ABC Confirms Mitt Romney IS Eligible To Run !!

The birth certificate of Repbulican presidential hopefull Mitt Romney is pictured in this undated handout photo

(HANDOUT, Reuters / May 29, 2012)

Well.  I am,  ….  Well.  ABC.  Well.

Sure, they did misrepresent the issue about as horribly as they could.  They spun it around like a whirly-gig in a nor’easter, confused about every issue included in this article, and made it all twisty and turny so that it ended back up at:

May 30, 2012 12:20pm

Birther Saga Continues:

Turns out Romney gave his “birth certificate” (shown above) to Reuters at his fundraiser.

Reuters posted an image of it along with a full article, (at pink link),   which shows quite clearly that a COPIED and SCANNED birth certificate printed on safety paper presents the word “VOID” along  the margins of the document.    

Recall please, that obama’s “long form birth certificate”, (at pink link),    shows no such disclaimer on it anywhere.  Neither did the VOID disclaimer appear on either of the two “short form” birth certificates that the obama campaign touted as genuine.  But it does appear on this  Hawaiian short form birth certificate:

click to enlarge:

                              Partial Hawaiian COLB 1991

 Sez ABC:

The birth certificate has a visible reminder of a more legitimate “birther” controversy — efforts by Romney’s father to run for president despite being born in Mexico. George Romney was granted American citizenship because his parents were U.S. citizens — but Democrats in Congress preempted his run by questioning his eligibility.

The Congressional Research Service even stepped in, siding with the elder Romney.

This CRS OPINION was of course, non-binding.  It was thoroughly discussed and debunked at the Free Republic blog in March of this year: (at pink link).

ABC goes on:

It’s perhaps a sign of the absurdity of American politics that the modern birther fringe movement has gained so much attention in the media and among right-wing critics of Obama. Before releasing his long-form birth certificate last year in response to Trump’s demands, Obama had made public his own “Certificate of Live Birth,” which birthers claimed wasn’t a real birth certificate.

Uh, ABC, if I could just make one point here…………”Birthers” were right, and what they were asking for was the more complete copy, the “long form birth certificate”.   When obama did release an image on the White House website, it was clear to even NON-birthers that the scanned image was an inferior forgery.

ABC makes it clear, if you know how to navigate the spin, that:

George Romney was granted American citizenship because his parents were U.S. citizens

AND: They leave out that Mitt Romney was born in Michigan, thereby making him a natural born Citizen who was born on US soil to two US citizens.  They (ABC) can’t quite bring themselves to making that link for their readers though.  They avoid doing so by linking to the Reuters article which has the image topping this post.

So, in a round about way, they do confirm Mitt’s eligibility.

Frankly I think it’s a sign of the absurdity of the douchbag who wrote the piece to suggest that the “modern birther fringe movement” are “fringe” because they choose to honor the Constitution as it was written, and with the original intent.

Primary evidence of original meaning is how words were used in common discourse and the definitions in contemporaneous dictionaries and legal sources. Circumstantial evidence includes the drafting and ratification conventions, public debates, and so forth.  At the time the Constitution was WRITTEN.

But hey, ABC actually took the time and made the effort to confirm that Mitt’s father, George Romney, was a US CITIZEN prior to Mitt being born in the UNITED STATES. That means Mitt is a natural born Citizen, born to two US citizens on US soil. And ABC actually got that verified? ABC?

ABC has also rooted out the fact that George Romney was HOUNDED off of the campaign trail by the Democrats BECAUSE HE WAS NOT BORN IN THE US! Hilarious as it gets. Especially when you consider that every single obama fan has claimed that NOTHING like this “Birtherism” has EVER HAPPENED TO A WHITE PERSON! Bwahahahahaha!


~ by ladysforest on May 30, 2012.

28 Responses to “ABC Confirms Mitt Romney IS Eligible To Run !!”

  1. I’ve got a question. It says his dad was born in Mexico, but it’s my understanding that his dad was a US citizen and Mitt was born here. I was talking to my friend about it. She says that it’s been searched out.

    • Yes, it has been researched. There are still two viewpoints. One is that Mitt’s dad was a straight up Mex. citizen – but I don’t know that to be true. The other is that George was a dual citizen and passed his dual citizenship to Mitt. I don’t think dual citizenship passes to ones children, but we’d have to look to Mexican citizenship laws to find out for certain. My dual citizenship did not pass to my children – but that’s with a European country.

