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I, on occasion, enjoy watching the Military Channel.  I eventually became fascinated with the films on Adolf Hitler, and the way he built his influence.  Especially riveting is the whole thing with the bodyguard he assembled, the maneuvering as he stepped into his role as Chancellor of Germany,  ………. it really brings obama to mind for some reason.  There are so many scary parallels.  To read the history you don’t quite get the connection as you do when you are watching the period films – that’s when it really hits you.

With this governments move towards limiting our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, we see a boldness that has been lacking with any previous administration.  We’ve seen the “conservatives” and republicans alike act helpless to stop this “progressive” progress in divesting us of one right after another.  We seem to have no Champion on the side of the right.  And with the left crowing openly about obamas desire and intent to collapse the republican party, we see yet another similarity to Adolf Hitler:

“In March of 1933 Hitler persuaded the German parliament to pass the Enabling Act, which made the Chancellor dictator of Germany and gave him more power than the President. Two months later Hitler began “cleaning house”; he abolished trade unions and ordered mass arrests of members of rival political groups. By the end of 1933 the Nazi Party was the only one allowed in Germany.”

Well friends, is history going to repeat itself?


~ by ladysforest on January 24, 2013.

4 Responses to “Play The Game”

  1. Interesting Video. True there are many parallels. Does Obama have Hilter’s conviction? Obama called himself lazy. Don’t know about his minions.

    An appeals court ruled against unlawful recess appointments today. Reporters from NBC ABC CBS CNN etc rallied behind fox news when Obama wanted fox news ejected from the white house press corps.
    This is evidence that we are not Germany, that there are limits to what Americans will put up with.

    • obama doesn’t need Hitlers conviction – Hitler had a lot of powerful backers, as does obama. Without that backing Hitler never would have advanced at all – it’s the same with obama. Hitler was doped most of the time – LOL – obama seems to be controlled by something similar, hence the frequent lackluster attitude, the strange spoken cadence, the occasional hyper intensity, on and on. Hitler became emboldened by his “successes” – and grew monstrous as a result. obama doesn’t dare go too far…….while we are still armed.

      If the press knew that the left had complete carte blanche I believe they would go on a feeding frenzy. The longer obama is in office the clearer this becomes.

  2. You are so right, LF. I have been reading, watching documentaries for some time now, thinking more about those around Hitler and their capacity for pure evil. Those officers running the camp had lost all of their humanity. It’s the people around Obama that I believe are more important than him. Obama isn’t a strong personality. The second debate with Romney showed who he really is.

    Slightly related, have you ever seen The Pianist, based on a true story? Although I despise the depravity of Roman Polansky, he made a truly great film. I never heard of Wilm Hosenfeld, who saved Szpilman(the actual pianist) and helped many others. He was a German officer who was soon after captured by the Russians and tortured for years in prison. He has been posthumously honored by Poland. He was raised Catholic and I believe was caught up in evil that he wanted no part of. Anyways, please keep up with your posts.

    • I did see The Pianist years ago, but I don’t recall much other than the imagery. I never learned the story behind the movie.

      Yes, when I listen to the people in the documentaries speaking about their experiences, and from what I know from the stories my father has told me when he was growing up in Hungary during that time, I wonder how it would be to see such a thing in America. It’s not as though it can’t happen – it shouldn’t have been able to happen back then either. The cream of the crop, the most elite, the hand chosen intellectuals – all were to become soulless animals. They felt nothing of a single human emotion – other than greed and the hunger for more power. Encompassed in one murdered Jew was ten times the humanity than in all of those elites collectively. Again I will say, it shouldn’t have been able to happen.

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