Socializing With A “New Party” Animal

click on above screenshot to enlarge – MORE SCREENSHOTS FOLLOW TEXT BELOW – archived New Party minutes

Socializing. Socialist.  Social.  Society. 

Today the buzz is all about the fact, the glossed over and dismissed as bullshit fact, that one barack Hussein obama was a member of the New Party, Chicago chapter, in 1996.  A Socialist organization with direct ties to Acorn.

“What’s the big deal?”  “So what?”  Yeah, those are the responses that the liberal democrats will offer.  What is wrong with the president being a member?  Because he lied.  A lot.  About his membership and his involvement with that group.  Because socialism is anti-American, and obama and his henchmen in the media know this.

But mostly an outright lie damages a candidates chances because it exposes the complete lack of character and  strength that people expect to have in a leader.

In 2008 a few writers and bloggers did their best to vet this man and to expose this.  They were attacked or ignored outright – by the main media outlets.  And “Fight the Smears”, obama’s propaganda campaign site, jumped in to do damage control.

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Socializing. Socialist.  Social.  Society. 

You see, I have long felt that the bulk of the “average citizen” who is NOT made uncomfortable with the thought of socialism, views it as a benign and pleasant manifestation of that goodness which could be coaxed out of the community at large.

Warm thoughts of neighbors coming together on a balmy summer evening around a picnic table, each bringing something produced from their labor and earnings, to place on the communal table from which it will be redistributed to their fellow countrymen.  This way everyone, regardless of their cooking skills, their prudent or careless use of the household resources , everyone is assured of partaking of plenty while feeling equally as valued a member of society as the fellow traveler seated next to them.

It is instead a sinister thing, a structure designed to give tremendous unchecked power to a very few.  Those few decide how best to farm the assets of the people – the working people – and to provide enough provender to barley maintain society within the worker community.  The ruling few get all the rest.  Imagine what that haul will be from the United States – the richest, most developed country in history.

Socialism will not result in a healthy, growing, hopeful and creative society.  It is corrupt by it’s very nature.  It is meant to segregate society into a stark caste system.  It invites people to sign away their individual freedoms, potential, and talents in exchange for a belief that they are being treated more equally than they possibly could be in a free capitalist country. 

It’s too late to bitch when you wake up to a lard sandwich, which after consuming, you pull your once-a-year issue rubber boots over your sock-less feet.  Then it’s off to a satisfying day at the mine – or mill – or wherever you were assigned.  Cheer up!  There is always that bunk in the barracks awaiting your tired body at the end of the day.  That was exactly the life my father lived in socialist Hungary – before he fled.

Here are some links to the articles in the screenshot above.  Notice the publish date in the first two. I also will add a bunch of screenshots below the article links from archived minutes of the New Party – mention of barack obama is in these.  Heh.  The hyper-links to the New Party archives are in the first article that I will link:





.click on the screenshots to enlarge



I do not have access to the documents that were mentioned in the NRO article today.  If I find those posted anywhere I will update this post.  I do have more screenshots of the minutes for the screenshot just above, those give insight as to the intent and plans of this New Party socialist group.  Notice that the last screenshot the group is called New Ground.


~ by ladysforest on June 7, 2012.

10 Responses to “Socializing With A “New Party” Animal”

  1. I swear that one of the major networks broadcast someone in Chicago waving a Soviet flag at the big victory party. When aware that the camera was on him and the flag, he put it away. I wish that I had recorded that segment.

    The black and red clothing that adorned the Obama family for that victory party was a strange choice to celebrate Barack’s election to office. Michelle was in a black and red dress, one daughter each in black and red, and Barack in a black suit with a red tie. Was the black for the black race? Was the red for communism/socialism? Was the combination for the colors of Harvard? The flags were red white and blue, but next first family wore black and red.

    The people who have had direct contact with the old eastern socialism fear what is happening here more than the majority, which are ignorant and complacent.

    Most Americans have never been exposed to what life was like behind the Iron Curtain. The strict controls all forms of information.The shortages in housing, meat, medical supplies, etc. The general low quality of the consumer goods. Desired objects offered for sale may never be seen again, so you had better get in line to buy it. How much money you had was not as important as who you knew. Never knowing who you could trust. The necessity of exercising caution whenever you opened your mouth for your own self preservation and/or to protect your family.

    Now that world has changed, but the old reality was recorded in books that are still available in the United States. Find some of those books and read them.

    With all of the trials of living in the Eastern Bloc, personal relationships became deeper. In the US, distractions and plenty reduce the likelihood that people will seek such close personal relationships.

    • By the time my father escaped from Hungary at the age of twenty-four, he had never seen a map. Just imagine that. Government controlled education.

      At one point he was detailed to go out with others soldiers on a truck, they went around to all of the homes where people kept a little livestock on their lots. They would take a percentage of the livestock, no payment to the owners, and they would leave the owners with a few animals. The confiscated livestock went to feed the officers. The regular men got very little to eat – they did get goulash once a month which was a pretty big deal.

  2. I’ve known and been told how horrible communism/socialism was since I was a little girl back in the 1950s, or mid-’50s. I remember mom and dad, as well as others, telling of stories of how people couldn’t even think for themselves, being enslaved, told to live in housing together, all kinds of horrible stuff, then being reported by others for not obeying. No freedom of thought. That’s against everything that I know, meaning you can’t have freedom of thought. You have to do everything for the party’s interest. No ownership, no nothing, and it will suck the life out of people. Then all the while the ones at the top are rich because of the work that you do for them.

