Happy Thanksgiving And Stuff

Happy Thanksgiving 2012! 

I hope you are all well and adjusted to whatever this holiday season will bring to you. 

Such an odd thing to say.

No, it is just all deep people.  Even if we hadn’t got handed another four years of the despicable communist program of destruction, we all do certainly experience changes in ourselves and our relationships which can make our holidays so very different from one year to the next.

I thought to take two of my sons out to an el-cheapo chicken joint which is doing a turkey buffet.  You know – no big house scrubbin’, grocery shoppin’, washing up afterwards sort of a “holiday” this year for us. I’ve been feeling pretty jaded lately, so I figured I’d take it out on the kids by taking them to a “buffet” for the first time evah.

The universe was against me as it turned out.  That chump change joint didn’t want to make reservations due to the expected crowds – so we would have had to wait in line.  Just ewww.  Since I waited until this morning to call them, I was a bit set back.  Caught off guard.  With my pants down you might say.

So, I hitched up my mom jeans and made out a list – and sent one boy off to the market.  Oh, I’m not doing the usual, but there will be a turkey, stuffing, rolls, taters, etc.  Not present will be the table full of appetizers, the green bean casserole, glazed carrots, the extra desserts and date/pumpkin/lemon poppyseed breads that I usually have out.  Nope.  Just the basics. 

And the boys.  My husband has to work AGAIN this Thanksgiving – third in a row.

But……he has a job.  And my boys -two of them anyway- will be here with me.  A friend of my youngest son will dine with us because she can’t make it home this year.

In spite of myself, I think I will have a happy Thanksgiving after all.

I sincerely hope that all of you do too.




~ by ladysforest on November 22, 2012.

12 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving And Stuff”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    • Thanks! I hope that yours was as nice and peaceful as ours was.

      The turkey my son picked out ( a nice small one) was a fresh turkey – and that gave me the jitters because I’ve had mixed results with those in the past. This time it turned out just right thank goodness. Everything was decent if a lot of it was rather “semi-homemade”. LOL, it takes skill to turn some things into real homemade dishes, and I’ve got the touch.

      With my kitchen still waiting on several counter-tops to be installed, and dinner being all last minute, I did the best I could. It was nice, and I am content, grateful for our little feast, my family, and friend.

      Sure am bushed now though. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Thanksgiving was fine, turkey and all. Time to go back to work, as I have a job.

    Do you have any idea about what is happening with eligibility now? Are people going back to their lives? Is there anything happening?

    • Seems to be out of steam. There are only so many avenues that the average person can pursue, and it seems as though the Posse has gone silent (right before Sheriff Joes reelection).

      I am convinced that the thing to do (now) is begin at the beginning. To find period reference to what the FOUNDERS understood “natural-born citizen” to mean. I work on it when I have long bits of time that I can sit and focus, but finding certain types of things online is hit or miss. I am hoping to at least find enough clues to be able to target my search better. Then I will have to go and look at real books in a real library to get further.

      I have found references that both suggest simply being born in this country is nbc, then also include citizen parents. Nearly everything I find is written AFTER the fourteenth amendment was passed, which seems to influence how the writer defines/understands the term. Usually because that amendment is mentioned.

      The thing is that BOTH variations of nbc are usually mentioned in the stuff I find – which is next to nothing – and it’s always written well after the period I want to target. I am not searching in the conventional places, such as Supreme Court rulings, as that has been covered by people that know their stuff, but in the places where a casual reference would have been more likely to occur. Proof of what the Founders actually thought the term meant, and not what people that came along later decided it should mean.

      I’m thinking of posting the bits and pieces that I find, just in case they trigger a spark in someone else who is a better researcher than I.

  3. Greetings everyone:

    LF, when I used to be over at Zapem, which isn’t being used anymore, the gals over there had found a bunch of excellent historical writings on what the Founders knew an NBC is. I think that some things that they had found had not been gone through until then. I don’t think that they ever wrote any more than this:


    But it’s really good. Honestly they probably have enough to write a book. Zapem was what they started to help Leo Donofrio.

    • Thanks Kittycat – I will try to look it over later today.

      I hope that your holiday was really nice!

  4. Lf, I noticed that you said that you had a good Thanksgiving. Well, my hubby and I cooked dressing on Sunday before Thanksgiving just as a spur-of-the-moment thing. Mostly we don’t cook it anymore since it’s just the two of us anyway. But as far as food goes, we’re thankful every day of the world for that.

    Anyway, it was the worst dressing that I have ever cooked, but in past times, I have made my own cornbread, then dry it out, then dry out some wheat bread, etc. I use both breads, and I don’t make stuffing, I make dressing. This year I bought some kind of packaged cornbread stuff already made up, and my dressing didn’t turn out right. It didn’t taste bad. It was the texture that wasn’t up to par with us.

    To make a long story short, I went with my husband to work on Thursday, which he had to inspect some houses at a distance from us. He inspects new house loans, commercial buildings, stuff like that that is being built. So it was nice. I enjoyed going with him.

    That’s what we did on Thursday.

    • Spending the day with family is really the best part anyway. I’m sorry about your dressing – I’ve always meant to do one from straight scratch, but never get around to it. Mine is always semi-homemade, and while it’s OK, no-one is trying to steal a recipe.

  5. I would like to send you a message that would not be posted on the internet. Are you still previewing all comments? Or is there another simple way to send you a private message?

    • Two ways to send one to this blog – first is to include three links in the body of the comment – like random Youtube links for example, that should send it into moderation, the second is to register under a new nickname, and you can give a heads up in the actual message that it is actually from you. I would suggest if you do either that you select an older post – like from a year or so back in the archive – and leave the comment “for” that post.

      If it is super sensitive – give me a heads up, and I will switch over to put ALL new comments into mod – but I still suggest either of the above mentioned actions.

      Sorry it took so long to get back to you, Hubby has been glued to the PC playing tank games. *sigh*

  6. LF,

    This is back to George Zimmerman. Look at this picture, and you may have seen it. This guy had a right to self-defense, plain and simple.


    • Yes, I saw that all over the place yesterday. It’s very shocking isn’t it? Tells the true story without words.

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