      I suspect that George renounced any Mexican citizenship. We should check out the census reports and see if that info is there. Since ABC and Retuers didn’t make a bigger deal out of George’s citizenship, I suspect they looked into it and found he was indeed a US citizen.

  2. Oh, I think that he held two citizenships, Mexico and the US, right?

  3. From my understanding, it doesn’t matter if one holds two citizenships at all, but at least one has to be US. It’s just that you have to be born in the US to two citizen parents regardless.

  4. What I meant was that the parent or parents that hold another citizenship, have to at least both be US citizens when their child is born.

  5. Well it’s comforting to know that when it becomes clear that zero is foreign born that they will all force him off the ticket even when they find out his biological father was a US citizen.

    • I read on WND that a person who warned about a last minute release of a carefully crafted “authentic 1961” birth certificate claims that such a possibility is very real and is actually pre-planned. I recall hearing about this a long time back. That HI resident stated that there are materials – 1961 papers, ink, typewriter, etc., which had been collected to use to craft a document that will pass forensics.

      • I believe it. I just read something like that from the oppositio at ORYR. Said that burghers will look like fools. Look at what they are doing to trump. If I were trump I would not answer anything until the Arpaio Press release. God help us .

  6. You know, I think I’ll change my opinion. How can he do another release? I mean what is the next excuse? There is a lot of bravado among the left. I still say if there was anyone of any importance behind this guy, the good forgery would have been released. Why didn’t Hawaii answer Bennett directly. They are obviously not willing to incriminate themselves for this guy.

    • I think it is a plan to control obama till the last second. If he plays – he will be helped. The “help” will be the carefully created doc. Trump will acquiesce to the “validity” of the thing, and Romeny will be tarnished – which will cause him to lose the election. I do think Trump and the MSM are playing all of us.

      This shit going on now with Trump and Romney is soooooooooo over the top it signals – to me – that it is fake, a set-up, a game within a game.

  7. LF, what’s the source of the Hawaii b. certification with the “VOID” all over it? It makes sense…otherwise what’s to keep me from printing off a copy of a scanned BC and claiming it as my own….hmmmmmmmmm…but I’ve never seen that before.

    • It was online for quite some time a while back. I pulled it of the wayback machine I think, after being asked about it months ago. If you click it to enlarge, you can see the original address path in image.

  8. This is interesting. It was posted over at ORYR, and I’m cross-posting it here.

    Have you guys seen this over at

    June 1st, 2012 @ 10:19 pm
    Orly, Great work as usual!

    However, do you think it makes more sense to get the microfiche on Virginia Sunuhara? That handwritten birth cert number was absolutely ridiculous that they gave the brother. There were no fine point pens 50 years ago… They simply found a non-used voided number which was never used and gave it to Virginia. To do anything else and Hawaii was busted! That number is way out of sequence given Obama and her were born on the same day.

    Get Virginia’s microfiche and you get Obama. Seems like a much easier approach more so when her brother is still alive and has a right to it. There are very strong rumors that Duncan Sunuhara actually has the original with the same bc number that Obama has. No surprise there. I know they went through the mother’s garage with a fine tooth comb. They (not sure who but it was all very well funded) moved her entire house piece by piece from the house to a table, then to a storage container. They spent 1.5 days doing it. If they do have it they are keeping it for the October surprise. A neighbor said that they had no idea what was going on but that it quickly ended despite the house not being completely empty. When asked why they didn’t think the house was completely empty the neighbor responded that there was plenty of boxes that had not reached the so called inspection table. That tells me they found Virginia’s birth certificate mid-stream. That birth certificate would be a black and white inverted colored birth certificate, an actual real birth certificate, copy from 50 years ago.

    The reason to go after Virginia’s bc is that I bet soup to nuts that bc will be sold and go missing. I’d say it is worth 10′s of millions! And We think John Edwards paid off money to hide facts……

    • Sorry, you went to spam.

      I don’t know what to think about it as it’s the first I’ve heard it. I don’t think that the Birther Summit founder and Orly get along though, and I know it was he that met with Duncan. I could be wrong on the friction between he and Orly though.

      Everyone thought that Virginia’s file no. was way out of sequence, however the Judge refused Duncan’s request to compel the DOH to release the copy from her original record.

      I would not say that empty/unused containers indicate a BC was definitely found. Perhaps the Mother put a halt on proceedings, which I think wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

      I have seen death cert.’s with a handwritten BC number, so it’s a crap shoot on that aspect if we were trying to go based just on that.