    People, and according to the Scriptures, are supposed to have their own fig tree and land. That implies ownership. We’re supposed to have creativity and freedom of thought for the benefit of others and ourselves. Creativity is highly throughout the Scriptures, as Yahushua the messiah is creativity in himself!

    I don’t know why people get sucked into this form of life. It’s never worked throughout history, and there’s no new way to make it work. It’s against knowing there’s the deity, because the communists think of themselves as a deity. But our nation of young ones are not taught about this horrible lifestyle, that it’s never worked throughout time, ever!!! But they can get sucked into believing it’s the way to go, and then they will give up their freedoms as everyone else has.

    • When my father was a young boy, his mother died in childbirth – as did the baby. He and his older brother were assigned to a foster family because my grandfather had to serve in the military. The foster families had no say in taking in these children – they were told by the government that it was their duty, and the children were left there. Shortly after being placed, the government moved my uncle to a different family. They said it was so that family didn’t get to dependent on each other.

      After the war, it took my grandfather some time to locate his children and reclaim them. They were assigned a two room home to live in, but once the children reached a certain age, they are sent to live in a barracks. They are assigned work until they can serve in the military. School three days, work three days.

      Modern people have no idea – because in America even the poor are possessed of so much more than many in the shit countries. Even if you have no money – you can go to a top notch hospital, you can go in an ambulance. You can get in a soup line at least once, in many areas, twice a day. Full meals, with changing menus. You have protections. You have rights.

      If you are an American.

      The closest situation I will attempt to equate socialism to is prison.

      Prison you are assigned a outfit and a pair of shoes. You are told when to get up. You are given the same food as the guy next to you. You are restricted in your contact with others and are spied on constantly. You are assigned a ‘job” if you behave very nicely. Your phone conversations listened to, your mail read, your showering observed by camera.
      You are given enough to keep you from hunger, discomfort, cold, boredom. Yet you have no true freedom. It is why criminals become worse the longer they are in prison. The survival instinct gets totally re-routed.

      • Remember that what you are describing is the state total economic planned socialism under a dictator behind the Iron Curtain, the socialism represented by the Soviet flag waved at Obama’s victory party and practiced in Cuba, North Korea, and formerly in China.

        The socialism in Western Europe has been different, and has generally offered freedom and a decent way of life. Of course, the largess of the states has gotten the Western European states into economic trouble now and Europe depended on the US greatly for military protection.

        • That’s how it starts. Boiled down – it’s all a government program. It isn’t a natural way of life as we are accustomed to here. A natural way of life that had previously allowed for a person with an urge to open a business, build a better mousetrap, provide a service, to actually do so with little impediment. Now with regulations even something as fundamental and necessary as farming is being choked out of the hands of the generational farmer and left to a corporation. People can’t grow vegetables in their own yards. Girl scouts can’t sell cookies.

          England has tons of crazy regs and taxes that are suffocating, but the people have little workarounds that help them to manage. Things there are not even as modern and plentiful as here. No where near it. It is like being in the page of a history book, both good and bad. It’s difficult to describe really. In some ways they are ultra modern, but in most they are threadbare.

          Socialism has a shot in small countries IF done properly. Power hungry people can never be counted on to care about the citizens.

          Anyway – now they are running out of other peoples money, which is where this always ends up. By then the people are dependent and ignorant of their own natural capabilities, so they throw tantrums and demand to be fed.

        • Like many I am concerned about Obama’s ideology as well as his desperation to retain the office of president. The 2012 campaign slogan “Forward!” was long used in Soviet visual propaganda. Why did Obama’s campaign choose that slogan?
          Obama has had the open support of the American Communist Party and the Soviet flag was displayed by a supporter at the victory party. The democratic 2008 platform was essentially the same as that of the ACS. He made the open mike promise to Putin, citing his freedom in a second term. Is the campaign slogan a reach out to the ACS? Or is he at heart a eastern communist, a least if he is on top of the heap?

        • I do think obama is a communist. He may have started as a “socialist”, but the ones that achieve power usually wind up more eastern communist in the long run. It’s more dangerous than ever now with this God forsaken push towards a one world order, a favored plan of George Bush the first, and certainly of Geo. Bush II as well.

          The higher they rise, the more convinced that they are the answer, and carry all the solutions around in their own particular ideology.

          They all see themselves as larger than life. Twenty-foot tall bronze statutes.

          The ones like obama don’t hide it – the Bush’s are far more subtle.

  3. I can’t imagine a life without freedom of thought, creativity, being told when to eat and what to eat, how often to eat, when to sleep and when to poop. Well, you get my drift. The young folks simply do not understand this. I knew it from an early age by folks telling us that we knew that were in the war, how horrible it was for the people living through it, schools taught it back then and it was hated. This way of life was totally hated. Schools taught AGAINST communism, AGAINST socialism. That’s just the way that it was in my area in TX. Teachers scared us to death. Friends of the family talking about war stories scared us all to death with the truth that they were teaching about it. But the kids today are not taught about the truth of it.

    • My father is quite ignorant. He still harps on the boogy-man stories that he was told by the government to justify how the people were treated. He can’t accept that they were taught propaganda. I believe his mind would break if he had to face it.

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