The First Lady Battlegowns

You think this is just about the men?  No.  It is not.  Michelle obama, for example, has had a tremendous effect on the campaign.  I dislike the woman intensely, but she is a good speaker.  She lies her ass off, but she is a good speaker.   She knows her audience and plays up to them with tales of parents that lived over a shop and grandparents traveling the underground railroad.  She assumes this “look” that she is but a moment away from tearing up.  Much like your toddler does when they are pretending to be on the verge of tears so that they can get a special treat.  Pathos to win votes.

One thing I became aware of after the second presidential debate, was the similarity of the gowns between Michelle obama and Mrs. Ann Romney.   Even the press ran columns about the two women wearing a nearly identical shade of pink to the second debate.  And after last nights debate I am convinced that there has been a subtle but powerful psychosocial operation in play.  I believe it is done to unnerve one woman.  Michelle obama.  And I believe it was well played by Ann. 

For the first debate both women wore a fitted, snug skirt suit.  Not SUCH a big coincidence, unless they were expecting to be compared to each other……eh?

For the second debate they each came garbed as Pepto bottles.  As for myself, I cannot stand this color worn as a whole garment, but, if you are trying to psych someone out by showing up wearing the same prom gown, but looking oh soooooo much better in it, then Pepto pink it is.  Actually Ann started out the evening with a gorgeous brocade jacket as well, but that was laid aside as she sat in the audience.

That second debate confirmed my suspicion about the subtle battle being waged by Mrs. Romney.  It’s clever, elegant, and serves a purpose.  You see, it stoppers up the people that would attempt to dismiss Mrs. Romeny for her fashion choices while continuing to paint Michelle as a fashion icon.  If the two are dressed similarly , then one cannot declare that the other has poor fashion sense.  It’s a silly distinction, but hell, what hasn’t been used against Conservatives in this election season.  And recall that the “left” tried to excoriate Mrs. Romney for being a stay at home mother of FIVE BOYS…well if that ain’t work, I don’t know what is!  So, yes the dress thing is important.  Stupid, but important.

So, last night we saw the final shot fired, and it was a direct hit.  Ann wore a short sleeved belted gown with a full skirt.  Michelle did the same.  Ann of course selected one that flattered her, while Michelle’s gown had detail that was rather busy and was not the best color pallet for her.  But it sure did cost a lot, and for Michelle that is the most important factor.  I will guarantee you that Ann had inside info on what Michelle planned to wear and made use of that intel.

This stuff doesn’t happen by accident.


~ by ladysforest on October 23, 2012.

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