What The Hell Is This?


THIS is supposed to be proof that obama manfully manned up and shot a gun.  At some skeet.  He held the gun all by himself.

Now, I don’t know about you, but this is the most awkward and strange rootin tootin gun shootin stance I have ever seen.

Consider that clay pigeons are launched up into the air, so one would naturally be expected to aim ‘up there’.

Here are some images of persons who actually hold the gun for real and actually aim at clay pigeons.





Now, for context I will place a photo of a left handed shooter.  Notice that he has the gun parallel to the ground just like barack, however he is positioned thus while waiting for the target to be launched.  One knows this because no big puffs of smoke are coming out of his gun.  It’s a dead giveaway.


Now I will post the photo of hussein obama again, just so you can admire the fine form and command the man has over the firearm in his grip.


Funny – now there are comment threads arguing over the fact he is holding the gun level.  To clarify for those who do not shoot at all – no matter what he is shooting at this is an example of weirdness in holding and aiming a firearm.  This is a first timer who was imperfectly instructed.  If that’s not simply a photoshopped image I mean. 

To be fair, maybe someone tossed a clay gently in front of the barrel while obama was told to pull the trigger.  Could be.  In skeet targets are released both high and low, and you have to aim at them – in this picture obama is merely holding a gun – not aiming.  If I aimed a gun that way my Husband would have his never get over.   And I would have a busted shoulder.

PS – Lets be honest now, isn’t it weird that hussein gets teased for saying he shoots skeet all the time but then questions are asked because no one has seen a picture of him blasting away – then this pops up looking all awkward and photoshopped-ish?


~ by ladysforest on February 2, 2013.

6 Responses to “What The Hell Is This?”

  1. Is there a barrel vent on an over and under? The photo would indicate that expanding gas is escaping from the top of the barrel as well as the end.

    I wonder how many shots he fired?!

    • That’s a good question. I think an over under can be vented – but my husband, who is at work right now, could tell me for certain.

      • I’d say from the way he is holding that gun he fired one shot (if that) and then ran to change his pants. Likely had to have his shoulder rubbed down too. This image just looked weird – not saying it is indeed fake, but it is weird.

        BTW, it turns out that hussein spent the early part of that day playing golf at the Air Force base for six hours, then hopped a helicopter in the afternoon to go to Camp David to “spend a quiet evening” with the ball and chain and some friends for his 51st birthday party. Lots of old articles. Of course ….. it does stay light out until quite late in the evening in Aug., but it seems very unlike obama.

  2. OK – an over under can have a break on the top barrel – according to my husband. I asked him if I was holding the gun this way what he would do – he said he wouldn’t let me pull the trigger. He agrees that there appears to be zero recoil, and even with a break there would be a bit – it is a shotgun after all – so he thinks it possible/probable that the shot was a blank.

    He’s not really into skeet shooting, so he couldn’t comment to that, but he knows his guns and is a serious marksman.

  3. I get a dangerous page warning when attempting to open breitbart.com

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