The Plate Of Failure – It’s What’s For Dinner

OKAY, Lookit – I sometimes post You Tube vids just because they have a good message.  This video not only has a GOOD message, but a POWERFUL one.  It starts off a tad gorky, but o-brother, once it gets rolling – this thing is great!….

DO watch this.  And think hard while you do, think about what it took to motivate the kids and the parents to actually make this video.  Think about what they know they face for having done so, and keep that in mind when you watch this.  In spite of the seriousness of the subject – YOU WILL LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!  Guaranteed.



~ by ladysforest on September 24, 2012.

13 Responses to “The Plate Of Failure – It’s What’s For Dinner”

  1. Off topic.
    Butterdezillion has an update on the Kansas ballot challenge. Apparently the SOS did ask HDOH to verify the information on the bc. As usual, there are some questionable word shadings and HDOH cites a different website link for the Whitehouse BC.

    • I knew they had planned on asking for that from the HI DOH, but I thought they said they weren’t going to really pursue much from the DOH. So, basically they would take whatever assurance the HI DOH felt like giving and that obama would be on the ballot regardless.

  2. Listen to this. It’s so funny. My husband found it.

  3. It won’t allow my post in, LF. Can you please check it?


  4. Thanks. I know that I saw it many, many years ago, but it definitely makes more sense to me now. It’s funny to me.

  5. I love the kids’ video. It’s really good and so truthful. I know first-hand from someone who is a teacher in Texas that the food stuff for the kids is total baloney. He even agrees that kids should eat healthy, as well as the adults, but this just goes way too far. Many of the kids need more calories and protein and carbs to make it through the day because lots of them burn more than we adults do.

    When I was in school, the only kinds of cold drinks that we had were the sugar ones, I think. I don’t remember diet drinks. I can tell you that I drank cold drinks my whole lifetime, but I drank other stuff too. Didn’t need someone telling me to eat this, eat that. My mom just cooked, and I ate what I could stand to eat. Today I eat more veggies than I did growing up, ones that I couldn’t stand at that time. Although there were many veggies that I did like back then.

    Kids’ taste are still in a development stage at that time of life. Pushing this on them will possibly just turn them off of it later.

    Anyway, what I was going to say, I drank regular cold drinks. Then I ate fries and hamburgers throughout my lifetime. I was thin. Why? Because I worked it all off. I burned calories like they were going out of style and was in good shape. That’s the key. I don’t have that metabolism anymore. Wish that I did.

    • “I ate what I could stand to eat” LOL ! That’s funny.

      For starters, it sounds like the kids are not getting enough protein. Some think that fiber will make them “feel full” and so the protein can be skimped on. No. I am hypo. gly. Protein is super important in the blood sugar and lasting “fullness” goals. Veg fiber is a bloated fullness, but NOT energy. Protein and certain carbs give the lasting energy and help stave off the sleepies.

      • You’re right. And they need that protein and certain carbs. Those athletic types need lots of protein and carbs. I can’t absolutely believe MOOOOchelle has this effect and her ignorant bill was signed in. What idiots! She is also an idiot!!!!!!

        But talking about that Johnny Carson skit, I think that a new one could be made up with a Mulatto guy being Obama, then them ask questions to him of certain things with the buzzer going off. It could be made to be funny, yet truthful at the same time. For example:

        Q. Is your father Obama, Sr.?

        A. yes, my true father is Barack O, Sr. (buzzer going on).

        No, it’s Malcolm X (buzzer going off)

        It’s Bill Clinton (buzzer going off)

        Oh, heck, it’s Frank Marshall Davis….

        blah, blah, blah

  6. What I meant by stuff that I could stand. Back then, and I have no idea why it was this way here, my mom would cook certain veggies to death. For example, cabbage, just cook it forever. I couldn’t stand it. My husband says that it was the same way with him growing up. The older folks would cook veggies to nothing, almost. Well, when I cook cabbage today, I steam it, and it’s not cooked to death. I’m thinking it was just that generation who ate their own canned vegetables that they prepared, and was thinking that you had to cook it to death to ward off botulism or something like that. That’s my theory. I know that my mother and my husband’s mother grew up eating canned foods that the families canned themselves at times.

    Anyway, my husband absolutely hated tomatoes with a passion when he was young, but he would eat ketchup. One day at dinnertime, his daddy was trying to make him eat a tomato, and he threw it up big time. It just made him ill. My husband’s mother told her husband, well, I guess you’re happy that you made him sick??? Don’t force him to eat something that makes him sick.

    However, today, the man loves tomatoes. No doubt if he had been continually forced to eat them back then, he wouldn’t love them today. Now he can’t get enough of them. Same with bell pepper. He wouldn’t eat that when we got married, and now he eats them like crazy.

    Our tastes in foods are always changing throughout our lifetimes. I just think that with the kids, they know what they want to eat. And I know some of it is junk, but I also know that I liked that type of food at times as a kid. Their tastes in life will develop. The nanny government needs to take care of their own problems. Which it’s a lot more serious that food right now and has been since BO is in office.

    • Yep, home canned vegs are mushy – it’s because of the time it takes to pressure cook them to safety margins. And once used to certain things, one naturally eats them that way pretty much forever.

      I used to HATE certain veg. Bell pepper and Brussels sprouts mostly. I would hide them on the window sills behind the curtains when the adults left the room and left me there to “finish my vegetables!” Later I would sneak in and grab em and feed them to the dogs. Sometimes I’d forget and get caught, then get a whipping. Ah, childhood!

  7. Many of the students who qualify for the free school meal programs depend on that food. Seems their parents would be the most upset about the mandated changes.

    • I know. But the thing with the in need parents is that they are not paying anything, so they probably feel they have no option but to go with the flow. Imagine them complaining – “Hey, the free food you are giving my child? Well, they don’t like it, see. It’s not filling, see. They are still hungry, see. The school official would just look at them blandly, thank them for coming and, suggest there is nothing that can be done.

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