Obamas’ Secret Service Raid Museum And Remove Offensive Painting Of “Lynching Obama” Empty Chair!

Shown below is the deeply OFFENSIVE painting, done by a well known artist, and until yesterday was hanging in the Fenimore Art Museum at Cooperstown New York.  This painting shows a chair hanging in a tree, and prompted complaints over concerns about the message the artwork seemed to send.

The SS (that’s the Secret Service to you ) paid an urgent visit to the museum to investigate the complaints that the artwork on display depicted the indisputable desire to see President Obama lynched, and had other racially insensitive implications as well. 

The painting has since been removed, and the artist, although insisting that he meant no harm and was “just eastwooding” has agreed to destroy the artwork rather than risk offending the sensibilities of the President and his adoring public.

The Fenimore Art Museum will not be held accountable.

Now for the real story – because it’s really quite as bad.  Oh, and I don’t have to mention that all the stuff up above was satire do I?  Once you read this though, you will wonder how much longer until my little lead-in becomes reality.

Va. man: No lynching connotations to

strung-up ‘Nobama’ chair

Courtesy of Blue Virginia

A chair with an anti-Obama slogan hangs from a tree in Centreville, Va.

By David Sherfinski – The Washington Times full article at pink link

A Centreville man who hung an empty chair from a tree in his backyard with a sign reading “Nobama” attached to it denies that it was meant to represent any inference to lynching or had any racist connotations, though he did manage to “get on the radar” of the Secret Service.

Doug Burger said he was “Eastwooding,” according to local Washington news outlet WJLA.

“I loved Clint Eastwood’s speech” at the Republican nominating convention, he said.

And another snip:

Mr. Burger said that people always steal his political signs, so he thought he’d at least make them work to take it away this time, and that he failed to see what all the fuss is about.

“I am not a racist in any fashion,” he said. “I know how to build a noose, really. If I wanted to make a noose, I could do that. I did not. I had no intention for that to occur.”

He has taken the chair down from the tree, but said he felt the whole hubbub was “really an attack on free speech.”

It appears that this was not an isolated incident – oh noes!

Courtesy of Burnt Orange Report
A folding chair and an American flag hang from a tree in front of a home in northwest Austin, Texas.

Texas article at pink link

In Austin, Texas, a homeowner hung an empty folding chair from a tree branch in front of his house and later attached an American flag to it. He reportedly told a Democratic political blogger who said she had concerns, “You can take it and go straight to hell and take Obama with you.”

Giddy up!


~ by ladysforest on September 21, 2012.

20 Responses to “Obamas’ Secret Service Raid Museum And Remove Offensive Painting Of “Lynching Obama” Empty Chair!”

  1. Oh, that is indeed a real painting and is indeed hanging in a gallery in the Fenimore Art Museum.

  2. That painting is by a local artist (Corning, NY) by the name of G C Myers (no relation). The painting is called “Like Sugar In Water” : http://westendtalk.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/like-sugar-in-water-gc-myers/

    I think this is hilarious! Btw, I used to live near Cooperstown.

    • HAhahaa! Good for you! I didn’t take the time to look for the artist or title. I know that there are three or four paintings in the gallery which all have the empty chair theme.

      I LOVE Cooperstown to bits. I don’t care for baseball much, but I did go to the Hall of Fame once thirty years back. There are so many cool things to do in that area….like the Fly Creek cider mill. Great area and very pretty.

      • I immediately recognized the artist. I used to pass by the West End Gallery, where his work is featured, and noticed the name. My daughter’s initials are G C Myers. His style is unique; I’d know it anywhere.

        Btw, I don’t care for baseball, either, but Cooperstown is lovely. I did go to the Hall of Fame eons ago; I went with my cousin.

        Talk about coincidences!

  3. I guess hanging Sarah Palin before the last election was OK. I think the the guy in California who did it called it art. Sick of all these loons and the hypocrisy.

    • The thing that I long for most is a return to sanity, when things like putting a fricken folding chair in a tree does not result in a visit from the SECRET SERVICE because a neighbor informed on you.

    • I remember that, too >:O And all the “kill Bush” stuff the Left thought up claiming it as their right to free speech.

  4. I love the painting, and they should keep it. It’s fine with me! Too bad we have communists in the country now and can’t have freedom of thought or freedom of expression.

  5. Racism, hate and denial are alive and well in America, particularly in today’s Republican Party. Not holding my breath waiting for Romney, Ryan and the RNC to speak out against these deplorable acts.

    • Ahhhh, the race card game just started over here in my blog.

