Finally – But Not Final – Sheriff Joe’s Next “Posse” Presser

Dr. Alvin Onaka – Registrar of Vital Statistics for the State of Hawaii

I’ve read the brand new World Net Daily piece on the upcoming Sheriff Joe Arpio’s Cold Case Posse findings.

Two things jump out at me as concerning.

First:  It is mentioned that the investigation will continue to be ongoing past this July 17th press conference.   While I can well imagine that there are nearly countless loose ends to chase around, I had hoped for this “shocking” revelation we were told to expect.  This statement causes me to think that the shock will be survivable.

The evidence will include information gathered in the posse”s recent investigative trip to Hawaii as well as an update on the ongoing investigation.

Next is the reference to the Verification Letter requested by that chicken shit Arizona Sec. of State, Bennett.  The reason this bugs me is that it is so recent.  It is just so much more of the same crap that has been offered up on obama.  It is not unique in the neglect to list obama’s date of birth as the SOS Bennett agreed to leave that off of the standard request.  The fact that HI wouldn’t play ball with the SOS until he agreed to drop the “attached form” from his requested info shows us that HI wanted certain items left out of the official “verification”.   The initial next to State Registrar Onaka’s rubber stamp is, however, very curious and interesting.

Zullo has said he and his investigators have reservations about a letter stamped with Onaka’s name that was sent to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett as verification of Obama’s Hawaiian birth.

Zulllo said the letter fails to list Obama’s birth date, and it’s merely stamped with the registrar’s name, while another set of initials – not Onaka’s – appears next to the signature.

Other than these items I have pointed out, not much info is available in the new article.  As usual, most of the WND article is rehashed info and quotes from the last Cold Case Posse press conference and a few interviews with Mike Zullo, the lead investigator.  Nothing there is “new” except the things I’ve mentioned.  And that the presser is finally scheduled………..

more than a month after the expectation that had been set, for “early June”. 

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse investigating Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility have been promising more major revelations since their March 1 press conference, and now another event has been scheduled to unveil new information.

Arpaio told WND a press conference will be held July 17 at 2:30 p.m. local time at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Phoenix, Ariz

Balance of WND article at pink link: WND Exclusive


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37 Responses to “Finally – But Not Final – Sheriff Joe’s Next “Posse” Presser”

  1. Readers of ladysforest might be interested in what has transpired at Jbjd has been assisting another kj with records requests from the Democrat party chair in Texas. As far as I know, these actions are off the “birther” radar.

  2. Maybe the registrar’s stamp is a diversion. I have a hard time thinking that Zullo would consider the stamp to be a shocking revelation unless the official stamp is completely different than what is on Obama’s forgery. I think there’s a good chance they found something more damning like a hard copy of a 1961 newspaper that either does not have the Obama birth announcement or it’s listed under the name Dunham … something like that.

    • I am thinking that Zullo made the comment about the “shocking” info BEFORE that whole Verification Letter got “settled”. That’s partly why it caught my attention. We’ve known that there are multiple rubber stamps. Onaka certainly can’t stamp each document personally. There are Deputy Registrars as well.

      I’d love to see them (HI) produce the rubber stamp that exactly matches the White House approved long form BC stamped certification.

      As to the 1961 newspaper – there is a writer over on a good sized popular blog who claimed that he/she actually found a real 1961 Hawaii Star Bulletin in a Library (stored in off site location), and verified that obama’s birth announcement was in the paper. The writer claimed that they didn’t think too much about it, and was just verifying the then recently released discovery of the announcements being on microfilm in the HI State Library. The writer refused to even say which state the library was in. So, as the writer had mentioned some research he/she had been doing in a particular area – I think it was San. Fran. – when they happened to extend their research to include determining if the mystery library had the actual 1961 newspaper. Well I checked the libraries in San. Fran. AND enlisted the help of a librarian who has access to the holdings for libraries that are cataloged electronically. She found NO paper copies in any of the holdings in San. Fran., or anywhere else for that matter. After a frustrating search, she had to suggest that I would need to check library by library, asking each library if they had one.

      • Wow, that blog claim sounds like a real whopper. The chance of an off-the-island library having hard copies of a Honolulu newspaper from 1961 is about none. Libraries are going to have major publications and the Star-Bulletin would not qualify. When someone makes a claim like that, I’m sure they’re counting on people not checking out the story.

        • The writer was pretty insistent that he/she had held the thing in his/her hands. I am fairly certain that the library the writer claimed to have the paper had to have been on the mainland. They said they were researching some issue that ended up making a big splash, and linked the’09 article to the finished results of the research/investigation. I noted that the writer referenced a San Fran. library as the place they had gotten the info/proof to write their investigative article. That was written in the actual article. So, I contacted the library, explained what I was looking for and that it might be in off-site storage, but they didn’t have. The librarian worked with me over several days to try and track down a library that holds the paper – no luck.

          The Honolulu newspapers USED to have a archive of the actual papers, as well as the microfilms. That was all quietly closed right about the same time that the obama newspaper birth announcements showed up. I’ve written to the consolidated Honolulu Star Advertiser to ask about the archives, and they have never even acknowledged my emails. Nothing back to me at all.

  3. oh please, it’ll be ignored just like the last one! consider the source!

    • Not a reason to quit trying. One of the biggest and most important things that I ever did I had been told over and over to give up on. There was no way to win. No one had ever done what I was trying to do. It was a done deal – the decision was already made. On and on. It was gut-wrenching and frequently devastating.

      Against all odds

      I won.

