NY Gun Law Results In Sporting License Boycott PLUS Updates on NY2A Day ~ Protect Second Amendment Rally



This rally is being attended by many different organizations and individuals.  The NRA president is scheduled to speak, as are many others.  You will find a partial list on the flyer. 

I am certain that attendees will begin to assemble at the outdoor rally site by 11:00 AM at the latest, and as far as I know the rally does NOT end at 12:45.  Repeat after me: “THE RALLY DOES NOT END AT 12:45 !!”  The flyer below is from the Gun Rights Across America, New York, Facebook page, and a correction to the time has been requested.  The rally that I attended before ran for about 3 1/2 ~ 4 hours, with lots of great speakers who kept the crowd energized and engaged.    PINK LINK to Gun Rights Across America – NY Facebook page.

In this post I will also include images, links and helpful (hopefully) tips.  That’s all below the flyer.  

REMEMBER ~ This flyer represents information supplied by only the ONE organization, but there are many attending.  Many Sportsman Clubs are sending buses as well.  People are coming from every New York county and even NY City!


click on the screenshot below to enlarge ~ link to website is below image

HALLELUIAH!!  Bus trip arrangements!  

Rally trips

Pink Link to NYSRPA website

Downtown Albany is not far from the freeway exit, but we found the entry to the downtown area to be through some “slums”.  Not super bad as slums go, but you certainly notice it.  There was a tremendous amount of traffic with the rally folks coming in.  PARKING IS AT A PREMIUM – just so you know this.  I am posting whatever useful info that I can find on parking in downtown so that you can try to plan.  Pay attention to the one way streets, and know that some streets very near the Capitol Building may be blocked off in anticipation of the rally crowd.    Parking may cost a considerable amount, but do be careful about where you park, and fire plugs.  We saw three or four cars being towed in just about a eight block range when we we last there.

Plan on walking up to a mile.  Plan to drop passengers off closer to the rally and then go seek a spot (just to be super nice).  Take careful notice of where you park – I took cell pics a few times along the way to aid in finding the lot again.

..The screenshot below is a color coded map showing parking METERS and rates for on street spots .  The screenshot cut off the very bottom of the chart, but you can follow the link I provided to the google interactive map.  You can click to enlarge the screenshot.

Albany Park Auth. Map - Copy



Next up is a screenshot of a google map for parking LOTS, and the link to the site.  There you will be able to click on the map for a larger image and be interactive.  I placed the CAPITOL BUILDING, on State St.  roughly in the center of the map below.  You can click to enlarge the screenshot, but this image is not the interactive one.

Albany parking LOT map

PINK LINK to Albany parking lot information

I have not heard of any organized bus trips, other than some Sportsman clubs had put together such for some for their members.  Sadly this is one of the biggest problems that we have – lack of organization for the basics like, transportation and even general information!   Stupid I am, seems the NYSRPA HAS a list of transportation available!  I had to follow several links to find it, so promotion needs to be addressed perhaps. Did any organization think to book a “block” of rooms at any hotels for folks making longer trips?  Basically that is a lower rate, and a guaranteed number of rooms (ten rooms at a special rate for example) for those who wish to stay overnight. I can’t find that anything like this was done – but it should have been.

If we wish to be taken seriously, we must act as though we are serious.  Organizers need to step up and do more than post a “day and time”, book a speaker, get a permit, and care.  The different groups need to find a way to cross promote – this will make a great difference in turnout.

Speaking of caring – the last rally I attended had port-o-johns.  That was on a Saturday, so the Capitol Building was closed.  I do not know the situation for this rally, except that the Capitol Building will be OPEN, as will the bathrooms – presumably.  YEA!

Related “feel good” information

I’ve been reading around the social media sites that many New Yorkers are planning to forgo hunting and fishing this year.  As in not purchasing the NYS sporting licenses required for such activities. (I would recommend that no one actually hunt or fish in NY without these – HUGE fines and jail time could be your fate if you do so-plus they will likely confiscate your gun).

Not only do they expect this will send a message to the state via lost revenues, but they feel the state is now more closely tracking those who register for the tags with an eye towards cross references on who does/does not follow the new requirements under this SAFE Act. 

In addition, some NY gun owners plan to boycott the purchase of Lottery tickets.  I suggest that those persons also send a email or letter to the lottery to make them aware of this action.

It’s one strong move on the part of the regular citizens who have been impacted by this new strategy to disarm all Americans. 

Not strong enough though.  We need to come together more efficiently, more quickly, and in far greater numbers.  We need a network like the SEIU has for putting protestors where they are wanted on very short notice.  Cheap buses in every county – like the school buses the SEIU always roll out.  How do we get us some of that action?  If you have ideas on this, let me know.

More yummies:

screenshot, click to enlarge~link to website below image


Pink Link to Ruger website

screenshot, click to enlarge~ link to website below image

List of Firearms Co. restrictinf sales to law enforcement

PINK LINK to site




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