Trump’s Press Release


We have been waiting on Trump’s reaction to his generous offer (five million dollars if obama releases certain records) being refused or ignored by obama. Because, of course, obama will not accept the offer.  It (Trump’s reaction) is a very mild, non-committal, anti-climatic type of reaction which I have posted a screenshot of below.  It is a simple press release that Trump had up on his Facebook page.

I believe that not a single person in this country thought that obama would take Trump up on that generous offer.  Clearly, if everything was on the level obama would never have played the games with his birth certificate that were played.  And it’s doubtful that Lt. Quarles Harris Jr (by the way, it is my understanding that the fellow was not actually a Lieutenant – the Lt. is part of his given name) would have been found brutally murdered just on the eve of giving testimony about the passport information for obama that he obtained “ from a co-conspirator who works for the U.S. Department of State.”

Pink link to 2008 article about the Harris Jr. murder

Trumps press release, click to enlarge

WND has the article up with a link to Trumps Facebook page:

WND article at pink link


Trump: Obama snub proves foreign birth

‘This may go down as the greatest con in the history of American politics’


~ by ladysforest on November 2, 2012.

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