  4. This P.O.S. in Honolulu will remind me and all my friends not to go back and spend our dollars in that joint. I had thought Hawaiians were a true American people until now ! Nothing but lires to the hilt…just like we have as POTUS ! We’re gonna Aloha to pther places !!

    • I think there must be many good American Hawaiians. True it is a VERY liberal place, and they historically HATE to be melded with the US as a state. Frankly – they got the best of that deal.

  5. Yep, right now Hawaii has the best of the deal if they really don’t want to be a state in the US. Our country is beyond the pits right now. So many horrible things going on, but most of all, it’s the lawlessness in our WH government. It’s like a black cloud hangs over that place, literally it’s happened lately. If you have a lawless government, then it helps have more lawless people. That’s just the way it ends up. People start thinking, well, if our government does it, then we can too!

    And, LF, I’m pretty sure the fix was in on BO early on. Someone went to a whole lot of trouble to make sure things were just so.

  6. Not good news from Hawaii. I had planned one full day of research and decided to pick a state library to start in and was told that “We no longer hold the microfilm copies here.” I was met with obvious disdain that was un-nerving to say the least, at at the time I was only asking for March of 1982, not 1961! I went to another library as was met with the same information and treatment.
    I think they are treating obvious mainland creatures who are researching all the same.
    I then went to the Police station to get the “Police report” and was met with even greater resistance. I was told outright, “If you can’t show a direct relationship to this person you will not get any information from the report.”
    Yet when I mentioned that all other 49 states would allow me to view not only the report but mug shots as well. He repeated himself. Then I stated “How come I read about an arrest in the news paper about an NFL player being arrested with details from the report?” “The newspapers is different.”

    So I am back on vacation.

    • WOW! Are you giving up all research then, and focusing on the vacation? Sounds like they are feeling the squeeze.

    • This is actually very troubling.

    • Believe it or not, the state of Hawaii has a law on the records that makes traffic accident reports confidential. Here’s the statute:

      [§291C-20] Disclosure of traffic accident reports. (a) Any traffic accident report required under this chapter shall be made without prejudice to the person required to report information concerning the accident and shall be for the confidential use of the police department, except that the department shall, upon request, disclose such record, to any person directly concerned in the traffic accident or having a proper interest therein, including:

      (1) The driver or drivers involved, or the employer, parent, or legal guardian thereof;

      (2) The authorized representative of any person involved in the accident;

      (3) Any person injured in the accident;

      (4) The owners of vehicles or property damaged in the accident;

      (5) Any law enforcement agency; and

      (6) Any court of competent jurisdiction.

      (b) Any person who may sue because of death resulting from any such accident shall be deemed a party directly concerned.

      (c) In the event of a conflict between this section and any other law, including sections 286-171 and 286-172 and chapter 92F, this section shall control. [L 1996, c 275, §1]

  7. They definitely saw me coming. When I handed the information about the police report to the desk clerk under the glass she went and the this guy in plain clothes came out to talk to me……

  8. I may try a library on Maui next week.

    • Let me know if I can help from this end.

    • Just FReepmail me if I can assist in any way. I only check that once or twice a day though, so it may be a little before I can get back to you. I have acquaintances who are well versed in some of the regs. in HI, but I’m sensing that may not help now. Keep a diary. Details, names, dates and times. You never know when that may be important. It’s why I wanted recordings when my researchers went, if you know what I mean.

  9. What does the police report concern?

  10. All I want is the truth, no matter where it leads. There is no one in the media who does.

  11. Zullo was interviewed via telephone from Hawaii by Tea Party Power Hour host Mark Gillar to discuss, among other things, a letter stamped with Onaka’s name and sent to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett as verification of Obama’s Hawaiian birth.

    • Bennett was expecting HI, via Onaka, to send a physical letter (copy) of the Verification that was emailed to Bennett by Onaka’s office.

  12. I hope you are working on a post about the presser. What do you think about the #9 issue? At Obama Conspiracy Theories, Dr. C supposedly has the code explanation that describes the #9 as “other” or something to that effect. I haven’t looked at his link, but it’s been discussed there before. Did your research turn up anything?


    • I just put the post up. As to “other” – it would not apply. I believe I know what he is thinking of – in the 1961 HI section 5 Natality (vital stats) it lists eight “races” and a last – ninth – “other nonwhite”…..they are NOT numbered however. There are just nine choices. And how would one thing that specifically applies to race also apply to the “industry” of the parent? It would not. That is not how the federal stats coding would work. Sorry – I’m quite under the weather at the moment, so my explanations are not what I’d like them to be. Anyway, the federal stats tracked specific things – race being chief among. Bottom line – “other” being in both the fathers race and the fathers industry are incorrect. Add to that, the 1960 official regulations apparently spelled it out in no uncertain terms. “9” means “unstated”. Done. Dr. C needs to stop the spin. Corsi and Zullo have period reg. specifying this – Dr. C got nuthin.

  13. When you are feeling better, maybe you can take a look at this.

    I don’t see where he has debunked the #9 issue at all. I see him reasonably speculating based on what he was looking at, but no debunking. I would like to see that part of the manual where #9 means not stated. Are we just taking the word of the investigators or is there a copy of the pertinent manual page?

    (had trouble posting this on the other thread)

    • I’d like to see it as well. I am certain that Corsi has copies, and it is on the level. He is very thorough. Likely he is doing a book on the Posse and things like that will be in the book. They may post it on WND – we can write in and ask them to. I can tell you that there is no way Zullo would have done the expose on the meaning of the code numbers without having seen the manual.

      The comments are set to go into moderation if they have links – that may be why you had trouble posting. Some go to spam – like this one did.

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