I Have Returned!

From the NY2A Rally in Albany.  Here is a very brief update until I can do a proper post.

Good turnout, especially for a THURSDAY, and for a downtown area where the parking is about as pitiful as can be.

The estimates are coming in around ten thousand, so about three times the rally I attended in January.  MANY buses came from all over. 

It was being said that there has NEVER been a crowd this large at the Capitol Building before.  Up twinkles.

The weather was a bit cold and it drizzled rain off and on, so as an unintended result the lawn area of the park turned into a mud-pit.  I imagine we will be excoriated for that.   Tough shit.

I got a little bit of footage on my flip, which I will upload and check out later.  If anything is worth making into a short Youtube vid, I’ll do that and add to my post.

So, a good turnout, no weirdness or confrontations, and NO SEIU potential punching bags were there.



~ by ladysforest on February 28, 2013.

One Response to “I Have Returned!”

  1. Hahaha. I watched every local newscast last night and there was NO mention of the rally. At all. Then a friend brought me his local paper in which the rally was mentioned, however the crowd estimate was about half of what the press in Albany reported. I was there, it was indeed about ten thousand.

    When less than a dozen dancing vagina costumes show up to protest some imagined slight to women – every NATIONAL news outlet covers it. The largest crowd to ever assemble at the New York Capitol is almost ignored.

    The newspaper mentioned approximately 100 buses brought people from across the state. I think that estimate is a little short of the real number. Even were it dead on – that’s 52 passengers per bus, that’s 5200 people. That number alone is over the newspapers phony attendance claim and their own writer didn’t even notice the contradiction.

    So, at LEAST 5200 people arrived by tour bus (not the freebie school buses the SEIU uses). I know that the one local sportsman club charged $30. per seat, and a neighbor went with his private hunters group in a chartered tour bus that they each paid $40. per seat on. When we were leaving (a bit after 2PM) we walked past the line of buses which were three deep and about 35 buses long. The last half dozen buses in the ‘parking convoy’ (front of the line) were only two deep. As we walked by the lead buses we heard one man asking a driver bout the bus he was searching for, and the driver replied, “All of the buses aren’t even lined up yet”.

    You see, some buses were scheduled to leave earlier, so those were the front buses in the huge line. The buses scheduled to leave last were still sitting in a big lot which we passed – there were probably another twenty + buses there.

    And again the street parking was full, the lots closest to the rally were full, so that indicates thousands came by car also. We moved our car from the hotel lot at check out time and had to park a mile away from the Capitol Building. We walked, no biggie.

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