Do You See This obama Arena As Half Empty, Or Half Full?


I see it as GAME OVER.


Obama Ends Campaign in Half-Empty Arena


~ by ladysforest on November 5, 2012.

9 Responses to “Do You See This obama Arena As Half Empty, Or Half Full?”

  1. Looks like what we feared has come to pass. Hope for better news in the morning.

    • I’m to the point where I feel as though even very open fraud would be allowed in this case. It makes me begin to believe the whole meme that these things are pre-decided, and the “election” is just a dog and pony show.

  2. I think I’m going to be sick after watching the returns tonight. The Republic will be hard pressed to emerge in tact from 4 more years of the Usurper. Good luck to all during these modern ‘trying times’.

    • Yes, it’s an unpleasant surprise. Four more years and this country will not recover.

      • We can’t think that way. There will be opportunities in the Senate in two years.

        The US must appear to be a fool to the rest of the world right now. Hard to believe there were fewer votes for Romney than for McCain.

        • My Husband thinks it was due to the fact that Romney has such a left leaning history. That people felt there was little difference between Romney and obama. People don’t educate themselves much these days – it’s a glance at the headlines, and they are done. I think Romney should have done more serious interviews and speeches after the primaries. And the debates came rather late in the season to be much help to him. We know he leans left, but we know he would govern better than obama ever could.

        • I wonder how many of the 2012 non voters who voted in 2008 are kicking themselves. I bet that some assumed that there was no way that Obama could pull it out.

          His win may have been due to the unions, who put massive resources to work. What I can’t understand is the lack of vital intelligence gathering by the GOP. There should have been some lurkers/snitchers in OFA and the unions. The Romney campaign seemed so complacent at the end.

          The union defeat of Sharon Angle was a warning shot. If we are going to be successful, we are going to have to organize. I kick myself for not making phone calls this year.

  3. The Black vote increased this year. Young people voted, and single women (making up some of the young voters) stuck to their “taking us back to the stone age” mantra. With the minority population hurt most by the economy and the many of the churches against gay marriage, there should have been less of a turnout there. I read somewhere that an activist said that it would take 5 or 6 more Black presidents before she would not automatically for for a Black candidate. College graduates who don’t have jobs voted for Obama. I think even with some form of oath to citizenship passed will not result in a significant improvement of the Hispanic vote. You can’t reach those people. Maybe the younger ones as they age, but new ones will take their place. I work in a classroom, and when the principal congratulated Obama on his win, most kids cheered. The teacher had to threaten discipline for the class when a couple of kids who supported Romney were harassed.

    This was not a landslide victory though. Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Colorado made the difference, and they were not blowouts. I looked at Pennsylvania (my home state) and as usual, Philadelphia pretty much decided it with Pittsburgh helping. That won’t ever change.

    WE just go on. I have young kids, and I have to have a plan for them. It involves a lot of prayer.

    • It’s the propaganda in schools and collages. My son told me that a lot of his female collage friends REALLY believe that if a Republican is voted in then woman will have their right to vote taken away. Also that the “right” to take birth control will be lost. Birth control pills. Collage “women”, in a HIGHLY rated collage mind you, really believe this shit.

      So, education and the media. Those two are how the country is being subverted. It is at a point of “acceptance” and ” inevitability” now where it is cascading. When top “conservatives” are saying that the right needs to stop having the resistance to all things liberal – else we can never win another election- the proof being that a very moderate like Romney couldn’t even win – then you know damn well the fix is in. Led around by the nose until the barn door is locked behind us.

      The damn Tea Party had better get back to it’s roots and get busy. It got detoured by the social issues. Not that those are unimportant, but they are not the focus, nor should they be.

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