      Hey Brian, do you think that every single time a WHITE person dislikes something about a person of a different color that they are racist? Of course you do. Do you know why you do? Because you are lazy, you are dishonest, you are a fucking suck up and you have zero depth. People don’t like obama because he is a useless prick that should never have risen above neighborhood agitator. He is a dangerous fool who has dreams to rule the world, and fools like he come in all shades of communist red.

      He is the racist, and you damn well know it. All the people that voted for him just to be “included” in the holier than thou club are racist as well. You spouting your generalized totally random “racism” crap is your own brand of hate and intolerance and the height of pitiable denial. You deny that republicans can be without racism, yet you offer no proof or even examples. It is the democrats who are daily making unfounded accusations about racism – “dog whistles” indeed. Being “offended” by damn fried chicken. Laughable idiots who manipulate weakling infants like yourself into being their little PC police, enslaved to feeling superior because you do their dirty work for them. You strike out at good decent people who’s views on our countries direction are different from your own and accuse them of atrocities so that you don’t have to hear and debate the honest realities of our times.

      So, I say to you, since you are unwilling to engage in a discourse of respectful and open debate, instead would rather try to control the narrative by accusing others of thought crimes of hate – go fuck yourself. And then shove your dog whistle nonsense completely up your ass.

      • The facts are simple. Eastwood spoke to an empty chair in which resident of the US was sitting imaginatively. Thesepepole, knowfing what the symbolism is, lynched the president of the US who happens to be half African and American. (they weren’t hanging early Chriatmas ornaments or, as the Austin guy claimed, because he had no place to put the chair on the ground). These are acts of racist hate, period, despite what the delusional minds of the Republican right claim it is not.

        • Racisssssstttttt!!!! Oh noes! Ack! The HORROR of a hanging metal chair!!!! Help us – SAVE us from the evil! TWO people in the United States are judged racist by Brain, oops, I mean Brian. I guess we are all doomed – it’s an avalanche of hatred.

          Hey big boy, come back when you’ve learned a new word. You are boring as hell.

  6. Well said ladysforest. Facts mean nothing to Obama lovers nor is their room in their pinheads for facts. They function solely on emotion which which dictates that any criticism of their Prophet Obama makes you a despised and hated enemy . Sounds familiar? We’re witnessiting it now in the Muslim world.

    • Yep. The way they play the game is based solely on emotions.

      They are controlled by it, and use triggers like “racism”, “anti-woman”, “bigot” as the playing pieces. They feel an instant sense of elevation after accusing someone, an increase in self importance. They can climb on top of you once they crush you with those type of wild accusations as there is no proof that you can offer against it. They still claimed , for example, that George Zimmerman acted out of racism even after it came out that he was mixed race with Latino and black in his family.

      Desperate sheep blindly following the lead of “educated” vain and useless people that will always seek to be the leader of a clique. Those “leaders” have never felt it was wrong to lie or to slander and gossip. They destroy reputations to gain power for themselves – their sheep are the willing helpers because they see in their leader a fully developed version of what they know they haven’t the skill to become themselves, and are excited by that. Those sheep aren’t elevated in thought or spirit by those who are good and fair…because it is boring, there is no sport in that.

      They enjoy being mean, they love being vicious, they get drunk on it.

  7. Dont hang a chair but it’s ok to piss on the cross. Nov. 6 we click our heels together and get out of Obimbo land.

    • Bring a friend!

    • I don’t recall anyone here saying it’s ok to piss on a cross or submerge a cross in urine as was done by photographer Andres Serrano a few years back. Both expressions, Serrano’s Piss Christ and the symbolic lynching of an African American president are protected speech under the First Amendment. While the former is offensive, it does not conger up the specter of thousands of racist murders of African-Americans from reconstruction right through to the second half of the 20th Century. The two acts are not comparable; not that I expect you to understand that.


      • Do not come on my blog and attempt to insult decent people. Your future comments will be deleted. You can take your shriveled up little wit and go display it elsewhere. I don’t tolerate douche-bags like you in person, and I won’t tolerate them on my blog.

  8. Way to go ladysforest…well said! Brian should save his breath…he’ll need it to blow up his date later.

  9. You see, with people like Brain, errr, Brian, it’s not about being right, it’s about trying to wound someone. Brain didn’t come on here and say, “In my opinion hanging those chairs is the act of a racist”. No, that is not what Brain did.

    You see, it’s because Brain doesn’t have an opinion – he has an agenda.

    He will find every future post of his deleted. I can keep it up forever. I’m cool like that.

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