Please Proceed Governor.

You see that look?  That look is not a look of frustration.  It is not a look of anger.

That is a look of determination.  That is a man who knows that he is right and in the right.  That is a man who will force into being that elusive moment when the truth is unhidden, and the heavens rain down the devastating whoop-ass on his adversary.

Too bad for obama that he does not know what this look means to his last little hopes of reelection.

That is a look from the man who knows how to set a trap.

See, during this most recent debate, in the exchange where the question about Libya was brought up, obama concludes his answer to the original question with some of his usual arrogance couched as sincerity by saying’ “You know that I mean what I say.”   That can mean nothing or everything.  It’s empty platitude.

During Romneys response to obamas airy dismissal (*) of the deeper significance of the tragedy, Romney made the point that many days had passed “before we knew if the Benghazi tragedy was a terror attack or resulted from a spontaneous demonstration.”  He made some other excellent observations and points as well.  Hard hitting.  Unforgiving.

Candy Crowley then asked obama about the “buck stopping at his desk”.  Obama went all offended and he launched into this tirade about Romney calling him out for jetting off to Vegas the day after the murders.

Because he couldn’t help himself, Obama schooled the former Governor, “The day after, I stood in the Rose Garden and told people this was an act of terror.”  He followed by ramblin’ on about how he was grieving next to the caskets of our dead when their bodies arrived back in the US.  But that it was not he – not he – who was playing politics with the tragedy in Libya.

In this you tube video of that exchange during the debate, obama begins his rebuttal to Romneys criticism at 6:00 in, Romney responds at 7:00, and at 7:07 …………………….

Slowly Romney turned.  That’s when he sprung the trap. You can see it, you can feel it roll off of him.  He had obama doubling down on a flat out lie.  He forced obama to confirm the lie, to own and embrace it.   BUT!  Obama wouldn’t flat out lie the second time Romney called him out – instead he said, “Please proceed Governor Romney”.  He knew he had gone too far.  

As far as Romney’s purposes though, once was enough.  He got the President of our United States in a full on lie.  There is absolutely no way that obama can claim he did not know he was lying.

He, Romney, stumbled a little after that,  on being interrupted by both obama AND the hyper-partisan democratic moderator.  I don’t believe Romney expected Candy to intercede on obamas behalf and openly side with obama and the falsehood.  I mean, the world is watching and Candy knowingly lies to  protect the outright lie from obama.  When does such a thing happen here, in America, in an American Presidential debate?

Romney won.  Yes, please proceed Governor Romney.  Please do.  You are on the direct path to ultimate victory.  Please proceed Governor Romney.

You see, America is not made up exclusively of Candy Crowleys’.

*  BTW, what the fuck did obama mean when he said, “regardless of where the facts lead us?”
I was so moved when Romney said of the murder victims,  “We think of their families and care for them deeply”.  Elegant and genuine. 



~ by ladysforest on October 19, 2012.

