic I am, LOL. Mostly I’ve been following all the crazy news this week – lots of horrible stuff.

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