“Birther” Challenge @ Kansas Objections Board Hearing


Kansas Obama Ballot Challenge Hearing Back on!

The Steady Drip blog has a post up.  What I find interesting in that is the AFRO NEWS claims in their article:

However, Montgomery on Sept 14 withdrew his objections, stating that the Kansas roots of Obama’s mother and grandparents, apparently in his opinion, satisfies the U.S. Constitution’s “natural-born citizen” requirement for the presidency,.

My understanding is that the DEMOCRATS opinion is the one quoted above, and that Mr. Montgomery withdrew the objection due to major harassment and intimidation against himself, his friends and family.

Balance of article at original source, pink link


Kansas Birther Case Ends After Joe Montgomery Withdraws Objection to Obama On Ballot

Sounds like the man couldn’t handle the flack directed at his friends, family and professional associates.  Seems the obama adorers went after anyone they could establish had a link to Mr. Montgomery.  Nasty fuking people all.

I haven’t been following this very much, but here is the skinny from HUFFPOs viewpoint. 

The deal is that Kansas officials plan to hold a hearing this afternoon (9/13) to weigh whether President Barack Obama is a citizen and should appear on the state’s November ballot.


The Kansas Objections Board will be considering a challenge filed by Joe Montgomery, a Manhattan resident, who Monday objected to Obama being on the ballot. He claims the president is not an American citizen since his father was a citizen of the United Kingdom and Kenya. The all-Republican board — which consists of Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer and Attorney General Derek Schmidt — has the power to remove Obama from the ballot in his mother’s home state.

I love how they point out that the board is “all Republican”.  Like the average Republican politician would even have the nuts to take this issue seriously.

Montgomery, the communications coordinator for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University, said in his filing that he does not believe Obama meets the criteria for citizenship because of his father’s citizenship. He cites several Supreme Court rulings in the filing, which he says validate his argument. In the filing, Montgomery said that the rulings show a “natural born citizen” is a person born of two American citizens.

Now, here’s the usual kicker – near the bottom of the article:

The Kansas Objections Board previously tossed out an objection to Obama that was filed in April, saying that the board could not consider the objection on technical grounds, since Obama had not been submitted as a candidate for the general election. Obama became a general election candidate during last week’s Democratic National Convention. Other states via courts or elections boards have dismissed objections to Obama’s citizenship and ballot placement.

Alas, it appears that — State Democratic Party officials dismissed Montgomery’s objection and said they would not be attending today’s hearing in Topeka. “This is a fictitious and baseless suit,” state Democratic Party spokesman Dakota Loomis said. “It should be cleaned up by the end of the day.” Full article at pink link.

54 days kittens! 

UPDATE:  The usual glimmer of hope — no doubt to be dashed on the rocks of corrupt and pandering politicians on Monday.

UPDATE: 5:52 p.m. — The all-Republican Objections Board voted unanimously on Thursday afternoon to delay a final decision on Obama’s eligibility for the state’s ballot until a meeting Monday, pending either documentation on the president’s citizenship from Hawaii officials or the presence of the Obama campaign.

According to tweets from the meeting, Kobach proposed that the board meet again Monday to discuss Obama’s citizenship and look into receiving more documentation. Board members expressed concern that Obama’s campaign did not attend the hearing, instead submitting a letter defending the president and saying he is eligible for the ballot in Kansas. State Democratic Party spokesman Dakota Loomis told HuffPost earlier Thursday that Democrats would not be attending the hearing, which he dismissed as “fictitious and baseless.”

Joe Montgomery, the Kansas State University employee who brought the objection, attended the hearing. Tweets from meeting attendees indicated that the entire board had concerns about Obama’s campaign not attending.

In May, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett (R) suggested that he would not allow Obama onto his state’s ballot unless Hawaii provided a certified copy of the president’s birth certificate. Hawaiian officials provided a list of steps on how they would release the documents, requiring Arizona to prove need. Bennett later backed down on the suggestion.


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17 Responses to ““Birther” Challenge @ Kansas Objections Board Hearing”

  1. I’ll believe someone besides sheriff joe has the stones to do anything when i see it. Not until.

    Until then, i’ll just have to go with the assumption that they won’t do a dang thing about it, and if they did, some state or federal judge would ORDER then to put him on the ballot anyway.

    There is no way we are going to win on this, because this isn’t like the civil war or war of independence, where half the people in the country were on each side. I just have to admit to myself that there are only a few percent of us that give a crap, and that’s why they can lie to our faces and cheat us with iimpunity. I know the poles say that there are fifty percent who aren’t sure about obama’s eligibility, but out of those fifty percent, most all of em really don’t give a shit. You know it and i know it.

