When A Plan Goes Horribly Wrong



I don’t think that this has made national news, but it was news around my old hometown area.

Would-be home invader is gunned down by a female officer – on Christmas eve.

The story goes like this, and I had it first hand so my account is very accurate:

Binghamton NY

On December 24 an unnamed party “overheard” some fellas planning a violent home-invasion for early in the wee hours of Christmas morning.  The concerned citizen alerted the police, and an officer was dispatched – a female officer, as I mentioned previously.  But get this, she was ALONE. 

The lone female officer approached two black men who were the fellows suspected of making the evil plan.  She identifies herself, and orders the men to show their hands.  They were reluctant.  She orders ’em again, and this time one of the men points a gun, pulls the trigger, and the bullet clips her in the ear.

She returns fire, hitting the would – be cop killer right in the face with a big old cop gun bullet. 

Stopped that sucker quite effectively. You see, one way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy  girl with a gun.

So now more Police are on scene, and Firefighters, and ambulances, and all of the usual controlled chaos ensues.  Fortunately the officer was physically okay as to her gunshot wound.  The bullet got the edge of her ear. Now, take a minute and think of that carefully.  A inch or so over and she would have had that bullet through her eye.  Awful.  Now think of how quickly and perfectly she reacted.  Amazing.

So, my source tells me that the buddy of the dead perp was confined face down on the wet snowy ground, and he was smiling a big bright smile.  Yes, grinning away just as cheerfully as could be.  Must have been the holiday spirit shining through him.  No?

And as for the would be cop killer?  He was on his back in the snow, convulsing a bit, his head jerking back every so often.  Oh, he was pretty much already dead – it was reflex animating him.  But the good first responders did work over him, did try their best to save him, as though he was worth it, but there was no hope for him.  Good aim saves the world from another evil animal.

The female officer was treated and released, she’ll be fine.  Now, I don’t know Police protocol on approaching suspects when you are all alone, but other than that (which I personally think is risky) this office is a hero.  She defended her community, she defended herself, and she saved a family (?) from a horrible fate of a Christmas home invasion which could obviously have been a murder scene. 

God bless her.


The local officials/news/mayor have identified the dead perp as a Cuban hispanic (parents brought him here at the age of four), and say the man with him was white.  My source said that although it was quite dark at the scene, they both appeared to be light-skinned black men.  Dead guy was wearing a do-rag (may be why source thought the guy was black).  He did say he did not give much attention to the non-dead guy other then to notice the big grin on his face.  The perp was under a deportation threat – but Cuba didn’t want him sent back there, so he was released to go back on the streets to shoot at police officers.

Next comes the weird stuff.  The claim is that TWO officers arrived in separate vehicles at the same time.  They got out to look for the bad guys, following tracks in the snow.  Yet the reports also imply that the female cop was out in the lead, and she was the one that confronted the men.  That doesn’t make sense.  The two cops were together up until they encountered the men?  Then where did the male cop go away to for a half minute or so?  

The perp takes TWO shots at the female officer, one shot hits her, she returns fire. The male cop is hollering away on his radio now.  Then he apparently joins in shooting?  The dead guy, last name Garcia, was shot three times.  Hand.  Face.  Back.

This next part is funny.  Seems after dead guy becomes dead, the officials can’t decide how the bullet that hit him in the head got there.  You see, the bullet exited the head – that I do know for a fact, so there is no bullet to match to a gun.  At least the officials haven’t said they recovered one.  So the reports given out say that the cops guns didn’t deliver the bullet to the head, but that they don’t know which gun did.  They say it definitely didn’t come from the cops, but yet can’t say which of the three guns that bullet fired from?

Then they say that they think the perp may have shot himself with the .38 revolver that he was shooting into the air over his shoulder while running away.  Funny, because they claim a shell casing was found in his jacket hood, and this is the basis of their reasoning for making that claim.

Two things about that theory.  One is that .38 revolvers don’t eject spent casings. 

The other is that personnel on scene removed and tossed that jacket away from the dead guy when they were getting him ready to go onto the gurney. That is a fact.  IF a casing self-ejected from a revolver (impossible) and landed in the hood, there is a fair chance that said item could have fallen from the hood when the jacket was flung off to the side.  It was stated that the casing was not from a police gun.

Okay, the head entry wound on Garcia was on the right side – somewhere near or below the temple area.  It exited from the left side toward the back and slightly higher. 

He had had four bullets remaining in his gun after hitting the officer, if it started out fully loaded, firing “over his shoulder” rapidly and randomly in the direction of the officers.  The officials didn’t say which shoulder.  Was he right or left handed?

Another thing.  His buddy?  Dropped to the ground like a stone when Garcia shot his gun.  Stayed there while it all played out, and as mentioned before, was grinning away while laying there in the snow.  What happened to him?  Questioned and released.  Police said they had nothing to charge him with.  Laying in the snow smiling, huh?

It was confirmed that someone had called and reported overhearing the two planning a home invasion.  Anonymously.  The officer(s) arrive and these two just happen to be right where the anonymous caller said they would be.  Bad guy Mr. Garcia, awaiting deportation (which would never have happened), maybe “accidentally” hits himself in the head with a bullet while his gun is aimed over his shoulder, proven by a empty shell casing which could not have been ejected from the type of gun the officials have stated he (Garcia) was shooting.    Meanwhile his buddy in crime yet-to-be-commited is reclining comfortably on his tummy, watching all the action and grinning like a Cheshire cat. 

I guess hanging out with a dude who has a ILLEGAL handgun and hits a police officer in the ear while shooting her, AFTER you both are overheard planning a violent home invasion, means you go home with no charges.  That is something to smile about indeed.


~ by ladysforest on December 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “When A Plan Goes Horribly Wrong”

  1. Oh ho! I see the Binghamton “officials” haven’t yet released the “official” story. I also see where it is being reported that TWO officers initially responded. Funny. My source was on the scene, and it was understood that the female officer was ALONE when she approached the men. My source spoke with her and others there, and witnessed the scene within minutes of the shooting. My source has no reason to engage in any ass covering or subterfuge. I’m betting the “officials” in Binghamton do though. And this wouldn’t be the first time either.

  2. So, turns out the dead guy was a hispanic Cuban, and i’m guessing his buddy was too. Anyway, the “officials” are saying that the officers on scene are receiving death threats from, get this….gang members. Binghamton is a small “city”, so what goes on there is usually posted quickly on local message boards. The claim is that part of the dead guys “family” marched into the police station and made the threats in person. I do NOT know if that is true, but I do know that although the officials decided to keep the officers names private due to the threats, their names have already appeared on those message boards.

    The dead dude had been in tons of trouble in the past few years and was facing deportation to Cuba – but Cuba refused him. So he was allowed to just go back on the street – and nearly murdered a cop.

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