Surprise! Mike Zullo To Give Investigation Update

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HOW ODD!  In the short time since I posted this my blog has done some weird things.  For instance, the screenshot image disappears!  If the image does not appear on your screen click the words below this update – if you still cannot see it – leave a comment for me.

Zullo 12  15 meeting to update investag. findings


~ by ladysforest on January 6, 2013.

13 Responses to “Surprise! Mike Zullo To Give Investigation Update”

  1. To my subscribers; I am sorry if you have received multiple copies of this little post – I’m trying to trouble shoot the issues now.

  2. Thank you for spreading the word.

  3. Thank you for letting us know. I haven’t seen this anywhere else.

    Only question: Why Now? Why not earlier? What does he have to show?

    • Frankly, I don’t know. I know that he had gone back to HI a second time, without it being widely known, but I don’t know if he ever released anything new after that visit. I do know that a bunch of info about unrelated (to the “Birther” issue I mean) concerns will be discussed – like about our government and the UN working together in nefarious ways.

      I had seen something from a “PP Simmons” awhile back, making the claim that he (Simmons) had spoken at length with Zullo on the phone, and had been given to understand that Zullo was going to release new info back in mid-December. I never bother to forward that because nothing official had been released about time and place.

  4. I just spoke with Mike Z. I didn’t ask him to tell me what he planned to speak about on the 15th. I figured if he wanted to volunteer that………but he didn’t mention anything. 🙂

    No, I wanted to check with him about the whole “penciled code” thing that came up in the one meeting. I wanted to know if he had a copy of the same 1961 vital stats manual that I posted in an article a while back. We talked about that for some time. I do not think that he expects me to make the conversation public, but lets just say that he isn’t a big fan of Corsis’ techniques.

    He also isn’t accustomed to giving public updates on specifics within an investigation – it doesn’t help the process. I can agree with him on that score.

    When doing some of my research pieces I kept my mouth shut as much as possible until I (more correct to say WE) had everything that I could get.

    • Unfortunately, the penciled code information appears to be incorrect and the buck stops with Zullo. Not good for credibility.

      • Yes, that is true. I think that is too bad because if Corsi hadn’t insisted Zullo would have left that out – as he should have. Corsi also insisted on the pressers, while Zullo felt that it is wrong to give info out on investigations that are ongoing.

  5. GeorgeM:

    “Mike Zullo (Arpio Cold Case Posse Chief Investigator)1-15-13 AZ Tea Party Talk”

    “After inquiring about the meeting results/video, we received this report from Jeff Lichter of Surprise, AZ Tea Party:

    George, thanks for your inquiry. Mike Zullo chose not to have the session videotaped last night. He did give an update on the ongoing investigation and as he said, “just because it is not in the news right now does not mean nothing is happening.” In fact, he laid out in general terms some real hopeful information. Check out that latest PP Simmons video. I know Mike is connected to that somehow, but do not know the details. He believes their Plan B (Plan A did not happen) is even much stronger, whatever it is.


    • Thank you Gordo. I asked Zullo if it would be recorded, I got a short reply: “no, sorry”.

      While I appreciate that one shouldn’t reveal ones plans or the material that is collected prior to finishing up, it can be frustrating to wait and wait and hear nothing at all.

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