    • I am afraid that you are right. However – I do think that most who aren’t sure DO give a shit, but they have seen the politicians, the judges, the main stream media all treat the topic as though it is a bit of tin foil hat nonsense. Therefore, they don’t want to “get involved”.

      We know why it is so important. I am convinced that many of the mentioned cliques know why it is important also – and that is precisely why they avoid it and/or ridicule “birthers” so viciously. Those bastards WANT one world order. The Constitution must be collapsed before that can happen. A US prezzy with no heartfelt connection to America will be very amiable to destroying the Constitution. We are witnessing that now in fact.

  2. Nobody dares bring down the one, but how much can the powers that be ignore?

    Was it arrogance or stupidity?

    Obama claims responsibility for the demise of Osama and brags about his gutsy call at every opportunity.
    The Radical Muslim culture, the “eye for an eye” guys, values vengeance. How could al Qaeda possibly forget Osama’s “murder” with Obama’s constant reminders.
    The foreign service security wasn’t beefed up for 9/11.
    Al Qaeda gets their vengeance (and it was vengeance, why else would the day that Osama Bin Laden made infamous be the date for these attacks?).

    This scenario was as obvious as Y2K. Why didn’t anyone in the administration see it coming?

    Was it arrogance or stupidity or both?

    Nah, everyone was too busy with the campaign….

    • They damn well knew it was coming. It was allowed to happen. It was an exchange. It was planned.

      My belief is that this admin desires massive unrest in the middle east just before elections. Best case it terrifies US citizens into voting the asshole back in.

      I don’t think they will get their wish.

      • But I haven’t heard anyone saying that 9/11 scenario was obvious. Maybe I missed a talk radio host discussing it briefly. Is it so obvious that nothing need be said?

        The current situation in the Middle East reminds me of Jimmy Carter, but up a notch, burning embassies (Pakistan 79)/consulates, embassy people held hostage (Iran) and this time an ambassador murdered. There were no suicide bombers in the late 70’s.

        Revelations. The end of the world starts in Jerusalem after the Jewish people return to their ancestral home.

        Obama tried to break tradition to get into the White House earlier, but George W asked him to wait until the traditional time. Will he try stay in the White House beyond his time? If he does, will anyone of authority challenge him?

        Apparently Obama is generally considered irrelevant in Washington. The kindergarten loves it when the teacher is out of the room.

  3. FYI

    “”Let’s face it, a mixed kid from Hawaii born to a single mom is not likely to become President of the United States. But in America it can happen because of education, because somebody gave me opportunity.”


    Michelle Obama also said Obama’s mother was very young and very single when single when she had him.

  4. butterdezillion has a post up. Apparently a guy born in Honolulu in 61 was denied a copy of his birth certificate. Three or four BCs have very strange numbers and the numbers may have been juggled.

  5. I read through the comments that were posted this morning and no one mentioned that “born to a single mother” at all. I think this is interesting news and really seems to close the issue as to Sr.’s role in the birth. That doesn’t mean the name is not on the certificate but the narrative is certainly in question. Did you do a screen shot?

  6. kudos to Kansas. I doubt anything will come of it, but at least they will make the Obama campaign answer in person to the board. Oh the arrogance of obots. Kansans would be disgusted by the obot bullying of an ordinary citizen who deems to ask a simple valid question.

    Although Bennett backed down, the process that he had to follow to get a response from HDOH revealed that there is no legal BC document on file in Hawaii for Mr. Obama.

    Each challenge or partial challenge to pry the lid off the locked box a little more.

    • KJ- the guy in Kansas dropped his challenge. Montgomery mentioned to the “press” that his friends and family, as well as work associates were targeted by hard core obots. I can only imagine the threats and insults they received. Montgomery felt it was too much and dropped the thing.

      • I guess I spoke too soon. It may be that the Kansas board will continue the inquiry in spite of Montgomery backing out. The Afro news seems to think so anyway.

      • I only hope that no one was swatted like some other opponents of Obama. Perhaps swatting was threatened. Such an action is dangerous for and disgraces the swattee, but would play on the sympathy of Kansans.

        I picked up that there was to be a hearing on Monday and that documents were to be submitted or the Democratic party folks had to show up in person from your update.

        • I should think that if they caught a “swatter” that person would be charged with a felony. I am completely surprised that no one has been killed yet. That crap is no joke.

          Anyway – as to the “hearing”. I read yet another place that Kansas is NOT going to pursue this, they are just going to officially wrap it up. I also read that Orly T. was trying to inject herself – but even if true, I don’t think she can.

          So, it does look DOA after all. That “Afro News” must be run by hysterical people.

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