Will The obama’s Risk It?


Flying on the Mayan calendar doomsday day of all days?

Do we even know when they will depart this year?

Has Michelle obama left for Hawaii yet?  On that well earned 4 MILLION dollar va-ca?  Looks like obama-the-male has instructed H. Reid to shut down the Senate for Christmas so’s he (obama) can get hisself off to the balmy breezes of Hawaii.  As we all know though, those kooky obamas can’t resist taking separate flights to every vacation, so I am sure the Mrs. must have departed, or will depart, mere moments before the prezzy officially announces his deep disgust with  “The Republicans”,  who have been overtaken by the murderous gun toten “Tea Party Terrorists”, and who are just so unreasonable and inflexible, as to  force hisself to veto every fiscal cliff  proposal that they have or even may possibly have in the near future.

The obama’s will go to Hawaii, our entrenched betters in DC will all go home, and we will pay for all of the grandstanding and grand destinations of our “leaders” of this near bankrupt USA.

As usual.   Again.

So anyway, finally got the new computer up and working.  It was a build it yourself jobby actually.  Oh, I didn’t put it together – I would have NO idea what to do, but my son “built” it, and with the exception if one part nearly catching on fire the first few days it was in use, it’s done just fine.  (I am not exaggerating about the fire thing)

Otherwise I am OK – hanging in there after the loss of Romney the Mild.  Yes, it was disappointing, but a bit expected.  Romney brought pain to those he fought against in the primaries – to the point where he acted like a straight out asshole, but he didn’t do this same thing in his campaign against obama.  In fact, every time he had a bit of a win, he stepped back and let obama strip him of it.  Romney let the dems run his campaign, and he barely bothered to run any interference.  But he was all that we had – so I got behind him, as did most of you all.  I guess lukewarm acceptance isn’t the recipe for a win.  We all did our part, but the establishment got the results that they wanted in the end.  We need to understand that we have to be bolder, louder, push back and demand more.  Else we will be a true communist country in just a few more years. 

Unless the Mayan “end of the world thing” set for tomorrow plays out.  I am starting to be concerned, I admit, as I have what seems like a end of the world belly bug – so, there may be something to all of this.


~ by ladysforest on December 20, 2012.

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