      I guess I’ll look around for this story about them going through the Sunahara home/garage. If true, it is very compelling.

  9. Yep, Dean Haskins closed down his site for the “Birther Summit” in late Feb. 2012. He was the one working with Duncan.

  10. Here is what I found, as expected. I do believe Dean would be in the position to know, even if he is no longer working directly with Duncan – and I have no idea if he is or not.

    “Dean Haskins said…[Reply]

    Regarding some lies that are being spread on the internet, nobody has gone through the Sunahara home, nobody has found anything, and the dentist doesn’t have a single valid subpoena in the Indiana case. Lies don’t benefit anybody (except, possibly, those who use lies to beg for donations from gullible people).
    June 2, 2012 6:16 PM “

  11. Well, I did want to share that. Also I tried to go on Dean’s site the other day, and it is closed. I wonder what’s happened to him? I usually don’t keep up with Orly too much. And that was the first that I had heard of that.

    • I believe that Orly got competitive with the Birther Summit for funds and attention. They kind of started bad mouthing each other, and people started choosing sides. The proposed Summit would be rather costly, and it didn’t seem that there would be enough funding to cover it, so Dean cancelled.

      I saw that one coming. Not trying to take sides, but Orly calls herself the “Queen of the Birthers”, and takes a lot of credit for the research that other people have done and handed over to her in hopes of helping. A ton of drama, and a constant call for donations – so I am not comfortable with that style of – whatever that is. 🙂

  12. Birthers: Please explain why Romney’s mother’s age is listed as 36 on the birth certificate when she was actually 38 when Romney was born? Or are you just going to conveniently ignore that? If Obama had that discrepancy, you’d be going crazy over it.

    • And why should that matter? She was of age, of course. Please state what you’re saying here. Plus we’d have to be told and research her age. Why does this matter? If they were both natural-born citizens of the US, and they were of the age to marry, then it really doesn’t matter.

      • Actually kittycat, George Romney was a 14th amendment US citizen. But he was a citizen. Since the form is typewritten, filled in by a clerk from the information provided on the hospital forms by the parents, we would have to know if the forms the parents filled in asked the parents to state their age, or simply their DOB. If the latter, then it would be up to the clerk to calculate the age. The hospital forms vary from state to state, and back then there were even more variations than there are now.

        • Yes, you’re right, and I misspoke. The mother and father have to at least be US citizens (not just natural born, but have become citizens) at the time their child is born in the US, and their child will be natural-born citizen.

    • Actually Mr. Lickspittle, there ARE discrepancies in Obama Sr.s INS records as to his DOB. He lists two different dates and two different years, and he does so repeatedly.

      AMERICANS are curious about obama’s admittedly composite past, but mostly we are concerned that he does not meet the Article ll requirement as a natural born Citizen. His father was not a US citizen, nor had any intention of becoming one. Obama was born SUBJECT to British rule through his father – which he has admitted. People were so enamored to have the “first black president” that they didn’t care about vetting – or rather, not vetting obama. If you want to understand a bit more about the requirements, read Article l requirements for senators, then read Article ll requirements for President and VP. That would be in the US Constitution. Article ll has never been amended.

  13. Just to add, becoming just a US citizen is a good thing. The only difference between being a US citizen and a natural-born citizen is the NBC can be a president, but someone from another country that became a US citizen while living here, cannot do that.

    Both have the same rights except for that one thing. And that one thing being, although it seems stupid to those who don’t understand it, actually protects our nation and us. Our founding fathers were great guys, that’s all I can say. They knew what could happen to this nation, which it has happened. We had all kinds of protections in place, but the liberals blew it, guys, they did. Maybe we can recoup some of the things that were lost, hopefully.

    • The power wielding liberals sure didn’t blow it. This was their plan. I believe that the internet interrupted their slow takeover, and they decided to go all in. This is when obama was ushered in. He appealed to so many – including moderate repubs and most indys. Obama offered up so many wonderful ways to control the narrative. Racism being the chief control tactic. The internet gave people – everyday ordinary people – a way to discuss politics, to find that the concerns they had were shared by many. To discover that they were being lied to and strung along – blindfolded and disinherited.

      The TEA party was born. And then there was #WAR.

      NOTE: I wrote this a bit ass backwards – I will work on it again tomorrow when my dyslexia is settled down a bit :).

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