Go Forth And Multiply


Go Forth And Multiply The Conservative Vote

I read this comment on a Breitbart article today.  It contains some very good advice – especially leading up to this desperately important election. 

The following is a good suggestion (only) on how the average busy person can effectively “be the media”.  Pick your own issue to address, one that you are knowledgeable and passionate about, and get the information to your public!

Lets see if we – that’s you and I – can each take some step like the ones described in the following “comment”.  If we each change even one mind, convince even one person to vote conservative who would have sat out or voted for Democratic socialism/communism, then we will have DOUBLED our number.  Don’t preach to the choir, go out and snatch a fence-sitter off of their perch and wake them up to our danger.

Starznbarz, We are freelance media and event photographers.

 You`re Breitbart, as am I. keywiki.org will supply your ammo, the book, “Barack Obama and the enemies Within’ by Trevor Louden will supply you a target list. Information is your weapon. Got a facebook page? use it. Got a printer? Pick one person in the administration, print out the keywiki background page, make a hundred copies and go to the mall- windshields are everywhere.Even if only 1 out of 10 people read and absorb it, you have made a difference because they will tell someone else, that`s how it works.
 to 98zjUSMC: the MSM is screwed and they know it – we`re winning that fight – one blog, one facebook post, one windshield at a time.
 Obama`s house of cards is crashing a little to early, today SCOTUS will hand another bitchslap to him, they ARE on the run, it`s up to us to keep the pressure on.


~ by ladysforest on June 25, 2012.

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