Proposal: Rename Drones “Wacko Birds”

Paul and McCain

After the “Maverick” anti-Rand Paul rant, the two Senators share an awkward elevator ride.

Could McCain be more of a tool for the establishment?  Maybe. If he tried a little harder.

In his bid to be frequently included as a delightful dinner companion to his mentor and BFF, barack Hussein obama, McCain went all famously “Maverick” on Sen. Rand Paul by using schoolyard bully tricks and his furiously furious Maverick McFace. 

McCain quoted heavily from a Wall Street Journal editorial that slammed Paul’s filibuster on the Obama administration’s drone use, including a line that said “If Mr. Paul wants to be taken seriously, he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in college dorms.” – Politico

There it is friends – the Republican establishment is terrified that the youth will turn to the conservatives and libertarians and shove the old established order out the door.  

When asked if “these guys” — having just mentioned Amash, Cruz and Paul by name — are a “positive force” in the GOP, McCain paused for a full six seconds.”They were elected, nobody believes that there was a corrupt election, anything else,” McCain said. “But I also think that when, you know, it’s always the wacko birds on right and left that get the media megaphone.” – Huffpoo

So why was Maverick the Meany all down and dumping on Sen. Rand Paul?  Come on – you don’t need me to tell you how miffed the established RINOs were to be upstaged by a JUNIOR Senator?  And not just upstaged, but maneuvered into the painful position of being the guys who just don’t give a fuk that our President can order Death by Drone on any American, in any location, for any reason, without any due process.  At the very least the door was being opened for such, but the Paul filibuster saw to it that the DOJ was forced to admit officially that  such an action was unconstitutional and would/could not be done.

Allapundit @ Hotair :

Needless to say, if you want to marginalize Paul and the libertarians, the worst possible moment to do it is when he’s asking for a simple acknowledgment that the president can’t liquidate American citizens suspected of plotting terrorism on American soil without some sort of due process. Of all the civil-libertarian positions one could take on drones, that’s the most modest — no doubt deliberately so, as Paul knows that Obama’s refusal to grant even that much makes him look like Cheney on steroids and reduces his anti-Bush counterterror rhetoric circa 2007 to a joke.

I decided to share my feelings about the “Wacko Bird” comment and the rest of the assault of Sen. Paul by McCain (and Lindsey Graham) by sending an email to McCain (and Lindsey Graham).  The emailed letter is below, please FEEL FREE TO COPY AND SEND IT to both John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

You can always use a pseudo address in the states of Arizona and South Carolina if you are finding your email won’t go through.  For example, J. McCain has one office in Phoenix, AZ 85016 and  L. Graham has one office in Columbia, SC 29201.  You may need to add a “street address” of your own creation – it works fine this way.  Worked for me!  THE LETTER :

You Sir, are truly disgraceful!

I do believe, honestly believe, that you have lost any sense of patriotism and American pride that you may once have possessed.

To mock and deride Senator Paul is beneath contempt.

This one man had the courage and concern for American citizens that you clearly lack, and so you seek to diminish his fine actions of protecting and informing the people of this country.

Frankly it is my feeling that you no longer deserve to have a voice, or even share your opinion, because you clearly have the worst judgement that a human can be cursed with.

You are a blot on this fine state, and a national embarrassment!

You should resign immediately, but not before you offer Sen. Rand Paul a sincere and very public  apology.



~ by ladysforest on March 8, 2013.

10 Responses to “Proposal: Rename Drones “Wacko Birds””

  1. Hi, LF,
    Hope you’re doing fine. I’ve been so busy lately that haven’t had time to stop, then I’ve been ill with a bad gout flare-up. Shoot, it’s just not fun stuff at all.

    Anyway, have you seen this yet? It’s worth listening to. Hope something comes from it.

    • Hi Kittycat – and gout sounds awful, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been suffering from it.

      Did you include a link? I don’t see one here in my control room.

      PS, I’m nearly well (ish) from my last illness, thank you. It cycles back every 3 or 4 days, but is fading significantly with each mini relapse.

    • And I also meant to say ~ Get Well Soon!

  2. So sorry. I had the link and forget to post it. Oh, silly me!

  3. Butterdezillion has a new post up. Did you find Mr. and Mrs. Norman Roloos listed has having a son on August 4th 1961?

    • Sorry KJ, I just now read your comment. I’ll go check on that listing.

    • Oh, I forgot – I have a “page” in the right hand column titled, “Larger PDFs from The Wheat and the Chaff”. That has click-able images that I scanned from the second generation copies of the Honolulu newspapers I used to do part of my research. Not all (hundreds) of them of course, but the ones in the ten days span that I first checked for the frequency of the papers posting the listings in the same exact order.

  4. KJ, on a quick look I did not find that name (I rushed, so may have missed it). Why do you ask?

    • Butterdezillion mentioned a set of twin boys born Asing who where adopted by Norman Roloos when their mother remarried.

      Apparently the state records are sealed and the public birth index has the adopted name, but the newspaper birth announcements would not be modified in the case of an adoption.

      I’m not sure if she knows what she is talking about, but the post was interesting to read. She thinks that someone in DOH is being forced to forge birth documents around the August fourth 1961 birthdate and includes red flags in those forged documents in protest.

      I remember that you prefer not to comment on other blogger’s postings – a wise path – but anyone can look.

      • I LOOKED at her post, but I didn’t get too far with it. I think I know what she is talking about. The two elder NORMAN Asing boys were supposedly adopted by their step father when their mother remarried. I think the ones BZ is referring to are Norman Asings sons anyway, and there was a birth announcement for Normans son, as well as his brothers son, who were born just a few days apart. I don’t recall them being twins, but rather a couple of years apart. I think Norman and his wife divorced shortly after the second child, and Norman remarried very quickly and had several more children.

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