Sandy’s Delayed Devastation – Destroys obama’s Hope For Four More Years

You who are wringing your hands over obamas “successful” trip around storm torn NJ, are about to learn why you don’t know a damn thing about human nature.

Sure, the self-promoting Chris Christie acted as any star-struck tween girl acts in the presence of the very Bieber-like Barrack, all gushy and like, “I’m sooooo over that Romney!”, “I looove you now Mr. President”.    And like the tween girl, Christie will spend all that he has (in his case “likeability” and credibility) and fall all over himself hoping to bask in the glow of his very own Bieber Barrack.

Christie made a big miscalculation.  obama Bieber Barrack made a very YHUGE miscalculation.


Because Christy can’t deliver what obama Bieber promised.  Christy also burned bridges to the sources that he really will need in the near future, and for his desperately desired political future.  Christie showed his dirty little game, and people everywhere were watching.

Now, most of you should have heard that there are many people in NY and NJ who were already bitching and complaining by yesterday.  Roughly 48 hours after the storm ended.  NO FOOD!!!  NO WATER!!!  NO CELL SERVICE!!!  NO TRANSPORTATION!!!

Don’t get me wrong here.  I am NOT heartless, nor am I mocking those who are impacted by this storm.  I am pointing out a simple fact of human nature.  City dwellers are not accustomed to these inconveniences lasting more than a day or two, so they rarely really prepare to be inconvenienced for extended lengths of time.  Even those that do have come to be a bit brainwashed into believing that the all powerful GOVERNMENT will fix whatever breaks ==super fast==.  And if the local/state government can’t handle it, why of course the giant Federal Government will step in and……wa-la!  All better.


Yes, they truly do believe this.  Now, shall we understand why this belief will hurt Christie and really chew up obama?  Here is why.  They will both be blamed for the slow pace, the misery, the hunger, the thirst, the cold, ……….. whoop, hold on, I’m hearing Rush L. saying the same things as I type this, LOL.  – I differ from Rush in that I think they will be harmed by this because they have both promised to FIX IT UP lickety-split.

They can’t, it simply can’t be done that way OR quickly.  The fastest way to actually do it is if all of those impacted meet in the street and pitch in to physically begin to rehab the area so that supplies can get to them.  The people won’t do that though.  They will sit in the cold and the dark and be hungry and the resentment will grow at a wild pace. 

They don’t know they can fix their own problem.  Just like the Katrina people didn’t know they could do more for themselves.  They waited for government.  They still hate Bush because of that.

Bieber-Barrack is about to get the blame.  He personally made the promises, he will be held responsible.  No, no, not on the same irrational level as Bush, but he will be blamed.  This blame, even if qualified by his fans in the very democrat region to a reluctant disappointment in their very own hero, will be very impactful to his reelection hopes.

Negatively.   And he cannot escape it. 

Fools rush in where Angles fear to tread.  Meaning, of course, when people who are inexperienced or lack knowledge do something that more informed people would avoid.  Obama made the predictable mistake of taking credit for coming to the rescue of a massive number of storm devastated people and he can’t man up to his promises.

These people who are already angry and frustrated with the pace of “fixing” the hurricane damage and getting their lives back to normal are still going to be frustrated and angry on November 6th. 

Put simply, the people will still be pissed, very likely even more pissed as each day passes, and will project that directly onto obama.   They probably will feel they are doing their former messiah a big kindness but just not going to the voting booth.  For they are not ready to forsake him utterly, but they have lost faith to the point where they will not feel any compulsion to reward obama with their votes.

UPDATE 4:55PM  Nov. 1

Below is a big snip from Breitbart.  It is also a big ‘I TOLD YA SO” from me to obama and Christie.


On Twitter, there are widespread reports about fistfights and people bringing guns to gas stations, thanks to gas shortages in New York and New Jersey. Some on Twitter are also reporting that law enforcement has been stationed around many gas stations to prevent incidents:

There’s a line all the way down the highway from the gas station there’s probably an hour wait well I’m still singing ride

@CBSNews @cnnbrk Hess gas station has shut down because of fighting for gas. We’re in Long Island City. @NY1headlines

Just watched two people beat the shit out of eachother in the gas station….On the bright side i have a full tank of gas now!!. #yay

— Tiffany Tripodi (@tiffanytripodi) November 1, 2012

All gas stations look like this today ….cnt even see the station…

— anthony (@DEBO18410) November 1, 2012

@roaddoggz: Gas Alert: Hess station on 145th St. Btw 7th ave & Lenox Ave just got gas. Line is 5 blocks long. #gas #SandyNY

— Stephen Jackson (@roaddoggz) November 1, 2012

Just awful! RT @metrogypsy: Someone just pulled a knife at Greenpoint #gas station as line stretches with hours long wait #gettingrealFAST

— Camila Xavier (@camilaxavier) November 1, 2012

2hrs at line in Rt23 in Butler. Got to pump They ran out of gas two cars before me.On reserve and can’t make it to other station #njgas

— Divina Arpino (@thearpinos) November 1, 2012

Watching the breakdown of society at a gas station on Long Island. #sandysucks

— Christina (@wooly_says) November 1, 2012

fightss at the gas station #madness

— Frank leahey (@fleahey22) November 1, 2012

Pretty much every gas station in jersey now.…

— Michael Lee (@InternetsMike) November 1, 2012

The one fucking gas station that’s open……

— Tyler Mitra (@TylerMitra) November 1, 2012

screenshot, click to enlarge   link to article above

~ by ladysforest on November 1, 2012.