8 Responses to “Please Proceed Governor.”

  1. Glad to see that you feel well enough to blog again and hope that you grow stronger everyday of your recovery.
    Kudos to Romney for asking questions. I was heartened by Romney’s courage to leave the world of talking points when I watched the debate live. He also brought up Fast and Furious for the benefit of everyone watching, and called out Obama’s claims that he promoted drilling for oil and gas.
    Some folks think that a trap was set by Obama to embarrass Romney and to cast him as wrong in front of TV viewers who would not seek out another source of information. After watching the section of the video (posted on youtube by the NYT) beginning at about 1:06, I had an entirely different impression of the event. When Candy mentions that Carey will ask the next question, Obama says “Carey” and moves to the area where Carey is sitting, even looking toward him. Perhaps realizing that he shouldn’t know who is to deliver the question nor where he is sitting, he looks around sheepishly while waiting for Carey to stand up, approaches Carey and asks Carey what his name is.
    Candy initiates the critical interchange with a moderator question (something outside of her contract) and then seems to proceed like there is a script. When Romney challenges the claim that Obama called the attack terrorist, a seated Obama coolly says “Proceed Governor,” setting up Romney for a public knockdown on a national stage. When Romney repeats his question, Obama looks at Candy and says “Get the transcript” quietly and deliberately. She holds up a blue piece of paper and claims that the transcript backs up Obama’s claim. Obama asks her to repeat what she said. She repeats the statement that Obama did call it an act of terror in the Rose Garden and then throws a bone to Romney.
    Obama seemed to know what was going to come down; perhaps he had even rehearsed it. Candy seems to have known too. Candy could have previously provided him that one question (or Carey could have). Minimally, she would have had to know to chose Carey to ask a question. She claimed to have reviewed the “transcript” during preparation for the debate. Do you think that Candy would be above giving him all of the questions so that he could prepare memorized answers to them? In the past, Obama has demanded to know press conference questions ahead of time and has not spoken well publicly without some sort of help. Having a memorized answer to known questions is as good as a teleprompter, and would allow him to deliver a better “performance.”
    Also, never forget that Obama, Inc. had advertised for actor audience members on a national actor hiring webpage when his popularity began to wane. Could Carey have been a paid actor? or just a dedicated supporter?

    • The questions were all submitted to Candy some time before the debate. That was public knowledge. Of course I don’t believe that obama and Romney were supposed to have access to the questions before hand. That Candy nervously inserted herself in the Libya discussion AND had that “transcript” already in her hand to wave around tells us all we need to know. Candy knew full well that obama had not meant to call the Libya attack terrorism in his rose garden speech, and that it was used in a general context. There is a video of her doing a interview of someone (I forget who just now) and she was grilling them while making the point that it had NOT been called terrorism for two weeks. So, she knew full well that she was lying, that obama was lying and that she was misleading the public at the direction of the administration. michelle obama leading a clapping session at that one point also was likely planned.

      It seems to me that obama had a canned response ready for each question. He didn’t stutter and stammer like he always when asked a unscripted question. He did stutter and stammer when responding to Mitts answers or rebuttals. So, I do think he was given the questions before hand. Hell, I think those idiots who read the questions were given the questions and told to say that they were their own.

      I think Mitt knocked it out of the park on many levels. To be in that sort of situation, in that much hostility, knowing full well the set-up, and to work it like Mitt did was extraordinary.

      • I agree that Mitt met the challenge presented to him intelligently and with grace. Kudos to Romney!

        However, this debate should have never unfolded the way that it did. How can people like Candy justify what they are doing to help keep “the man” in a position beyond his abilities? Do you suppose that a lawsuit could be initiated by a citizen against a person in the press bent on misleading the public?

        I checked out the link to the video you posted. It starts when Carey begins to ask the question and is missing the very interesting minute(s) just before Carey begins to speak.

        The whole debate is at

        If the voters re-elect Obama, the United States will lose all its credibility.

        • Thanks KJ. I did watch the full vid, but posted the short one for readers who don’t have lots of time. Plus, at the time I had posted I don’t think it was widely noticed that obama had seemed to know who would be “asking” the next question before it was announced. The whole thing was a straight out set-up for obama. The left is in melt down mode BIG TIME. What do ya bet me that there are at least a dozen or so suicides when obama loses?

          Not the press though, they don’t have enough decency to kill themselves.

  2. <a href="“>

  3. I hope that Romney surely does win. Like others, I’m tired of the liberal crap day in and day out. I know that Romney is not perfect, nor is anyone for that matter, but at least he’s got morals and seems to have common sense, which is much needed in this country. Liberals don’t seem to have common sense.

    So we need a break from the Obots, PLEASE!!!! What do y’all say?

  4. WordPress is getting kind of weird, if you ask me. I seem to have to sign in all the time. It is strange that it should be this way.

    • Yeah, word press kicked me off for a bit today. Maybe the “birther” bloggers are getting the scrutiny in the next few weeks.

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