No News Is Good News

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Well, for my area of NY anyway. 

We were not hit by Sandy, not noticeably anyway.  The wind got a bit puffy last night, and is so a bit off and on today, otherwise – nuthin.

Right now I am sitting and looking out of the window and it looks more like it might be getting ready to snow than anything else.  It wouldn’t be surprising as we often get a small bit of snow around Halloween.  That reminds me – need to buy candy.

My thoughts and concerns are with our fellow humans who live in the coastal areas where such storms truly do (and did) have a large and terrible impact.   I mean, you have the ocean, then a narrow stretch of sand, then a boardwalk, then buildings and homes.  How could that NOT go wrong for those that refused to vacate, and for those who could not.  But I feel for those poor things, it has to be so scary and demoralizing to have gone through such a storm.   And those in NYC are pretty much coastal also, although it may not feel that way in much of the city.  NYC is a place that is truly dependent on the outside world, and also for their unique infrastructure to function predictably.  Recall though, that NYer’s really are a tough breed of folk.  They will function better than most can imagine, better than most large city dwellers, for a brief period of time in spite of the hardships of this storm.   

What concerns me more than usual about these distant neighbors of mine, is the weird and particularly menacing undercurrent of – well – the 99% types.  Or the 47%ers – take your pick.  For starters – they are cannibalistic. I don’t know what the vibe is in the city right about now (pre-storm and current), but most large cities seem to have a growing problem this past few years, with mindless mob-type insta violence.   The closer we are to the election, the less tolerance from the democrats/left is in evidence.  We’ve all witnessed the attitude that is in evidence, the “it’s my right!” meme.  Jungle justification.  It has been more widespread and violent than ever before.

It is for this reason in particular that I pray NYC can get it’s equipment online like, yesterday.  I’d hate for those people to have to suffer through more than they have.

Now wait a minute though, if NYC residents are for some reason, storm related, unable to cast votes on election day…………………well, at the least something very positive and good will have resulted from this storm.  That would mean that the votes for the rest of NY – the actual state of NY – could actually count in a presidential election. 

I can dream can’t I?


~ by ladysforest on October 30, 2012.

5 Responses to “No News Is Good News”

  1. So glad that you guys are okay. I was concerned when I saw pictures today, and while I don’t know the area that you live in, which you don’t have to say on here, I figured it was up there somewhere.

    • Thanks kittycat. We usually get storms that are worse than NYC – but this was a cat 1 – and so it would be much more rough on the coastal areas – which is something WE all understand. I will post a vid of a storm that we had here in the spring of 2011 tomorrow. It is a little vid I took a few minutes after it was safe to go outdoors. We get some scary sh*t weather in my neck of the woods. We stay prepared for such, and have permanent plans in place.

      However – since I sold my vintage RV a couple of years ago (I didn’t want it to melt into the landscape) and have yet to replace it, my usual plan had to be revised until I can afford a new cheaper than dirt RV.

      I hope the people in the city at least had the sense to prep for three full days of no stores being available. To not do so would be sheer ignorance. Even the most destitute of NYCers can afford a six pack of water and a dozen cans of ravioli I would think.

  2. Ohhhhhhhh, if I had the dollas:

    THAT is an RV that I could enjoy being stranded in baby!

  3. Glad to hear that you came through “Frankencane” without damage.

    Hard to believe that the NYC subways flooded. What a mess on the coast. Most easterners don’t ever have to deal with that kind of damage. Best wishes to everyone especially people and cities/towns who have to rebuild from scratch.

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