4 Responses to “Sandy’s Delayed Devastation – Destroys obama’s Hope For Four More Years”

  1. The hurricane victims down south know that the government can’t deliver. I’m not just talking about Katrina. The northeast will be learning that lesson in the next month or two.

    The northeast just hasn’t ever had to cope with something like this in memorable history. And city folks are pretty helpless and take the wonderful luxuries we Americans enjoy for granted. They feel entitled to these luxuries and many city dweller have no idea how these luxuries are delivered to them. They are like children who think their parents are magicians. They are also isolated and highly dependent on their damaged supply lines. There isn’t any food in the local warehouses, I’ll bet. And people are fighting over gas. The national guard will keep order ( I heard that there is a national guard presence in NYC).

    I think that Christi understands the magnitude of the problem that NJ faces, and probably fears that he lacks the skills needed to deal with the situation. In that sense, he and O are brothers right now. Christi can see his own shortcomings, but O, you know, can’t see beyond his own nose. Christi would like someone, anyone (even O) to bail him out. But we all know that O and US can’t do it. Christi has to understand that he has to face this personally and lead NJ through it.

    Christi can straight talk and that will be one asset. I hope that he mans up with some courage.

    • I can’t for the life of me figure out people that live on an island being surprised at such a weather event. We have had two enormous floods in my region in the past six years, and all we have is a river and streams. Our river needs to be dredged to prevent further problems – but the cost is too high and there are fears that if this area does it, but down river towns do not, and they get flooded ……..

      I do feel most for the people whose homes were completely destroyed because there is no way to really prepare for that if you are not well off.

      City people tend to keep less on hand because everything is so convenient. That’s why these people are freaking out after just a few days, they just couldn’t imagine the city being crippled in this way. Snow yes, but that doesn’t destroy homes and rarely shuts everything down for more than three days.

      Without power then food availability becomes a big problem. Stores can’t stock perishables, can’t run registers, etc., just can’t open their doors. So, it’ll be haves against have nots in a hot minute there. The poorer part of Manhattan, for example, has no power, while the better section does. How long before they claim it’s classism?

      I think Christi is overwhelmed and looking for mama. I hope he’s not fool enough to think that he will escape blame simply because he let obama come to the rescue. Smack talk won’t get him out of this mess, nor will shifting blame to obama – who is useless and honestly doesn’t give a damn about NJ. FEMA can’t get out of it’s own way and takes a good week to get itself established somewhere. Red Cross isn’t much better in big events like this. We learned all about that here. So, yes I’m guessing Christi knows these things too and is looking for a way to make something happen.

      I remember seeing a house floating down the river six years back. I remember whole tiny villages covered in water so deep that homes were completely under water. I can well understand the feeling of being overwhelmed and looking to the government for help – we have seen a lot of that here – but people here learned real fast to pull on their big kid pants and get right to work. That is truly the only thing that will make a difference in the short term.

  2. I get sick when I hear the insults about tea party members. I am not a member, but this is from an acquaintance of mine who is:

    I have WONDERFUL news!!! Prayer Works!!

    After 48 very frustrating hours attempting get a hold of organizations in New Jersey, we had some very important breakthroughs!!!

    First, we will be working with the communities of redacted and redacted. The immediate needs are for non-perishable food, toiletries, sterno, and blankets (used/clean is fine). We will be packing up a trailer or panel truck with these goods. Please donate all you can and drop them off at my place, redacted or redacted or redacted BEFORE 5pm Friday!

    We received a VERY generous donation from redacted that will make transport possible.

    volunteers will be leaving Friday 6pm from the mall at redacted and early Saturday morning (location to be determined). Please bring sleeping bags, an air mattress if you want one, as well as personal items. Dress warm to work; we’ll be outside much of the time. We’ll be staying in two large, unfurnished apartments. There is heat, water and electricity. Help will be needed to load, unload, cook, cleanup, sort supplies, distribute goods, cut up downed trees, shovel lots of sand, etc. In other words there is something for everyone to do! You may have seen pictures of wealthy homes on the Jersey Shore. That is not where we will be working.

    Please also bring chainsaws and fuel, hand saws (one and two man), shovels, (I’ll add more as the city gives me more specifics). Make sure everything is labelled with your name.

    The more donations we accept the more we can do.

    Please make them out to redacted 9/12 Project with ‘NJ Relief’ in the memo, and mail to redacted

    I need to know definitively who is coming and when, by noon Friday. I will also need to know at that time if you are bringing a vehicle or want to ride with someone else.

    Please be in touch!


    • I not a super religious person, but I do pray regularly as I am not a total heathen. I pray often that this blight which we have suffered because of obama and his loyal followers will be removed from us on Nov. 6th.

      I am a Tea Party supporter, though not really a participant. I see too much potential for the Tea Party to be lead way too far to one extreme and thus lose it’s original form. It is too bad really, because it began as a terrific movement.

      I think these direct contribution drives are the only way to go. People who were not impacted show up and assist those who are discouraged is just the right thing to do. It shows them that real people care, that they can actually do something to rehab their own home areas with help from regular people, that they are not dependent on faceless government, and lifts them out of the indecision about how to move forward. Sometimes all that is needed is a calm person with a fresh approach to step in and say, “It’s OK, we can fix this and you will be alright. You aren’t alone.”

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