Obama Say Reach Out And TOUCH Someone

The now SCRUBBED image that was still displayed on the “obamaphone.net” site as of 9/28/2012. H/T Philosophical Fragments-Timothy Dalrymple


One Merriam Webster Dictionary definition for the word “touch”:

slang : an act of soliciting or getting a gift or loan: pink link

Example : The Obama Phone

When I was a younster I recall the term “touch” meaning to steal, you know, to gain something you had not earned, that which did not belong to you.

I wonder……..when will we see “obama phone” inducted into the dictionary?

Prof Jacobson, over at his blog, Legal Insurrection, has done a fantastic article which focuses on the accusations of “RACISM” that followed the viral video of that enthusiastic “obama phone” democrat devotee.  You all must have seen the thing ( I mean the video of course) by now.

(She’s got an Obama Phone, and she’s proud. Deal with it.)

Posted by     Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 6:55pm

Full article at original location, pink link
short snip:

As long time readers know, I have been searching for a unified theory of race card players.

It seems too simplistic to view people like Chris Matthews as liars.  It’s not that they lie about facts, it’s that facts are irrelevant.  Everything becomes racist or at least a racist dog whistle, based solely upon the political advantage to be gained.

It’s what’s so maddening.

Prof J. goes on to quote Harry G. Frankfurt (WHAT a name, eh?)  about the art of Bullshitting – well worth reading.

Speaking of bullshit, I read the blog-like informational site “obamaphone.net”.  That’s the website which used to be festooned with obama’s likeness in the screenshot above, making that little hand gesture for “call me” – but is now scrubbed of all but boring text which I took the trouble to skim on your behalf kittens.

One “page” in particular caught my attention. 

Who Pays for the Obama Phone?

Posted on December 2, 2011

Ain’t it cute?  Made to look all like a harmless blog, not all “official” or anything like that.  So, I read that particular page in particular.  It was even cuter than I first thought as spelling errors, etc. were artfully included to further enhance the “blog” vibe.
I noticed that the page was overly informative, heh.  I wondered if I could streamline the information using the same sentences the writer had used, but rearranged and minus some fluff.
I then cut and pasted some sentences, moved them around until I was satisfied with the results, adding a word or two where needed to bring cohesiveness and clarity to the edited version.
First I will post the screen shot from the “Who Pays For The Obama Phone” page link above (before the whole site is scrubbed).  That will be followed by my edited and reworked version of that page.  Ninety-plus percent of my edit is directly cut and pasted from the source.
click to enlarge:

“Who pays for the Obama phone” page from obamaphone.net

Now, my version of that –

Lifeline (Obama Phone) is a government sponsored program, but who is paying for it?

Facts about the Lifeline phone assistance program (Free Obama Phone)

Some people claim that the government is using taxpayer’s money to run this program, however, the claim is false.

The Universal Service Fund (USF) is the source of money on which the Lifeline phone assistance program runs.

According to the Telecommunication Act of 1996, telecommunication service providers are obliged to contribute a portion of their interstate and international telecommunications revenues.  For example: paging service providers, wireless telephone companies, wire-line telephone companies, and Voice over Internet Protocol service providers.

Although Federal Communication Commissions, which administers the program, doesn’t require this charge to be passed to the customers, paying customers will find a line item named ‘Universal Service’ on their telephone bills. This is because telecom companies choose to collect the amount they need to contribute to Universal Service Fund, from their (paying) subscribers.  These charges appear as a percentage of the original phone bill.

Lifeline customers (free obama phone) are exempt from these charges.

The percentage of contribution of the telecom companies (via their paying customers) is renewed (reviewed?) every quarter depending on the demand of the Universal Service Fund.   (So kittens – that means that the more obama phones given out the higher that “Universal Service” fee on YOUR phone bill will be.)

Here’s the flow…………….

All contributions ARE FUNDED BY paying telecom customers (taxpaying consumers being me & you) by a “fee” attached to their bill.  –  Those “fees” are collected by the Telecommunication Companies that we pay to provide service to us.  –   Our “fees” monies are collected and forwarded to the Universal Service Fund (this “Fund” is where obamaphone.net tries to imply the money originates)  –  THEN a program Administered (but NOT funded) by, The Federal Communication Commission along with the Universal Service Administration Company uses the magical non-taxpayer money that mysteriously appeared in the USF coffers  tooooooooooo-  give “free obama phones” to recipients.

Like we didn’t know that?


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6 Responses to “Obama Say Reach Out And TOUCH Someone”

  1. have you seen this?


  2. have you seen this?


  3. I’ll have to pick up a copy of ‘On Bullshit’. When I’m finished perusing it, I’ve got a spot on the bookshelf right next to another favorite, The No Asshole Rule (real book). I’m sure Obummer is the archtype central character, imo.

  4. On a more serious note, that pestilent phone leech, yes, she and her ilk (of any race) are leeches on our society according to Webster’s, and are literally sucking the lifeblood from America. America has entered the abyss to serfdom thanks to vectors such as she and others that represent the ignorant of society. I promise you that she and like-minded others have no idea where the funding for her alledged ‘free’ phone originates from. Maybe someone could inform the “free” world that nothing is free.

    The people out there with the ‘free’ paradigm are in my opinion
    un-American. They may have been born in America but somewhere something in their thinking or education went awry. As G.Washington stated ‘be American in word, thought and deed’, no ‘American’ is standing on a corner asking for a ‘free’ cell phone.

    leech-1)a bloodsucking worm…2) one who clings to another for personal advantage

    • It’s the “education” of community “organizing”. I know this mindset – there are plenty in my family who have embraced the “free” stuff. They spend a lot of energy learning all this little tricks to the system. They have grown clever, ignorant, base, and dangerous. If they didn’t get these things for free, they would steal. They feel it would be “right” because they “don’t have” something. They have boiled everything away except for that.

      I could tell stories that would make my readers furious, sick, incredulous, disgusted and maybe even feel murderous. All true stories. All awful stories involving vile people who become more like some sort of feral animal as each year passes.

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