As Long As I Am Sick Anyway – Obama’s “Other” Race Speech

So, WOWZER.  Headline on Drudge:


Drudge Report headline – Oct. 2, 2012



pink link-The Daily Caller homepage

Cause a Dem can’t win in 2016 after two terms of abject failure!


~ by ladysforest on October 2, 2012.

13 Responses to “As Long As I Am Sick Anyway – Obama’s “Other” Race Speech”

  1. Meh, watched the “whole” 4 minute thingy on The Daily Caller. What? Was The Big Deal? We knew he spoke in fake black street accent and etc.

    Saw one comment elsewhere I though was good:

    “This is Urkel trying to sound street”

    True dat. I hope they have some unreleased shit tucked up in the corner somewhere.

    The point Tucker made on Hannity (I think) was that the stuff they were allowed to report on back then didn’t match the full reality of the actual speech. Obama went off script and the reporters were only allowed to report on the “on script” stuff. So where is the devastation? Bring the rain bitches!

  2. Whatever deal Hillary made with Obama, I believe it cost her the Presidency.

    • I think when it comes to the latest mid-east mess, Hillary was set up. As astute as she thinks she is, she was put in a nice little trap. It cost her 2016. Fine with me.

      She backed off and let obama have 2008. She knew if he had two good terms there MIGHT be a chance for her in ’16, although traditionally it would flip back to the Rep party. But with obama doing such a horrible job, she knows full well that his reelection would mean the end of her presidential chance.

      She has spent her term as SoS running around making contacts and connections, but doing little effective for the US in general. She still should have known and done something about Libya. It’s inconceivable that nothing at all was done. Not before or since. I suspect she is twisting knowing that this has ended her hopes.

      I always wondered why Hill backed down against obama.

      • “I always wondered why Hill backed down against obama.”
        Listen to Bettina Viviano:

        “Viviano said a campaign staffer who was close to Hillary, whose name she requested be withheld for security reasons, told her Gwatney’s murder was a message to Bill Clinton.

        “I was told by this person that that was ‘Shut up, Bill, or you’re next,’” she said.

        The campaign adviser, according to Viviano, said that despite the intimidation and threats, Bill Clinton was prepared to speak out about Obama’s eligibility

        “And then,” Viviano said, paraphrasing the staffer, “they went in and said, ‘OK, it’s your daughter, now, we’ll go after.’

        “And then Bill never said anything.””

        • Oh, I had forgotten about that. I do remember hearing that quite a while ago.

  3. Hope you’re feeling better, LF.

    Anyway, that was interesting. BO is just a phony-baloney.

    This is pretty interesting from WND. Have you read this yet?

    I know that we all have heard it, but what’s interesting is more things about it are coming out now.

    • Thanks kittycat – but I still feel like crap. 😦

      People are less afraid to let the little things out now. But clearly he is still being protected.

    • Kevin DuJan:

      “Like “Fight Club”, the first rule of the “Down Low Club” is to never talk about the “Down Low Club”. If you do, you will be murdered. That’s not a joke. There were a string of murders from 2005-2007 that involved men who were killed because they had knowledge of Jeremiah Wright’s Down Low Club and the closeted gay black men who partook in the club’s orchestrated cover-up of their homosexuality.”

      • Wow-such a coincidence! I just got finished reading that piece, and then checked my comment alerts. Good piece, even though a lot of that has been out there for a long while – it’s still interesting and “fresh”, as in not just cut and pasted – or re-posted stuff. Kevin is a lively writer when he’s on this topic – and this does pull you right in.

  4. LF,

    How are you feeling? Haven’t seen you on here posting in days. Hope things are better with you!

  5. LF,
    Do you know how I change that image? I don’t like it.


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